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Home » First award Simtops Co., Ltd. receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”

First award Simtops Co., Ltd. receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”

[First award] Simtops Co., Ltd. receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024”
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Press release: June 24, 2024
[First award] Simtops Co., Ltd. receives “Customer Voice Leaders 2024” *Received an award in the “Product Improvement Utilization Category” for connecting customer feedback to product improvements. *
Simtops Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Mizuno), which develops the on-site report digitization solution “i-Reporter”, is an IT product for B2B.
/ “Customer Voice” of SaaS review platform “ITreview”
We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the “Leaders” award.

▼What are Customer Voice Leaders?
IT products for B2B /
The SaaS review platform “ITreview” awards companies that use ITreview, listen to customer feedback, conduct business with the customer at the center, and are successful for both themselves and their customers.
For more information, please visit the “Customer Voice Leaders” special website.

▼Reason for Simtops Co., Ltd.’s award
We collect reviews with a purpose such as a “feature request campaign”, analyze the content, prioritize, improve products, add functions, etc., and use ITreview to improve customer satisfaction. We received this award because of our concrete efforts to address these issues.
▼Click here for the review of “i-Reporter”

We have won Best Software at ITreview for three consecutive years. Best for 3 consecutive years among approximately 10,000 products in ITreview
Only 14 companies won Software.

This award is the result of the warm evaluation and patronage we receive from everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Simtops will continue to promote business reform through i-Reporter to many customers and support corporate activities and development. Thank you, continue.

■“i-Reporter” for digitizing on-site reports
i-Reporter is a paperless on-site document solution with the top market share (*1) in Japan.
Familiar paper forms on-site can be digitized as is, making it easy for anyone to use.
Electronic forms can be easily created and modified without any code, so even those without programming knowledge can use them.

1. It solves the troubles of writing errors, omissions,
double-checking, transcription, and system input that are unique to paper.
2. Go paperless by importing paper and Excel forms into your tablet in their original layout.
3. Field input data is digitized in real time, preventing double data entry and speeding up information utilization and sharing. Four.
By linking data with external devices, IoT, PLC, and existing systems, it is possible to input data efficiently without mistakes, and to obtain highly traceable evidence.
5. Realizes hands-free voice input, allowing you to work and input at the same time
6. Link input data with AI, analyze, and turn analysis results into evidence 7. Both on-premises and cloud versions available
▼i-Reporter site

Simtops Co., Ltd.
Company name: Simtops Co., Ltd.
Head office address: 10th floor, Shinmeguro Tokyu Building, 2-25-2 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
Representative name: Representative Director and President Takashi Mizuno Date of establishment: October 1, 1991
Capital: 16.5 million yen
Sales: 1.68 billion yen (sales in 2022)
Number of employees: Total 69 people (as of the end of July 2023)

-Business details-
■Development/sales of production scheduler and production management system DIRECTOR for individual made-to-order production
■Development/sales of no-code on-site paperless solution i-Reporter ■Development/sales of various i-Repo family products and services ■Development/sales of BOP process editor MPPCreator
Simtops was established in 1991 as a pioneering company specializing in domestic production schedulers.
While feeding back the know-how gained through the construction and operation of production scheduling and process control systems for many customers to products, we have created a production scheduler, process control system, IoT data collection solution, and digitization system for “on-site ledgers” that can be used at manufacturing sites. We develop packaged products such as, and support our customers’ on-site DX.

▼Company site
▼Irepo-chan (corporate official character) X (former Twitter) account
▼Shimtops Co., Ltd. official Facebook account

Fuji Chimera Research Institute Published on August 8, 2023
2023 Current status and future prospects of sustainability/ESG support-related markets realized by SX/GX
II-A-10 Paperless on-site ledger solution Market share: 48.4% *About this release details*

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