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Mirai Co., Ltd. Invited Mr. Ryoji Ito as corporate advisor

Mirai Co., Ltd.
Invited Mr. Ryoji Ito as corporate advisor
Mirai Co., Ltd. (location: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Satoru Seno, hereinafter referred to as the Company) is pleased to announce that it has welcomed Mr. Ryoji Ito, who is working on regional revitalization by leveraging his nationwide network, as a corporate advisor.
Background of inviting corporate advisor
Our company’s slogan is “Let’s do work that creates the future.” While building partnerships with government agencies and companies, we aim to fundamentally solve problems in the following areas, from creating strategies and plans to realizing them. We provide total support, right up to the creation of the system.
1) Regional revitalization/regional revitalization support
2) Various consulting and DX promotion support for ministries, local governments, and companies
3) Community development support centered on sports and healthcare 4) Outsourcing of operations using local human resources
5) Support for the utilization of underutilized assets such as public facilities, closed schools, roadside stations, etc.
6) Developing the next generation of human resources who will carry the future of the region, etc.
Mr. Ryoji Ito sympathizes with the potential and slogan of our business, and has decided to participate as a corporate advisor in order to further promote these in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, where our company has a satellite office, throughout Shikoku, and all over the country. I am now able to receive it. By welcoming Mr. Ito, who is familiar with local government initiatives and has a wide network across the country, we aim to further expand our business and improve our corporate value.
Ryoji Ito Profile
[Image 1:×1038.jpg ]
From left, our representative director Akira Seno, Mr. Ryoji Ito, our corporate advisor Junya Ishida
1981: Served at Saijo City Hall, Ehime Prefecture
In 2004, two cities and two towns merged to form the new Saijo City. Appointed as Chief Secretary
From 2008: After being appointed as the Director of Planning and Economic Affairs, he also served as Director of Industrial Economics, Fire Chief, Accounting Administrator, Secretary General of the Assembly, and Director of Business Strategy.
2019 Appointed as a counselor at Saijo City Hall
2021 Joined Saijo Industrial Information Support Center Co., Ltd. (Regional Revitalization Coordinator – Advisor (current position)) 2021 Joined Amano Corporation Co., Ltd. (Senior Manager ~ Executive Officer (current position))
2022 Appointed as Ambassador of Knowtus Co., Ltd. (current position) 2022 Appointed as advisor to ZENTECH Co., Ltd. (current position) Mirai Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 2:×82.png ]
While other companies in our industry are expanding their business based in urban areas, mainly Tokyo, we are based in rural areas where various social issues are emerging, and our members with various specialized fields are able to utilize their knowledge and expertise. We are a consulting firm and think tank that combines experience to work on regional revitalization and revitalization both domestically and internationally. As a partner of government agencies and companies, we help create systems from strategy and planning to realization in order to fundamentally solve various social issues. [Trade name] Mirai Co., Ltd. [Representative] Representative director Akira Seno [URL] [Business content] ・Consulting business ・Asset management business ・Outsourcing business ・Education business [Founded] November 2016 [Capital] 80 million yen [Location] Hiroshima High Building 21 16F Satellite Office, 3-1 Ginzancho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture Sapporo City (Hokkaido), Akita City (Akita), Semboku City (Akita), Koto Ward ( Tokyo), Hiroshima City (Hiroshima), Mihara City (Hiroshima), Jinseki Kogen Town (Hiroshima), Hiroshima Prefectural Kake High School (Hiroshima), Saijo City (Ehime), Kumamoto City, Amakusa City (Kumamoto),
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