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Home » Beef cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu Summer standard “Beef cutlet and eel-eel-katsu set” is now on sale!

Beef cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu Summer standard “Beef cutlet and eel-eel-katsu set” is now on sale!

[Beef cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu] Summer standard “Beef cutlet and eel-eel-katsu set” is now on sale!

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[Beef cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu] Summer standard “Beef cutlet and eel-eel-katsu set” is now on sale!
*Starting June 11, 2024 (Tuesday), sales will start at “Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu” and “Beef Cutlet and Japanese Set Meal Kyoto Katsugyu” nationwide*
“Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsu Beef”, developed by Golip Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), is a popular seasonal menu item from the “Meat and Seafood Mixed Set” series, which is popular as a summer staple. The limited edition “Beef cutlet and eel cutlet set” will be sold for a limited time at stores nationwide from Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

The summer staple “eel cutlet” is now available! * “Rich Unadama Sauce” is back this year! *
* “Frying the eel kabayaki even further is innovative!” *
“Eel cutlet” is a classic Kyoto Katsugyu summer menu that is a hot topic every year. Thick, fragrant eel grilled over charcoal, covered in batter, and made into cutlets with fragrant shiso leaves and Japanese pepper! The luxurious combination of “beef cutlet and eel cutlet” is a masterpiece that has excellent stamina and is perfect for preventing summer fatigue.
* This year, we are bringing back the “Rich Unadama Sauce” that was difficult to provide last year due to the lack of eggs! * Please try Kyoto Katsugyu’s classic summer menu, which has many fans.

[Secret of deliciousness 1.]
We use thick, fragrant eel grilled over charcoal.
By frying the eel meat wrapped in a crispy batter, it becomes even more fluffy and even more fragrant!
[Secret of deliciousness 2.]
By frying the large eel and shiso leaves together, the dish has a refreshing taste that is not too heavy.
[Secret of deliciousness 3.]
You can enjoy it even more mellowly by pairing it with our special “eel ball sauce,” which is a combination of rich eel sauce and Kyoto Katsugyu’s standard “Kyo balls.” We recommend mixing it with plenty of rice and serving it piping hot on the rice.
* Product Summary*
* ■Product name*
・Beef sirloin cutlet and eel cutlet set: 1,890 yen (2,079 yen including tax) ・Oiunagi cutlet: +790 yen (869 yen including tax)
* ■Release date*
Tuesday, June 11, 2024 to the end of August 2024 (ends as soon as supplies last) *The end date may differ depending on the sales situation depending on the store.
* ■Sales store*
At “Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu” and “Beef Cutlet and Japanese Set Meal Kyoto Katsugyu” stores nationwide
*Some stores are not eligible (Narita International Airport JAPAN FOOD) HALL store/Tokyo Dome store/Aeon Mall Osaka Dome City store/Universal City Walk Osaka store/Mizuho PayPay Dome Fukuoka store)
*The following stores will sell “Beef loin cutlet and eel cutlet set: 2,490 yen (2,739 yen including tax)” (Pontocho main store /
Kawaramachi store / Shijo Kawaramachi store / Teramachi Kyogoku store / Kyoto Ekimae store / Gion Yasaka store / Fushimi Inari store/Shimizu Gojozaka store/Harajuku Meijidori store/Divercity Tokyo Plaza store/Kamakura station west exit store/Maker’s Pier store/Nara Koen store/Kintetsu Nara station store)
* “Meat and Seafood Mixed Meal” to enjoy the seasons *
Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu is a limited-time product that is offered as a seasonal menu four times a year. So far, “beef cutlet and scallop cutlet” and “beef cutlet and horse mackerel cutlet”
This is a popular series that offers various combinations such as “beef cutlet and bonito cutlet” and “beef cutlet and mackerel cutlet”, and sales numbers are increasing each time.
2024 Spring Menu “Beef Cutlet and Horse Mackerel-Aji-Katsuzen” 2023 Winter Menu “Beef Cutlet and Scallops-Scallop-Katsu Zen” Fall 2023 menu “Beef cutlet and bonito-bonito-katsuzen”
2023 Spring Menu “Beef Cutlet and Spanish Mackerel-Sawara-Katsuzen” * Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu -*
The brand mission of “Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsuushi” is “Bringing beef cutlets from Kyoto to the world’s GYUKATSU.”*
We are the beef cutlet specialty store* with the largest number of stores in Japan and the world. *
* “GYUKATSU” is attracting a lot of attention overseas as a new Japanese food culture.*
In order to spread the word, we have opened stores not only in Japan but also in five overseas countries (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Canada), and will continue to actively expand on the world stage.
the current,
・Entry into areas in Japan where stores have not yet been opened ・Major tourist cities and commercial facilities visited by many foreign visitors to Japan (inbound tourists)
・Roadside properties as a new store opening model
・Overseas countries mainly in Asia, Europe, and North America We are actively recruiting new store opening properties and franchise partners both domestically and internationally.

*June 2024/In-house research/As a beef cutlet specialty store

Golip Co., Ltd.
Our management philosophy is “Bringing a new style to food culture. Make a big impact on the world. Give power to people.” Focusing on “Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu,” “Samgyeopsal Specialty Shop Veji Tejiya” and “NICK Cafe with Delicious Meat”
As of June 2024, there are approximately 120 stores in Japan and overseas, including STOCK.
Address: Kakumei Building, 28-5 Chudojibojocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8811 HP:
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