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Home » TANOMO GIFT, a gift delivery service for corporations, has started a special feature on summer gifts perfect for mid-year gifts and summer greetings!

TANOMO GIFT, a gift delivery service for corporations, has started a special feature on summer gifts perfect for mid-year gifts and summer greetings!

Sky Farm Co., Ltd.
TANOMO GIFT, a gift delivery service for corporations, has started a special feature on summer gifts perfect for mid-year gifts and summer greetings!
~ We also have a lineup of special gifts limited to this summer! ~ ……
Sky Farm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Takuya Kimura) offers products that are perfect for summer souvenirs at “TANOMO GIFT,” a corporate gift delivery service operated mainly in the Daimaru area of ​​Tokyo. We have started a special feature on “TANOMO GIFT Summer Gifts”.
[Image 1:×1195.png ]
A delivery brand using the mobile ordering system “NEW PORT” provided by our company. This is a delivery service for corporations that allows you to efficiently and comfortably arrange souvenirs needed in various business situations such as greeting business partners, dinners, and banquets. Our dedicated delivery staff will deliver your order to your designated location, such as your office or dinner destination, mainly in Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho. We also offer delivery to all over the country, so you can also use it to deliver to people in faraway places.
In time for the summer gift season, we would like to introduce recommended gifts and seasonal souvenirs from each TANOMO GIFT gift shop. Please use TANOMO GIFT as a gift for your business partners or loved ones.
Special page URL: Application period: Until 10:00 on Wednesday, July 31, 2023
*Please note that the deadline date varies depending on the product. Featured Products
Ete ~Lemon sweets from Setouchi~ La Boutique de Joel Robuchon
[Image 2:×600.png ]
Ete ~Setouchi lemon sweets~
A sweet and sour sweet made using the stollen technique, with a rich scent of refreshing lemon and lavender.
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Mizuyokan and chilled red beans (6 pieces) KOMU Maru Building store
[Image 3:×600.png ]
6 pieces of water yokan and chilled red beans
A summer-only item made with fresh, melt-in-your-mouth water yokan and chilled azuki beans wrapped in agar that go down smoothly.
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Lemon Florentine 12 pieces Beans Nuts
[Image 4:×600.png ]
12 lemon florentine pieces
Florentine with a lemon-shaped crispy inside, caramelized nuts and refreshing lemon peel. The refreshing summer packaging makes it perfect as a gift.
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Grasse & Sorbet 6 piece assortment La Maison du Chocolat Marunouchi store
[Image 5:×600.png ]
Assortment of 6 Grasse & Sorbet
An assortment box of four types of ice cream: chocolate, caramel, cafe, and tonka bean, and raspberry sorbet. (Limited delivery product to Daimaru area)
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◇Recommended products and limited products will be updated from time to time on the summer gift special page.
■What is NEW PORT?
We provide the OMO platform, which is a facility-specific mobile order system, as an order management system for various commercial facilities and events. This is an ordering platform that allows you to easily and quickly build a system and expand the range of facility and event management to online. We will improve customer convenience through our order system and develop every location as a sales floor. ■Future developments
As a startup company that provides a SaaS-type order management system, Sky Farm will continue to provide OMO systems with the aim of promoting DX in various commercial facilities and stores. We will continue to utilize technology to help solve problems and improve convenience, and create new value by providing comfortable time and space, increasing real estate value, supporting retail stores, and tackling food loss issues. .
[Sky Farm Co., Ltd.]
Sky Farm aims to support tenants, improve real estate value, and provide a comfortable time and space by utilizing technology, and operates the ordering platform “NEW PORT” for restaurants and retail stores.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Sky Farm Co., Ltd.
Address: Yokohama Landmark Tower, 2-2-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Takuya Kimura
Established: July 2015
Business content: Development and operation of mobile ordering platform for facilities
Corporate website:
-Introduction results-
Delivery platform “NEW PORT” -Yokohama Harbor Area-
Souvenir delivery service “TANOMO Gift” -Tokyo/Marunouchi area-
Marunouchi delivery “MARUDELI”-Tokyo/Marunouchi area-
Delivery service for office workers “Ume Deli!” -Osaka area-
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