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Xacti Co., Ltd. New features! “AI mosaic function” added to Xacti’s remote support service “XBP”

[Xacti Co., Ltd.] New features! “AI mosaic function” added to Xacti’s remote support service “XBP”

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Press release: June 12, 2024
new function! “AI mosaic function” added to Xacti’s remote support service “XBP” *Applicable to privacy protection and information leakage prevention even in real-time video distribution*
Xacti Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Masaki Kikugawa, hereinafter referred to as “Xacti”) provides video DX solutions.
Xacti Booster is an application service included in the remote support solution. Package (hereinafter referred to as XBP)” has been powered up and a new “AI mosaic function” has been added.
This “AI mosaic function” was developed in response to customer requests for privacy protection and information leak prevention. [Face Mosaic] AI detects a person who appears unexpectedly in the video being shot and distributed, and performs mosaic processing on the face. AI also tracks the subject to be photographed specified in advance and blurs the background part in real time. It is equipped with two patterns of [background blur] to perform. In particular, it is expected to be used in situations where privacy protection and information leakage prevention are important, such as during security and maintenance work at public facilities.
For companies working on countermeasures for the 2024 problem and business DX, remote support solutions that directly lead to
operational efficiency are essential. Xacti’s remote support solution (small and lightweight wearable camera “CX-WL100W (Xacti)
By incorporating this function, “LIVE)” x application service “XBP”) has evolved in terms of security, providing a DX solution that customers can implement with peace of mind.
▼Voices and usage examples from customers who are currently
introducing the “AI mosaic function”
* ■Facility management company A [Using face mosaic when patrolling the facility]*
Until now, security guards have not been able to wear cameras due to privacy concerns, but if we have a real-time mosaic processing function, we would like to actively introduce it as a way to strengthen security.

* ■Equipment maintenance company B [Uses background blur when maintaining its own equipment]*
To prevent information leaks, it was difficult to take pictures with a camera when visiting a customer’s factory or facility, but by blurring the background parts other than the company’s products being worked on, we were able to gain the customer’s understanding and became able to provide remote support. . As a result, the number of sites where we can respond even when there is a shortage of manpower has increased.

* ■Equipment construction company C [Using face mosaic when creating reports]* When providing remote support for road equipment inspections and construction work, reports were created using the videos as evidence, but passersby were a problem. By using the face mosaic function, video editing work is no longer necessary, leading to increased efficiency in report creation.

Click here for remote support implementation examples

Going forward, Xacti will continue to focus on providing products and services that make full use of video technology, strive to introduce the latest technology that meets customer needs, and contribute to solving customer problems.
* ▼Overview of “AI mosaic function”*
・*Face mosaic*
: AI detects people appearing in the video being shot and distributed, and mosaics them in real time. Consideration is given to the privacy of people reflected during security and maintenance work.
・*Background blur*
: Background other than pre-specified objects is blurred in real time using AI. Preventing leakage of information other than objects reflected during maintenance and inspection of equipment visited at customer sites
*Depending on the shooting environment such as the size of the subject (person/object), angle of reflection, brightness, etc., mosaic may not be applied. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% privacy before using this site.

* ▼Usage fee*
XBP new plan 3,980 yen/month
*To use XBP, you need a Xacti camera (CX-WL100, CX-WE series) that supports XBP.
*The fee structure will change from July 2024. For information on the new pricing structure and features available with this plan, click here.
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