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Kitahama Global Management Support: Started providing business restructuring subsidies, application for financial institutions and trading companies (for some businesses), performance reports, commercialization reports, and business support support s

Hajimari Business Partners Co., Ltd.
Kitahama Global Management Support Started providing support services for financial institutions and trading companies (for some
businesses), including application for business restructuring subsidies, performance reports, commercialization reports, and business support support services.
By starting a customer service service for financial institutions and trading companies whose customer service has stalled due to the bankruptcy of Kitahama Global Management and the lack of
responsiveness of consulting companies, we will be able to receive subsidies and provide appropriate support after commercialization. Management support for customers
Management consulting company Hajimari Business Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative: Junichi Shirakawa) has partnered with a consulting company that only handles the bankruptcy of Kitahama Global Management and public application for subsidies. By providing support services for grant applications, performance reports, and commercialization status reports, which are the most difficult tasks for selected businesses, we will create an environment in which financial institutions and trading companies can focus on their core business with customers. In addition, we can help you get your subsidiary business off the ground quickly through our proud companion support system, including “test sales with OLTUS” and “system construction support.” A special website has been set up. Background to the launch of this service
At our company, we not only provide support for subsidy applications, but also provide support for implementation.We not only provide grant applications, performance reports, and commercialization reports, but also provide a diverse menu of consultations and consultations as 5-year business support. We have not only supported the businesses of subsidized businesses, but also helped them achieve economic growth by achieving the expected effects when receiving subsidies from the national and local governments.
However, with regard to subsidies under the jurisdiction of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, such as business restructuring subsidies, due to the secretariat’s actions such as overlapping rule changes and retroactive application of public recruitment guidelines, the grant decision was originally made early and the project was not started. Businesses that are in need of this assistance are now in a situation where their businesses are not progressing due to the complexity of grant applications, etc.
As if to add insult to injury, due to the bankruptcy of Kitahama Global Management, which boasts a rich track record of support, the support of private consulting companies that were supposed to be reliable advisors for grant applications and performance reports has disappeared, and not only support providers but also The financial institutions and machinery trading companies that have supported the business by providing loans and equipment have now taken on this responsibility, and are suffering a chain reaction of losses due to this subsidy. Originally, the subsidy secretariat should be supporting business operators to process their applications smoothly, but I was shocked to find that for some reason they are now acting as an organization that exists to prevent grants from being granted. Additionally, we received word that a manufacturer that handles OLTUS, which is used to support our auxiliary businesses, has recently gone bankrupt. Although the manufacturer was selected for a business restructuring subsidy, the grant was not decided easily, and the company went bankrupt due to worsening cash flow after the financial institution withdrew the bridging loan it had requested in advance. is. It’s a real shame because it has been very well received by consumers and has won various awards, but at the same time, we can also say that we are at the end of a support organization, and we hope that by providing more support in addition to supporting market development, we can help alleviate this sad situation. Is it possible to avoid it? That’s what I came to think.
Creating an environment where financial institutions, trading companies, and even auxiliary businesses can engage in more business At our company, we have provided support for more than 100 cases to date regarding the complicated and ever-changing response of the subsidy secretariat.In what cases, what kind of cases will be returned or non-granted? It is packed with experience values.
In addition, as an auxiliary business operator, our company also communicates with the secretariat and other related departments regarding the system, including interpretations based on the issuance regulations. At times, with the cooperation of lawyers and others, we provide appropriate advice to everyone based on our own company’s experience, taking into account whether the secretariat’s points are reasonable and whether they amount to an abuse of authority. By creating an opportunity to share this experience not only with our existing clients, but with everyone else, we hope to help financial institutions and trading companies that understand our philosophy of action, so that we can avoid the sad situation of subsidy bankruptcy. We would like to work together with everyone to confront this difficult situation.
Inquiry desk site opened
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Subsidy grant support etc. consultation site:
We have recently set up a dedicated consultation site, where our reception staff will first listen to your current situation, provide advice on how to solve the problem, and provide support systems for grant applications, performance reports, and commercialization reports. Let me explain.
Some businesses that have already been given a ruling that does not issue a grant even after the project implementation period has passed may have flaws in the secretariat’s response, so we will investigate the situation and take appropriate remand actions. By doing so, we will work together to find clues to solving problems by dealing with them logically and legally. Please fill out the simple consultation form on our dedicated website and contact us.
Our company’s features include implementation support and on-site inspection measures.
In addition, our company offers test sales using OLTUS, which allows marketing analysis using AI cameras, website creation, package design, product development support, market development support, introduction of hygiene management such as HACCP, and management efficiency through the development of AI systems. We have prepared a customer success menu that utilizes the consulting know-how we have cultivated over the years, including support for customer support.
Even with subsidies, which often have problems such as projects not going well even if they are selected for subsidies, we provide true accompaniment type support and co-creation type support that cannot be provided by public support organizations (such as the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Agency) or subsidy consultants. We can also help guide you to success. Therefore, with regard to the financial institutions and trading companies that we have already partnered with, our strength is that we can work with them to build good relationships with them over the long term, as well as provide financial, technical, and marketing support. We are proud that this is the reason why we continue to be nominated.
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●An example of product development support using AI cameras at our stores
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●AI demand forecasting system that utilizes our know-how
About the consultation method
First, please access the special website, confirm the details, and then conduct an online interview.
Subsidy grant support, etc. consultation site:
Please feel free to contact us to find out if your customer is eligible or not. Let’s work together to reduce the number of businesses that are in trouble.
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Established: January 7, 2019
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