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Home » Shingen Co., Ltd. Ranking of popular parts of yakitori! 2nd place is “Momo Breast”! What’s number 1? We su rveyed 200 people about where they eat yakitori and why they like it!

Shingen Co., Ltd. Ranking of popular parts of yakitori! 2nd place is “Momo Breast”! What’s number 1? We su rveyed 200 people about where they eat yakitori and why they like it!

[Shingen Co., Ltd.] Ranking of popular parts of yakitori! 2nd place is “Momo Breast”! What’s number 1? We surveyed 200 people about where they eat yakitori and why they like it!

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Press release: June 23, 2024
Ranking of popular parts of yakitori! 2nd place is “Momo Breast”! What’s number 1? We surveyed 200 people about where they eat yakitori and why they like it!
“SHUFUFU”, an information media for housewives operated by Shingen Co., Ltd., conducted a questionnaire survey regarding “yakitori”. We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey method: Internet survey
Research institution: In-house research
Number of people surveyed: 200 men and women
Target audience: People who have eaten yakitori within the past year Survey gender: 77 men, 123 women
Survey age group: 20s: 22 people, 30s: 68 people, 40s: 72 people, 50s and above: 38 people
Survey period: June 2024
Research report:
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the “SHUFUFU” URL (
How often do you eat yakitori?
How often do you eat yakitori? In response to this question, the most common response was “about once every 2 to 3 months (28.%).” This was followed by “about once a month (26%)” and “about a few times a month (20.5%).” There were no people who said they ate yakitori almost every day, but there were people who said they ate yakitori two or three times a week.
What is your favorite part/type of yakitori?
Regarding their favorite part/type of yakitori, the first place was “Negima (24.5%),” and the second place was “Momo/Chin (20.5%).” Negima and thigh meat, two of the most popular types of yakitori, took first and second place. Among those who eat yakitori “two to three times a week”, “Momo/Mune” was popular.
Why did you choose the parts and types of yakitori above?
1st place: Negima
The meat is delicious, but you can also enjoy the crunchiness of the green onions. (Female in her 30s)

Thigh meat alone would make your stomach feel heavy, but the presence of green onions makes it refreshing and delicious. (Female in her 20s)

I really like the balance between the texture and sweetness of the green onions and the texture and saltiness of the chicken. delicious. The meat of choice for Negima is thigh. (Female in her 20s)

This is because you can eat both meat and vegetables. I’m also happy that I can make charcoal grilled food that I can’t do at home. It would be even better if the green onions were thick white onions. (Female in her 30s)

It’s not just the meat, but the addition of green onions in the middle is a nice accent. (Female in her 20s)

The exquisite combination of chicken and green onions is
mouth-watering (man in his 50s)

I like the thick texture of the standard thigh meat and green onions. (Female in her 20s)

Meat alone tends to give a monotonous taste, so adding green onions in between gives it a nice accent and keeps you from getting bored. I also like that the green onions are slightly charred, giving it a nice aroma. (50s~Male)

The combination of fragrant green onions and chicken is delicious. (Female in her 40s)

The sweetness of green onions and chicken go well together. The reason for its popularity is that the alternation of vegetables and meat gives it a well-balanced taste. It was liked by a wide range of people regardless of gender or age. *

2nd place: Sei meat (peach/breast)
The thighs are soft and juicy. (Female from 50s)

It is quite chewy and can be tasted well. (Male in his 30s)

I eat yakitori with salt because it has a good balance with salt and is very delicious. (Male in his 30s)

I like the unique firm texture of breast meat (male from 50s)

I don’t like the texture of skin or cartilage, so I usually choose chicken thighs because they are easy to eat. (Female from 50s)

It’s delicious as a snack or as a side dish with rice (man in his 30s)

I like it, it’s soft and fragrant. (Female in her 40s)

Because I think yakitori is the classic meat (man in his 40s)

* Thigh meat is soft and juicy, while breast meat is chewy. *

3rd place: Leather
This is because I like the crunchy texture with less fat. (Female in her 30s)

I like it because I can taste the unique fat and juiciness of the skin. (Male in his 30s)

Because I like the crunchy texture. Best eaten by lightly grilling on a gas burner. (Female in her 30s)

The skin is the easiest to eat, and the crispy texture is addictive. (Male in his 30s)

It’s oily and delicious, so it’s nice that it’s crunchy. (Female in her 20s)

* It seems to be popular for its crunchy, crispy skin and its oiliness. *

4th place: Tsukune
I like it because it’s easy to eat and it’s crunchy if it contains cartilage (female in her 30s)

Tsukune is my favorite type because it’s hit or miss no matter where you eat it and goes well with beer. (50s~Male)

I love the elasticity of meatballs (female in her 40s)

* Some respondents said they liked the elasticity of meatballs and the texture of the cartilage. There were also opinions that it was stable with few hits and misses. *

5th place: Bonjiri
It’s moderately greasy, moist and easy to eat (50s ~ female)

Because it has a plump feel and is delicious (female in her 30s)

It has a chewy texture and just the right amount of fat. (Male in his 40s)

6th place: Gizzard
It’s crunchy, has a texture like no other, and has the best amount of salt (female in her 30s)

Because it has a crunchy texture and a bitter taste in the inside. (Female in her 30s)

Because it has just the right consistency and taste (female in her 40s)

7th place: Nankotsu
Because it feels good to chew. (Female in her 30s)

Because it has a crunchy texture and the umami of the meat (man in his 40s)

8th place: Lever
I like the iron content and the unique taste. (Female in her 30s)

I’ve heard that it’s good for the liver. (Male in his 40s)

Where have you eaten (purchased) yakitori in the past year? (Multiple answers) When asked where they ate (purchased) yakitori in the past year, the first place was a supermarket (59.5%), and the second place was a yakitori specialty store (42.5%). The yakitori you eat at a yakitori specialty restaurant is something special. However, it seems easiest to buy it at the supermarket. There also seems to be a certain number of people who “make skewers at home” (8.5%).
What do you like about yakitori? (Multiple answers)
When asked what they liked about yakitori, the first answer was “it’s easy to eat (71.5%),” and the second place was “I like the chicken itself (55.5%).” It’s great that you don’t need chopsticks or plates, and you can eat it not only at home or at the store, but also outside. One of the unique charms of yakitori is that there are many different parts, and you can enjoy the different characteristics of each part. Summary of survey results
We conducted a questionnaire survey on “Yakitori” to 200 men and women. When asked how often they eat yakitori, the most common answer was “about once every 2 to 3 months.” I probably eat it a few times a year.
When asked about their favorite part and type of yakitori, “Negima” was ranked number one. The good balance of alternating meat and green onions seems to be the reason for its popularity.
In the past year, the most popular place to eat (purchase) yakitori was at a supermarket. They sell it as a side dish, and they also sell frozen yakitori, so it’s convenient because you can eat it right away when you want it.
When asked what they liked about yakitori, the majority said “I can eat it easily.” It’s easy to make your own as all you have to do is cut the meat and grill it. I also like that the price per bottle is reasonable.
Which part of yakitori do you like?
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In addition to this, we also develop business management tools, operate owned media, and conduct site analysis surveys.
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