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Functional expansion of comprehensive DX patrol inspection using digital “SR-APPEAR”

NST Globalist Co., Ltd.
Functional expansion of comprehensive DX patrol inspection using digital “SR-APPEAR”
The Smart IoT Division of NST Globalist Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Nao Yamamoto) is developing businesses related to data communications, and was one of the first to focus on private LoRa (LPWA), and in 2016 We have a track record of over 260 installations, starting with the construction of a digital disaster prevention broadcast radio system in 2017.
Utilizing the important knowledge gained from this practical experience, we have further refined our private LoRa and established NSTG’s unique private LoRa that incorporates a “multi-stage relay hop function/250mW high-power wireless”. We have realized DX for equipment inspection of infrastructure facilities and the inside of iron-covered manholes in hilly and mountainous areas, which are “data communication blank areas” where mobile phones are out of range and there are no fixed lines.
Recently, we have recognized the importance of maintenance as equipment and buildings age, and are working to improve the efficiency of inspection work. Improved reliability and safety will also increase corporate value.
As a specific measure, “SR-APPEAR” replaces patrol work and inspection work that previously relied on manual labor with sensors, and aims to solve the shortage of human resources and improve the effectiveness of digitalization, such as the real-time nature of data and information for determining deterioration over time. It has come true.
-What is SR-APPEAR-
SR-APPEAR is a service solution that visualizes measurement data from various sensors and serial devices. As the communication method for data acquisition, we use private LoRa, which has zero communication costs and long-distance communication. The compatible product “SperadRouter-MW with built-in LoRa wireless module/multi-interface equipment” is equipped with 4-20mA/0-5V analog input and voltage-free contact digital input. It is highly versatile because it can connect a wide variety of sensors suitable for measurement that correspond to these data outputs by connecting it with a wired cable. It also supports Modbus-RTU communication and can be linked with a wide range of measurement devices.
The data accumulated through “SR-APPEAR” can be used for equipment maintenance management work.
[Image 1:×417.png ]
-The advent of Bluetooth sensors-
New types have recently been released in the sensor market. Our company is focusing on sensors equipped with Bluetooth communication, which are attractive due to their low power consumption and low price. However, there are limitations to the use of Bluetooth communication. There are some sites where smartphones are not allowed in the first place due to the short range of communication, the device fees and communication costs when acquiring data via a smartphone.
-Expansion of compatible sensors-
In order to make further use of “SR-APPEAR”, we have decided to release “Bluetooth-LoRa converter: SparadRouter-TW”, which allows you to import Bluetooth sensors in addition to wired sensors to our private LoRa. By adding this new product to the conventional “SR-APPEAR”, we can flexibly respond to a variety of issues.
[Image 2:×901.png ]
-Typical Bluetooth sensor-
1. Pressure meter
-Sensor features-
A dedicated sensor is attached to the center of the pressure gauge pointer, and the pressure gauge pointer data is sent via Bluetooth.
[Image 3:×198.png ]
– Manufacturing factories and petrochemical plants –
A large number of pressure gauges are installed at the site. As a general control method, inspection workers use pressure gauges. We visually inspect the equipment multiple times a day and spend time checking its condition and recording inspection records.
Also, because it is done manually, mistakes are likely to occur. – Medical facilities –
A medical oxygen gas tank is installed in a location away from the ward, and hospital staff regularly monitors the remaining amount in the tank.
This is an inefficient process as you have to check the following. In addition, the supplier also periodically monitors the gas usage rate in order to know when to refill the gas.
We are sending someone.
2. Water leak sensor
-Sensor features-
A battery-less sensor that generates electricity from leaking water and sends notifications via Bluetooth.
Can be easily installed on walls and floors.
[Image 4:×157.png ]
– Data centers, factories, warehouses, office buildings and commercial facilities –
Measures to prevent water leakage from aging piping and equipment have become an urgent issue. Water leakage continues 24 hours a day, In most cases, the problem continues to flow and is noticed only after some time has passed since the problem occurred. Important products and equipment
The damage will be significant and lead to a large amount of damage. It takes time and effort to visually inspect a vast site.
It takes.
3. Gas sensor
-Sensor features-
Workers check whether there is a gas leak or filling before inspection or inside the facility by checking the Bluetooth of the gas sensor. Catch information in advance before entering the work site through wireless communication.
[Image 5:×179.png] -Usage-
– Inside pits of oil refineries and industries, mines and
manufacturing processing plants, and industrial waste processing –  This is work with a high possibility of potential danger occurring. These hazards are caused by large explosions and
 can be a leak of toxic gases into the atmosphere, and companies must provide workers with a safe and compliant environment.
It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment. Prevent disasters by remotely understanding the conditions and environment of work sites and workers
Accurately grasping the signs and calling attention to them will lead to stronger safety management. In case of emergency
Notify surrounding parties of alert information using warning lights and alarms. -Usage-
– Health and safety management of workers, accident prevention, monitoring of workers in hilly and mountainous areas, climbers, and the elderly –
In various workplaces, the working environment is facing an aging workforce and a shortage of human resources, and companies are becoming increasingly aware of their social responsibilities. As a matter of execution, it is important to protect health and safety and avoid danger.
Utilize wearable devices as guardians for site safety without relying on workers’ subjective symptoms.
-Product contents-
・Service: SR-APPEAR sensor visualization service
・LoRa product: SparadRouter-TW (BLE-LoRa converter)
More details about this release: