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Home » For web creators Recommended for those who want to learn JavaScript more practically! 7/2 (Tuesday) ~ 4-part “JavaScript Practical Online Course” (free participation)

For web creators Recommended for those who want to learn JavaScript more practically! 7/2 (Tuesday) ~ 4-part “JavaScript Practical Online Course” (free participation)

[For web creators] Recommended for those who want to learn JavaScript more practically! 7/2 (Tue) ~
All 4 “JavaScript Practical Online Courses” will be held
(participation fee is free)

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[For web creators] Recommended for those who want to learn JavaScript more practically! 7/2 (Tue) ~
All 4 “JavaScript Practical Online Courses” will be held
(participation fee is free)
Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C&R) will hold a total of four sessions starting July 2nd (Tuesday) to invite creators involved in web-related work, such as web designers, coders, markup engineers, and web directors. We will be holding a free “JavaScript Practical Online Course” for those eligible. *

* ▼Click here for details and application * ** * *Deadline: July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00*

JavaScript has become an indispensable technology for website creation. When creating mechanisms for advanced interactions and improving usability, there are certain aspects that cannot be achieved using existing HTML and CSS alone, and JavaScript is used to compensate for this. The power of JavaScript is also indispensable when you want to run the same way as an application without changing the screen, or when you want to make the most of the functions that the browser has.
In this course, we will provide more practical content for those who already understand the basics of JavaScript. The lecturer will be Kazuma Sekiguchi, who is the CTO of Comcent Co., Ltd. (a web production company) and is involved in website creation, system development, and program development. Would you like to acquire JavaScript skills and knowledge and utilize it in your future web production? If you are interested, please join us.
* -Notes when taking the course-*
・Lectures will proceed with the assumption that you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, and that you have an internet connection at home.
・The latest version of Visual Studio Code and its enhancements ・The latest version of Node.js as of the LTS version ・A computer with Google Chrome installed is required.
(Windows 10 or higher and macOS version 11 or higher are recommended for PC) ・You must install the above software by yourself according to the installation manual (sent to those who have confirmed their
enrollment) by the first day of the course.
・Programs created in lectures will be distributed for review purposes. *Please note that archives will not be distributed.
* -Course content-*
* ■First time (Tuesday, July 2nd)*
・Acquisition of data using forms
・Display and process prompt dialogs
・Necessity and implementation of validation
・Creating a simple computer program
・Create a quiz
* ■Second (Tuesday, July 9th)*
・Using asynchronous processing
・Handling of then and catch
・Obtaining external data using FetchAPI
・Handling of try~catch
・Handling of asynchronous functions (async/await)
・Deployment of acquired data
* ■3rd time (Tuesday, July 16th)*
・Advantages of using libraries
・How to use the library
・How to use NPM (use of package manager)
・How to install the library from NPM
・Introduction of image slider “Swiper.js”
・Introduction of animation library “Anime.js”
・”Chart.js” for displaying graphs
* ■4th time (Tuesday, July 23rd) *
・How to use external library GSAP
・Use of animation by GASP
・Specification and use of continuous animation
・Function expansion using GSAP plug-in
・Use of scroll-linked animation
*We will take breaks at appropriate times.
*Lecture content is tentative. The schedule may change depending on the student’s progress on the day.
* -Recommended for these people! -*
・Web designer, web coder, web director who has mastered HTML/CSS ・Markup engineer
・Those who want to relearn JavaScript from the basics
* JavaScript practical online course to learn in all 4 sessions * * ■Date and time*
1st: July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
2nd time: July 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
3rd: July 16, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
4th: July 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
Held online (using Zoom)
* ■Speaker/Profile*
*Comcent Co., Ltd. Director and CTO*
* Kazuma Sekiguchi *
We create websites in total, including site design, HTML coding, program development using JavaScript, PHP, etc., creation of apps for iOS and Android, and implementation and operation of web servers. His strength is that he understands technology and can provide
comprehensive advice on design, coding, server operation, and service operation. As CTO of Comcent Co., Ltd. (web production company), engaged in website creation, system development, and program development.
He mainly handles EC site customization, full scratch web system development, video distribution systems, video distribution, and creation of smartphone applications for distribution. In charge of web production classes at universities and vocational schools (part-time). He also has extensive experience speaking at events and seminars. He also writes books such as Dreamweaver ( * ■Target*
・Web designer, web coder, markup engineer, web director, etc. ・Creators working as web creators
* ■Participation fee*
* ■Capacity*
60 people
* ▼Click here for details and application * ** *Deadline: July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00
-Other related information-
▼If your company would like to request training or lecture from Mr. Kazuma Sekiguchi, please contact us here.
▼Click here for details on PEC’s training services * 【inquiry】*
Creek & River Co., Ltd. PEC Secretariat
In charge of “JavaScript Practical Online Course”

Since its founding in 1990, C&R has been a pioneer in creator agency, supporting the career and skill development of creators through corporate joint information sessions, career consultations, and seminars. Based on our mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals,” we will continue to strive to create an environment where creators can maximize their abilities through various
* [CREATIVE VILLAGE] Early summer CRV gift campaign ’24 is underway from 5/17 (Friday) to 6/16 (Sunday)! *

* -Web/design related seminars/courses-*
▼6/12 (Wednesday) Figma Update Explanation Webinar “Basics of typography and text layout methods that are easy to modify”
▼6/12 (Wednesday) [Archive recording distribution] How to become a web director with no experience Vol. 2 ~Skills and applications to learn~ ▼6/19 (Wednesday) [Archived recording distribution] How to become a web director from no experience Vol. 3 ~ Types of directors and how to work ~ ▼6/20 (Thu) Basic knowledge of design Vol.12 Color schemes that creators should know [Advanced version] ▼6/20 (Thu) UI design using AI About future trends Vol.3 [App design edition] ▼6/22 (Sat) A UI/UX specialist agent active in the United States will explain! What is the portfolio of a globally accepted UX designer? ▼6/24 (Monday) [Archive recording distribution] Basic knowledge of design Vol. 4 Design history that creators should know ▼Create outstanding UI for games, apps, websites (e-learning) ▼Learn through banner production! Photoshop course necessary for web production (e-learning)
▼JavaScript basics/practical course (e-learning)
▼Design comp production course (e-learning) ▼Illustrator basic course (e-learning)
▼Dreamweaver course (e-learning)
▼UI/UX basic course (e-learning) ▼UX Discovery: Master the research phase of product development (E-learning)

Event information can be found on the information site for creators “CREATIVE” VILLAGE” and is also available as an e-mail newsletter. If you are interested, please register!
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▼Click here for “CREATIVE VILLAGE”, an information site for creators ▼Click here to download the “CREATIVE VILLAGE” app
* [What is Creek & River Company] *
We are a professional agency founded in 1990. With the mission of “increasing the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients,” we will continue to work on video, games, web, advertising/publishing, writers, architecture, AI/DX, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, We are developing agency business (dispatch/introduction), production business
(development/contracting), and rights management business (planning, development, and distribution of intellectual property) specializing in professionals in various fields. The C&R Group also operates businesses in the medical, IT, accounting, legal, fashion, food, and agriculture fields, and has expanded to a total of 18 fields. Website: **
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