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Home » Amazing Co., Ltd. Total series exceeds 25,000 pieces Baseball gear “HEAD RUN BAT Minoruman Produce HEAD RU N BAT improved version.

Amazing Co., Ltd. Total series exceeds 25,000 pieces Baseball gear “HEAD RUN BAT Minoruman Produce HEAD RU N BAT improved version.

Amazing Co., Ltd.
[Cumulative series exceeds 25,000 pieces] Baseball gear “HEAD RUN BAT Minoruman Produce HEAD RUN BAT improved version.
“HEAD RUN BAT Contributes to further improving swing speed. ……
Amazing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director and CEO: Minoru Hirohata, hereinafter referred to as “Amazing”) will start selling the new training bat “HEAD RUN BAT . This product uses the “PUCK KNOB grip” on the conventional HEAD RUN BAT, and makes improvements such as changing the shape of the head, helping batters increase swing speed and distance. Official website: “HEAD RUN BAT X” is an updated version of “HEAD RUN BAT” that allows you to experience flying distance beyond imagination
HEAD RUN BAT X is a training bat designed to improve hitters’ flight distance and swing speed.
With the emergence of pitchers who throw 160 km/h fastballs and pitchers who can use a variety of curveballs, a disparity has been created in the level of pitching and hitting, and in 2023 professional baseball there will only be five batters with a score of over .300. In addition, a similar trend is occurring in amateur baseball, and low-repulsion bats will be introduced in high school baseball from 2024, and the number of HRs selected for spring selection will be three.
We would like to promote the spread of training bats and contribute to solving industry issues with the aim of improving the batting level of Japanese baseball.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Effects of “HEAD RUN BAT X”
By using HEAD RUN BAT X, it will help batters improve their swing speed and flight distance.
・Improve swing speed HEAD RUN BAT
– Dramatic improvement in flight distance By improving swing speed and mastering head running/head centrifugal force, the flight distance of the ball will be dramatically improved, increasing the probability of hits and home runs.
・The “exchange movement” between the head and the grip leads the inside-out and generates acceleration of the head.The PUCK NOB grip assists the bat as it comes in from the inside, and the “exchange movement” with the head side at once as it approaches impact. “Wake up.” The speed of this switching motion creates swing strength and accelerates head speed.
Improvements in “HEAD RUN BAT X”
The improvements to HEAD RUN BAT X are the pack knob grip and a change in the shape of the head part. The head shape has been changed to a smoother design, closer to the shape of a regular bat, making it easier to swing.
Therefore, the strength is increased and it can also be used on the front tee. The grip has been changed to a puck knob grip, allowing you to experience the sensation of the head running better and learning wrist returns.
[Image 2:×2700.png ]
Product Details
Product name: HEAD RUN BAT
Color: 5 colors available (D blue, gold, mud black, black, red) Size: 2 sizes Regular size: Length 95cm/Weight 900g Recommended for use by junior high school students and above. Jr size: Length 90cm/Weight 700g For elementary school students. Usable balls: Hardball, softball, and softball can be used.
[Image 3:×1040.jpg] Sales method
Sold on our official website: Company Profile
Minoru Hirohata, Representative Director of Amazing Co., Ltd. Active mainly in Kansai as a baseball coach and Youtuber. In junior high school, he belonged to the All Hirakata Boys team and won the Giants Cup. With Osaka Toin, he participated in Koshien as No. 2 player. He has been the captain since his third year. After that, he entered Asia University. He won the Meiji-Jingu Tournament. After graduating from university, he belonged to the JR Tokai baseball team. As a pioneer in baseball coaching, he has over 200,000 followers on Youtube, Instagram, and SNS. [Company Profile] Company name: Amazing Co., Ltd. President: Minoru Hirohata Established: January 2021 Address: 5-8-11 Miyamachi, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture Inquiry email address: Company website: https
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