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Alpha Produce Co., Ltd. Watch movies with 1 coin & director/actor appearances Fukuoka event SCREW DRIVER FILM FESTIVAL held

[Alpha Produce Co., Ltd.] [Watch movies with 1 coin & director/actor appearances] Fukuoka event SCREW DRIVER FILM FESTIVAL held

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[Watch movies & director/actor appearances with 1 coin] Fukuoka event SCREW DRIVER FILM FESTIVAL held
*Date and time: 2024/6/21 (Friday) – 23 (Sunday) / Venue: Minoshima, Hakata-ku OVERGROUND*
FESTIVAL is a film festival for emerging film directors. This event, which will be held for the first time, will be held at the art space OVERGROUND in Minoshima, Hakata Ward, and at Fukuoka, a film festival rooted in Fukuoka.
This event will be co-hosted by Festival. Mainly short films of 7 to 40 minutes by Fukuoka film directors will be screened over three days from June 21st (Friday) to June 23rd (Sunday). A Meet will be held on the 22nd for the purpose of interaction between film directors and visitors.
Up Party will be held within the same event. On the 23rd, we will also screen works shot and produced within the three days of the event, set on Minoshima, where the event will be held.
For 500 yen, you can watch around 30 short films, and the film directors and actors themselves will also be on stage.
This is an event that even movie beginners can easily enjoy, so please come and see us.

* ■Co-hosted by FFF (Fukuoka Film Festival) *
This is a Fukuoka film festival for Fukuoka creators and Fukuoka location works created by people who love Fukuoka.
FFF is pronounced F3.
Until the art museum-like movie theater of the same name is completed in Fukuoka, we will move to various locations and hold it as a film festival, involving people who love Fukuoka. Every time, many creators other than video creators come and speak on stage.
PREMIUM project, together with the selected directors, we will produce a short film to be released around the world in the event area during the event period.
This is a flexible film festival that uses lateral thinking to spread the city and images of Fukuoka into the hearts of many people. Click here for the official Instagram

* ■Co-sponsored OVERGROUND*
An art space that presents various types of art, music, videos, etc. from a multifaceted perspective.
is. We believe in creating a platform where creativity and passion can spark new interests through experimentation.
Our main goal is to increase awareness and viewer interest in art and culture, It’s about promoting new creativity and supporting new local artists and communities. It’s also about supporting artists and the local creative industry.
Official website:
Official Instagram:

* ■Participating work director*
Daisuke So/Norikazu Oda/Takashi Maekawa/Yuichi Ogura/Mark Cowan/ALDILA BURHANUDDIN
MUTTAQIN/Takashi Shimomoto/Fumito Sekido/Takashi Takamura/Ken Tanigawa/Kazuya Nagaura/Naoto Fukumoto/Norihiko Kanayama/Shion Aoki/Daichi Sato/COWYA/Reiji_Film/Niko Nikopunpun/Gari Gari Pro/Yoko Tsubouchi/Fukusaki Takuma/Ebi Cabbage/Masatoshi Nagoya/Takayuki Kayano, etc.
* Event overview *
■Friday, June 21st
12:30pm Doors open
13:00- Opening film screening
Director Sosuke Sosuke “I am still” “Autumn Sky Gum Tape”
Screening of works (all works shown!)
21:00 Closed

■Saturday, June 22nd
10:00am Movie screening (all movies shown!) *Movie director and actor will be on stage
19:00-21:00 Meet up Party (Membership fee 1000 yen, 1 drink included) *For those who have already paid the admission fee, 500 yen includes 1 drink.

■Sunday, June 23rd
10:00-18:00 Movie screening (all movies shown!) *Film director and actor will be on stage
18:00 Closing film* “FFF PREMIUM” selection* Director So Daisuke    Screening of completed Minoshima movie “Screwdriver”
~Closing party (admission fee included)~

Venue: OVERGROUND (2F Kotobuki Building, 1-17-5 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
Admission fee: 500 yen per day
Co-hosted by: OVERGROUND, Fukuoka Film Festival

FFF official Instagram: Phone number: 090-4475-9635 FFF representative Masumi Aikawa (Alpha Produce Ltd.)
Click here for official Instagram
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