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Visit Bellevue Washington Bellevue, Washington’s mascot character “Belle the Bobcat” makes her debut!

[Visit Bellevue Washington] Bellevue, Washington’s mascot character “Belle the Bobcat” makes her debut!

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Press release: June 12, 2024
*To those involved in the media*
Belle the Bobcat, a mascot character from Bellevue, Washington, makes her debut! *Bell, who knows everything about Bellevue, will act as your travel guide and introduce you to its charms. *
Belle the Bobcat
* Bellevue, Washington, USA (June 12, 2024) * −
Visit Bellevue Washington, the official destination marketing organization (DMMO) responsible for tourism promotion for the City of Bellevue, is pleased to announce the city’s original Yuru mascot, “Bell the Bobcat” (commonly known as “Belle”) . Belle, a charming bobcat who is energetic, curious, and willing to try anything, will be with you on your trip to Bellevue.

“Bell the Bobcat was born by combining the mascot character concept that is popular in Japan with the bobcat that is abundant in Washington State.We hope that Belle will become a bridge for people in Japan to feel closer to Bellevue. I’m glad that Bell is using official Japanese language support not only in Japan but also in news releases in the United States.
We will announce that we will be appearing on the site, and we will also arrange for cooperation from the city of Bellevue. PR
By proactively incorporating the Bell as a tool, we can raise awareness of Bellevue City in Japan and ask people, “Where is Bellevue?” ” “What kind of place is Bellevue?” ” I would be happy if this could be an opportunity for you to become interested. “and Brad Jones, executive director of Visit Bellevue, talks about his enthusiasm for attracting tourists from Japan. While there are still only a few mascot characters created by overseas cities, “Bell・ The debut of “The Bobcat” is very unique and will provide a clue to understanding the charm of the city. In the future, we plan to develop PR in a variety of ways, including tie-ups with local companies, billboard announcements, POP, novelty goods production, and promotions on SNS.

Bellevue City, Washington State is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, surrounded by magnificent nature, and allows you to easily enjoy outdoor activities that are difficult to find in Japan. Known as one of the best shopping destinations in the world, Bellevue is a triple destination for shopping and delicious food. And because it is a safe and comfortable city, we are able to provide a trip that satisfies our customers from Japan. Belle will cutely express the diversity of Bellevue. Bell will also be in charge of announcing events and new information.

* ■Introducing “Bell the Bobcat” *
*Name*: Belle the Bobcat
Please feel free to call me “Bell”.

*Age*: 2 years old (Bell’s birthday party is also being planned.)

* Features*
:The bobcat is a very familiar cat in North America, appearing in Native American mythology and settler folklore. It is characterized by pointed ears with short black fur and white fur around its mouth.

: Lively and curious. I love adventuring in Bellevue’s great outdoors and have done almost all of the outdoor activities, so I’m itching to give some advice to Bellevue guests. Although she has such an active side, she also loves shopping in the city and looking for delicious food. A big glutton. When I’m not doing anything, I feel sleepy. I believe that at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary to stay active and positive.

*What I’m good at*: I’m very curious, so I like to discover and explore new things. He is extremely athletic and is especially good at climbing trees.

* Favorite food* :
Sushi, pasta, Indian buffet with piping hot pots. “I love all of them, but there are so many delicious foods in Bellevue that I can’t decide on just one. Everything here is delicious because Bellevue has easy access to fresh ingredients,” says Bell.

*Favorite things*: Playing and resting with the wild rabbits in Bellevue Riding a bike on a bike trail
       Hiking to Poo-Poo Point
Kayaking in Merthyr Slough
      Paddleboarding on Lake Washington, and the list goes on.

Hustle on a paddle board
              I love eating
Rest is important
The official Japanese website “Visit Bellevue, Washington state tourist information site” was newly opened on April 18th of this year. Bell is also introduced on the page “Bell’s Room” in “WA”. *here* Please take a look.

In the future, Bell plans to expand the scope of his activities. Please look forward to it. Bell is also looking forward to the day when he can meet everyone in Japan.

* ■Instagram campaign announcement *
In celebration of Bell’s debut, Bell’s favorite travel essentials DJI We are planning a special campaign where you can win Osmo Pocket 3. This palm-sized camera can freely switch between landscape and portrait shooting, allowing you to take amazing high-quality videos. It will be a great help for recording your fun travels. Bellevue’s Japanese Instagram (
@visitbellevuejp ) We will announce the details of the application above, so please take this opportunity to follow us.


* ■Visit Bellevue Washington *
Visit Bellevue Washington (VBW) is the official destination promoting tourism to the city of Bellevue.
is a marketing and management organization (DMMO) that oversees hotels, the Meydenbauer Convention Center, and the entire service industry located in Bellevue. A safe, walkable city, Bellevue offers a colorful experience with cozy hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, a vibrant culture, outdoor activities, and world-class shopping. Bellevue combines natural beauty with big-city convenience and is also home to pioneering global companies.

The official Japanese website “Visit Bellevue WA” is a tourist information site for Bellevue, Washington.
You can view it here*

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