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The clinic visit plan has been officially released from the office manager agency service “Rental Office Manag er”!

Cell Agent Co., Ltd.
The clinic visit plan has been officially released from the office manager agency service “Rental Office Manager”!
We have started a visit plan with “Rental Administrative Manager”, an office manager agency service specializing in medical institutions. ……
CellAgent Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yuya Mochizuki) has started a visit plan based on the requests of the clinics it supports through its “Rental Administrative Manager” service for medical institutions operated by . I did it.
Since the official release in April, we have received many inquiries, and as the number of support cases has increased, we have received many feedback from people saying, “I want you to come to the site, even if it’s only once a month.” We started out as an online-only office manager agency service, but now we are officially releasing a visit plan.
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About the visit plan
Of the three plans offered by this service, a visit function has been added to the “Standard Plan” and “Management Staff Plan.” In addition to conventional online support, it is also possible to visit the site to improve operations, process paperwork, and communicate with staff.
Standard plan: Visits up to once a month
Management staff plan: Visits up to twice a month
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*Travel time is also included in operating time.
What is “Rental Office Manager”?
This is a service that allows you to outsource various office manager tasks necessary for hospital management, such as labor, accounting, patient collection, web, and miscellaneous tasks. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide the office manager function to practicing physicians without the cost or employment risk of hiring an office manager.
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Strengths of “Rental Office Manager”
In addition to general office work, the following are the most requested requests from the clinics we currently support.
Human resources and labor: “I have trouble managing staff” → Our company conducts personnel interviews
Recruitment: “I’m having trouble because I haven’t received any applications for recruitment.” → Our company operates media and our own recruitment site.
Attracting patients “I want to increase the number of initial consultations” → Our company implements SEO/MEO measures from web advertising
Management improvement: “I want to introduce new systems and treatments” → We carry out everything from research to formulating in-hospital operations
By outsourcing to us the worries and issues that each hospital has, and the resources that they lack,
We will create an environment where all practitioners can concentrate solely on “medical treatment” and “management.”
We are proud that our company’s strength is our ability to provide support that includes assistance with management issues.
Flow of introduction of rental office manager
(STEP1) Please contact us from the service page.
(STEP 2) We will adjust the schedule and conduct an initial visit or hearing via video conference.
(STEP 3) Based on the content of the interview, we will make a proposal for support to the clinic.
(STEP 4) Once we receive your application, the rental office manager’s agency service will begin.