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Home » Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries FY2020 Fisheries White Paper released today

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries FY2020 Fisheries White Paper released today

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
FY2020 Fisheries White Paper released today
~The special theme is “revitalization of fishing villages through maritime industry”~
Today, the FY2020 Fisheries White Paper was approved by the Cabinet. This year’s white paper features a special feature on the
revitalization of fishing villages through the maritime industry. In addition, as for trends surrounding Japan’s fisheries industry, in addition to trends regarding supply and demand and consumption of fisheries products, the fisheries industry, and fishery resources, we will also look at the damage to the fisheries industry caused by the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake and efforts toward recovery and reconstruction. Introducing.
Through this white paper, we aim to arouse the interest of a wide range of people and help them understand our country’s fishing industry.
[Image:×2362.jpg] Summary of FY2020 Fisheries White Paper
The Fisheries White Paper is an annual report by the government to the Diet based on the Fisheries Basic Act. The FY2020 Fisheries White Paper states that the marine industry is a project that aims to secure local income and employment opportunities by maximizing the value and appeal of the local resources of the sea and fishing villages. )”, in light of the fact that the Fishing Ports and Fisheries Development Act was revised in May of last year to promote the maritime industry, etc., we will introduce many precedent cases of the maritime industry and measures to promote the maritime industry in various regions. Therefore, in order to serve as a reference for regions that are planning to engage in the maritime industry, the “revitalization of fishing villages through the maritime industry” is featured in the “Special Feature” section at the beginning. The “Reiwa 5th Fisheries White Paper” can be viewed at the URL below. (Reference) Promotion of maritime industry html
Content points
Fisheries trends in 2020
Special feature: Revitalizing fishing villages through the maritime industry Describes specific examples of marine industry initiatives and measures to promote them.Chapter 1: Trends in supply, demand, and consumption of marine products in Japan Trends in supply and demand, consumption, and trade of marine products, etc. Chapter 2: Trends surrounding Japan’s fisheries industry; Trends in domestic production, management, and employment in the fishing and aquaculture industry; Trends in distribution and processing of marine products; Chapter 3: Trends surrounding fisheries resources and the environment of fishing grounds; Resource management in Japan; Describes efforts for effective resource management, movements surrounding the fishing environment, etc.Chapter 4: International situation surrounding the fisheries industryAbout world fishing and aquaculture production, world marine product trade and international situation, international resource management, etc. Description Chapter 5 Movements surrounding recovery and reconstruction from large-scale disasters and the release of ALPS treated water into the ocean Status of recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake in the fisheries industry, impacts and countermeasures due to the release of ALPS treated water into the ocean, 2020 Fisheries measures for FY2020, including the damage situation of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and the government’s response
Organize the outline of measures based on the Fisheries Basic Plan, FY2020 budget, etc.
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