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SRS Holdings Co., Ltd. Tamagoyaki/Dashi Himawari 6/12~Feast beef tongue fair will be held!

SRS Holdings Co., Ltd. [Tamagoyaki/Dashi Himawari] 6/12~Feast beef tongue fair will be held!

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Press release: June 12, 2024
[Tamagoyaki/Dashi Sunflower] 6/12~Feast Beef Tongue Fair will be held! *Drinkable shaved ice is now available in addition to the summer staple “sunflower shaved ice”! *
Feast beef tongue fair
“Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup” operated by M&S Food Service Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Katsunori Natsui)
At “Himawari”, our most popular products are the famous tamago-yaki (tamago-yaki) made with plenty of our “special dashi”, rice cooked with seasonally changing dashi, and tempura udon, which goes perfectly with the flavor of the dashi and tempura. A grilled Japanese food chain. This time, with Tamagoyaki and Dashi Sunflower
“Feast Beef Tongue Fair” will be held from Wednesday, June 12, 2024. We have prepared two items: a gozen that combines thickly-sliced ​​soft beef tongue, popular tempura, and seasonal baskets, and a rice bowl that combines thickly-sliced ​​beef tongue with Yamakake grated yam. Both beef tongues can be enjoyed with the rich flavor of our special sauce and grated garlic. Sales start on the same day “Drinkable shaved ice” is now available at “Sunflower Shaved Ice” this year! Let’s beat the coming hot season with Sunflower’s “beef tongue” and “shaved ice”!
“Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup
At Himawari, we carefully prepare a special soup stock made with bonito from Kyushu and kelp from Hokkaido every day at our store, and enjoy its gentle flavor with all of our meals, including our famous tamagoyaki (Akashiyaki), udon, and donburi. It is used for. In addition, we are promoting the digitization (DX) of brand experiences by utilizing digital technology, including the “digital meal coupon” that will be given away as part of this campaign. “Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup
“Himawari” will add color to our customers’ lives and strive to help them feel small happiness in their daily lives.
-Product Summary-
*〇Sales period*: From Wednesday, June 12, 2024
*Depending on sales conditions, sales may be suspended or terminated without notice.
*〇Sales stores*: Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari 8 stores (all stores) Hirakata store 1-871 Kinnohonmachi, Hirakata City, 573-1197 Izumiya Hirakata store TEL 072-898-1420
Izumi Fuchu store 1-5-10 Higashiyonaka-cho, Izumiotsu-shi, 595-0021 Qanat Mall Izumi Fuchu store TEL 0725-45-0890
Rokujizo store 12-1 Nishio, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8003 Izumiya Rokujizo store TEL 075-603-3670
Hakubaimachi store 〒603-8326 6-1 Kitano-shimo Hakubaimachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto City Izumiya Hakubaimachi store TEL 075-467-1494
Rakuhoku Store 36 Takano Nishikaimachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8103 Rakuhoku Hankyu Square TEL 075-711-1155
Kyoto West Store 1-1 Yamanouchi Ikejiri-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0072 Kyoto Family TEL 075-326-1881
Kobe Tamatsu store 3-7-3 Moritomo, Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-2132 Izumiya Kobe Tamatsu store TEL 078-929-3860
Imazu store  〒663-8214 1-1 Imazu Akebonocho, Nishinomiya City Ekima Imazu TEL 0798-23-4160

