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Struck Co., Ltd.’s “Raw Warabi Mochi” wins double gold medal at Monde Selection

Struck Co., Ltd.
Struck Co., Ltd.’s “Raw Warabi Mochi” wins double gold medal at Monde Selection The finest Japanese sweets, the finest raw warabi mochi, wins the Monde Selection Gold Award
Struck Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Taiga Watanabe) has announced that the Japanese confectionery “Nama Warabi Mochi” produced by the company has won a double gold award at Monde Selection, an international food quality evaluation organization. We would like to inform you that we have received an award.
Monde Selection, founded in 1961, is an authoritative organization that evaluates and certifies the quality of food and beverages from around the world.
A large number of products submitted from all over the world go through a rigorous examination, and gold, silver, and bronze awards are awarded to products whose quality is recognized.
In particular, the Gold Award is an honor given to products of superior quality and outstanding taste.
We are very honored that our “Raw Warabi Mochi” has won a double gold award, which is proof that our product’s high quality and taste have been internationally recognized.
[Image 1:×1681.jpg] About award-winning products
“Nama Warabi Mochi”, which won the Double Gold Award this time, is a Japanese confectionery that has been improved to suit modern tastes while faithfully following the traditional manufacturing method. By using carefully selected domestic bracken flour and kneading it using a unique manufacturing method, we have achieved a unique chewy texture and delicate sweetness.
In addition, the combination with brown sugar syrup and soybean flour was exquisite, and the texture and flavor received high praise from the judges.
Raw warabi mochi is softer than regular warabi mochi and has a melt-in-your-mouth feel.
We do not use any artificial sweeteners and strive to make products that bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients, ensuring quality that is safe and can be consumed with confidence.
Background of product development
Warabi mochi has been loved as a traditional Japanese sweet since ancient times, and our company has aimed to protect that tradition while providing products that meet the tastes of modern consumers. In particular, “raw warabi mochi” is a further evolution of the traditional warabi mochi, and during its development, we went through a lot of trial and error, striving to improve quality without making any compromises, from material selection to the manufacturing process. I’m here.
We are extremely honored to receive this award, as it is a result of our efforts and commitment being recognized internationally. Taking this award as an opportunity, we will work to further improve quality and develop new products, and provide products that will further satisfy our domestic and overseas customers.
[Image 2:×1788.jpg] Award comment
Taiga Watanabe, Representative Director, said the following about receiving this award. “We are very happy that our fresh warabi mochi has won a double gold award at Monde Selection.It is a great encouragement for all of our employees that our efforts have borne fruit and that we have been recognized internationally. We will continue to offer the highest quality Japanese sweets while valuing tradition without fear of innovation.
Future prospects
Taking this award as a step forward, we will strive to further improve quality and develop new products. We also plan to carry out aggressive promotional activities to spread the appeal of Japanese sweets, including fresh warabi mochi, both domestically and internationally. Specifically, we are planning to expand into overseas markets and strengthen online sales, and will work to ensure that Japanese sweets fans around the world can enjoy our products.
Contact information
Struck Co., Ltd. Public Relations Officer Ebisu TEL: 045-534-9933 Email:
Company Profile
The name “Strak” comes from the word “Structure,” which means “structure” such as a building. In the Roman alphabet, the first five letters of the word “Structure” are taken and written as “STRUC”. Struck Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and sells traditional Japanese sweets. Since our founding, we have continued to provide innovative products that meet modern needs while valuing Japanese food culture.
With a thorough commitment to quality and a sense of gratitude to our customers, we will continue to aim to create products that are loved by everyone.
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