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Dekiru Kids Festa held A super hands-on event where children are the main actors

[Dekiru Kids Festa held] A super hands-on event where children are the main actors

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Press release: June 24, 2024
[Dekiru Kids Festa held] A super hands-on event where children are the main actors
*DEKIRU Co., Ltd., which operates a camp school [Dekiru Camp Academy] that has successfully attracted over 1,000 customers in one year since its establishment.
WORKS is holding an outdoor event with the theme of work experience and manufacturing experience! *
The first Dekiru Kids Festa was held on June 8th and 9th, 2024 at Yasuman Ruins Park in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture!
Unlike previous outdoor events, Dekiru Kids Festa is a super hands-on event with plenty of opportunities to have fun and learn, such as work experience, outdoor experience, and manufacturing experience!

In order to entertain the children who visited, a total of about 40 companies/individuals exhibited and made the event lively♩

▼Digest movie of Dekiru Kids Festa

For the future of our children
Dekiru Kids Festa* [Decrease in playing time outside]* and* [Decrease in self-esteem]*
Our goal is to help children with many problems, such as these, learn about the joy of playing outside and provide them with an opportunity to discover what they like and what they are good at through this experience.
*Anyway, the main character is the child! If the kids are having fun, the parents are happy too! * Based on the theme, we created an event that children can enjoy until they are exhausted all day long♩

A mechanism that makes children want to try
To encourage children to take on the challenge, we have introduced an event currency system that can be earned and used within events. By challenging the experience, you can earn event currency CAN as compensation, and you can use those coins to exchange for sweets, prizes, and other items of your choice.
*One of the charms of Dekiru Kids Festa is the realistic financial and economic education of “shopping with your own earned money”*

Kids staff will liven up the event
Another attraction of the event was that the students from the Deki Camp Academy worked as kids staff on the day of the event to make the event more exciting.
They rotated through a total of four roles, including advertising, entrance gate, reception, and prize exchange, and did their best to ensure that the visitors had fun♩
Adults do their best to entertain children
Approximately 30 companies/organizations exhibited at the event, offering work experience, manufacturing experience, outdoor
experience, etc., and the children in attendance were thoroughly entertained.

A fun program involving the entire venue
The fun of the event is not just the experience at the booth, but there are so many fun plans that you won’t even have time to catch your breath, such as a rock-paper-scissors competition involving the entire venue and other fun projects. (The average stay time for children is over 3 hours! Thank you to all the parents for your hard work, lol)
Experience → Fun plan → Experience → Fun plan and the children are very busy ♩ About the upcoming Dekiru Kids Festa
This was the first Dekiru Kids Festa to be held, but thanks to the cooperation of many people, we were able to have fun for the children who attended♩

We are already preparing for the next event, so please look forward to the release of information.
Event information is available on the official Instagram

It will be announced on , so if you haven’t followed us yet, check it out!

We are looking forward to exhibit entries from companies/organizations that want to “let people know about the appeal of their products” or “want to convey to children the joy of work.”

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