* ◯Product list*
・Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue and tempura basket set meal 1,890 yen (2,079 yen including tax)
・Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue yam set 1,690 yen (1,859 yen including tax) ・Drinking Matcha Frappe 530 yen (583 yen including tax)
・Drinking strawberry frappe 530 yen (583 yen including tax)
・Uji Kintoki 480 yen (528 yen including tax)
・Milk Kintoki 480 yen (528 yen including tax)
・Strawberry milk 480 yen (528 yen including tax)
*We use beef tongue that has been treated with seasonings and adhesive molding. sunflower shaved ice
-Description of item-
●Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue and tempura basket set meal 1,890 yen (2,079 yen including tax)
Thickly sliced ​​beef tongue is grilled in-house to make it soft and juicy, then served with our special sauce mixed with grated garlic. Seasonal Tempura Zaru Soba
This product comes with a seasonal basket. You can dip the yam with beef tongue or zaru soba as you like. Enjoy the sunflower beef tongue. *We use beef tongue that has been treated with seasonings and adhesive molding.
Basket-sized set of thick-sliced ​​beef tongue and tempura
-Menu contents-
・3 pieces of thick-sliced ​​beef tongue
・Assorted seasonal tempura
・Small zaru soba
(You can change to hot or udon noodles.)
・Seasonal stir-fry
・Seasonal jelly salad
・Small sweetness
・Special soup stock, rice, pickles
●Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue yam set 1,690 yen (1,859 yen including tax) A beef tongue dish made with thickly-sliced ​​beef tongue and topped with Yamakake grated yam, perfect for hot weather. Dissolve grated garlic in our special sauce and enjoy. The small zaru soba can be changed to warm noodles or udon. Please enjoy the combination of slowly grilled beef tongue in Himawari store and special garlic sauce. *We use beef tongue that has been treated with seasonings and adhesive molding.
Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue set
-Menu contents-
・Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue with grated yam
・Small zaru soba
(You can change to hot noodles or udon.)
Win it on the spot! Himawari Official X Follow & Repost Campaign is underway! X Follow & Repost Campaign
-Campaign overview-
[Period] June 5, 2024 (Wednesday) to June 18, 2024 (Tuesday) [How to apply for the campaign]
(1) Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Follow Himawari Official X (@tamago_himawari) (2) Repost the corresponding campaign post
(3) Please link the Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari official X account from the campaign URL in the post and check the lottery results. [Prize] Tamagoyaki/Dashi Soup Himawari
30 people will receive a digital meal ticket (equivalent to 1,309 yen including tax) for the Sunflower Set for 1 person.
*Digital meal tickets can only be used for meals at Tamagoyaki/Dashi Himawari (8 stores). Please show it to the store staff at the time of checkout.
*Can only be used once.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount coupons.
*Please check the application terms and conditions before applying. [Stores where digital meal coupons can be used] Tamagoyaki/Dashi Himawari 8 stores (all stores)
Click here for application terms
Apply here
About Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari brand
In November 1989, we started as “Kyosabo Sunflower”, a shop where you can enjoy a relaxing moment while shopping, on a corner of the 3rd floor of Izumiya Shirabaimachi store, near Kyoto Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. The signature menu item, Tamagoyaki (Akashiyaki), cherishes the authentic taste of Akashi, using plenty of fresh eggs for the dough, carefully selected flour and starch, and the dashi stock using bonito from Kyushu and kelp from Hokkaido. By baking each order on a custom-made copper plate with high thermal conductivity, it has a fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.
Based on the concept of “Coloring your life”, we are particular about “Freshly baked tamagoyaki (Akashiyaki)” and “Dashi soup that is carefully prepared in the restaurant every day”, and by allowing you to enjoy delicious meals little by little. We have renovated the store in 2022 to create a store where you can feel small happiness in your life.
Famous Tamagoyaki (Akashiyaki)
Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari Hirakata store
Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari official website Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari Official X (old Twitter)
Tamagoyaki/Dashi soup Himawari official Instagram
#Tamagoyaki Dashi Sunflower #Sunflower #Tamagoyaki #Akashiyaki About M&S ​​Foodservice Ltd.
M&S Food Service Co., Ltd. was born on April 1, 2021, through the merger of Miyamoto Munashi Co., Ltd. and Sunlory Co., Ltd. In addition to the station-style set meal business such as “Teishokuya Miyamoto Munashi,” which is convenient for customers’ daily meals, we also operate a Japanese restaurant “Tamagoyaki/Dashii” within a commercial facility.
We are developing “Himawari” and FC business.
We will continue to take on the challenge of creating an attractive store that responds to a variety of lifestyle changes and can be used by even more customers.
Company homepage
About SRS Group
The SRS Group, including SRS Holdings Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to society through food, and operates food service businesses including eating out and ready-made meals both domestically and internationally. At our main brand stores such as Washoku Sato, Nigiri Chojiro, Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen, Miyamoto Munashi, Kazoku-tei, and Tokutoku, our customers’ mealtimes are filled with deliciousness, fun, and excitement. We work every day with our partners, customers, and communities to help you experience a full and fulfilling life. Corporate homepage
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