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Photographer Hide Kato awarded the title of “Fellow” by the Royal Photographic Society

Photographer Hide Kato awarded the title of “Fellow” by the Royal Photographic Society

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Press release: June 12, 2024
Photographer Hide Kato awarded the title of “Fellow” by the Royal Photographic Society
*In addition to the works published so far, the latest photo book “Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song”, which captures the people and landscapes of remote Scottish islands, is highly praised*
From the award-winning photo book “Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song” Photographer Hide Kato has published many works depicting the people and landscapes of Scotland, including the first photo book in Japan of the Shetland Islands, the northernmost islands in the UK, and St Kilda, a world heritage site in Scotland. Ta. In addition to the photo book works that have been announced so far, 2024
The latest photobook published in January 2018, “Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song” (ISBN978-4991089428/
His work (Fadeless) was highly praised and he was awarded the title of Fellow by the Royal Photographic Society.
About the Royal Photographic Society “Fellows”
The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) is the oldest existing
organization in the world (established in 1853).
Photography Association (year). Queen Elizabeth II was 67 years old from 1952 to 2019.
The association has been a patron for many years, and currently, Catherine, Princess of Wales, is the patron of the association. RPS We offer many evaluation systems and qualification courses in various fields related to the art and research of photography. The evaluation system for awarding titles is Distinctions.
These are: 1. License of certification (LRPS), 2. Associate (ARPS), which requires the highest level of evaluation, and 3. Fellowship (FRPS), which requires the highest level of evaluation.
There are stages.
Coat of arms of the Royal Photographic Society
This association award is given to RPS from all over the world. Members are evaluated comprehensively. The awardee will be given each title (LRPS, ARPS, FRPS) and will be allowed to use the title from now on. It is a very lofty goal for photographers not only in the UK, where it is headquartered, but also all over the world, and is a title that is recognized with the highest respect.
Past award winners include many world-renowned photographers. Currently there are 650 Fellows worldwide.
In addition to honorary fellows Hideki Hosoe and Rinko Kawauchi, there are two other ARPS members in Japan.
He is the only active member to be awarded the Fellowship.
Catherine, Princess of Wales, is currently the patron.

*Comments from award-winning photographer Hide Kato*
I am very happy to have been awarded this very prestigious title. As a Japanese person, I am very happy to receive such recognition in my home country where I filmed. Above all, I’m happy to be able to report to Scotland, especially to my friends who helped me create the piece. I am filled with gratitude to everyone who has been involved so far. Although England and Scotland are far away from Japan, they are countries with very deep connections in the history of modern Japan. I would like to continue to deepen our exchanges and research and study hard for the future.
Award-winning photo book “Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song”
“Òran Na
“Gaoithe” means “song of the wind” in the language of this region (Scottish Gaelic). The Hebrides, facing the Atlantic Ocean, are particularly windy regions. Few people visit them. During the cold winter season, Kato traveled to remote islands, visiting ancient ruins that had remained untouched for thousands of years in the harsh winds of the land, and encountering animals that were living strong lives. I was deeply moved by the way people lived on this harsh island and by the warm interactions with them.
Scotland is a far away country, but as I have visited it many times, I have always felt a sense of loneliness and nostalgia in a place that is not my birthplace. What exactly is it that nurtures people’s hearts? If nostalgia has a home, where is it? This is a collection of works from my journey in search of my spiritual home, which provides part of the answer.
“Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song” (ISBN978-4991089428 / 2024)
* “Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song” * (ISBN978-4991089428/Fadeless) Book details:

About photographer Shu Kato
Shu Kato | Photographer
I am a traveling photographer who creates works both domestically and internationally, including in Scotland, Ukraine, and Okinawa, with the theme of landscapes, the lives, culture, and life of the people who live in those areas. 2023 after activities in the metropolitan area Moved to Asagiri Plateau (Shizuoka Prefecture), which is rich in nature, in . In addition to photography, writing and web
We engage in a wide range of activities including production, design, consulting, and appearances and lectures on media such as radio. He especially loves Scotch whisky, and has worked at 110 distilleries in Scotland.
Visited more than one place. Because of that experience, I have a deep knowledge of whisky-related matters, and am involved in photographing brand images for distilleries and products in Japan and overseas, including Scotch whisky.
Born in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, majoring in museum studies Completed ELP, University of Stirling, UK
*Solo exhibition*
“Òran Na Gaoithe ~Song of the Wind~” Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza, 2024 “Òran Na Gaoithe ~Song of the Wind~” Kyoto Museum of Photography, 2024 “ST KILDA” FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza Tokyo, 2022
“ST KILDA” FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza Osaka, 2022
“SHETLAND IN THE LIGHT” Kiyoyuki Kuwabara AG, 2019
* Photo album*
“Òran Na Gaoithe Wind Song” (ISBN978-4991089428)
“ST KILDA” (ISBN:4991089417)

St Kilda club member
Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society
Regular member of Japan Photographers Society JPS, public interest incorporated association
Japan-British Society member
Japan Scotland Association Member
Former Director of Japan-Scotland Exchange Association


Contact information for all inquiries, including those related to the press and bookstores.
Faydress Co., Ltd. (Publisher)
Person in charge: Takashi Kato
*About details about this release*

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