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Home » Hanshin Umeda Main Store A popular event will be held where unique “specialty coffee” will be gathered. This is our first store in Kansai!

Hanshin Umeda Main Store A popular event will be held where unique “specialty coffee” will be gathered. This is our first store in Kansai!

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] A popular event will be held where unique “specialty coffee” will be gathered. This is our first store in Kansai!
It’s a 6-day period where you can experience the evolution and history of coffee, including a cup from Thailand’s top roaster, which is attracting the world’s attention.
■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1st floor food festival terrace “GOOD COFFEE FEST@HANSHIN 2024 SUMMER”
■7/3 (Wed) → 8 (Mon)
■Official URL: ■Food Festival Terrace official Instagram:
The coffee festival, which can now be called the specialty event of the Hanshin Umeda Main Store Food Festival Terrace, is about to begin. This time as well, 10 specialty coffee shops will gather together to liven up the venue.
[Image 1:×657.jpg ]
Refining and fermentation are important processes that determine not only the production area and variety, but also the taste of green beans.
In today’s coffee scene, a variety of methods have been created out of the simple desire to “drink delicious coffee,” and these are distributed at fairs and markets. There are also pros and cons. We believe that “fermentation,” a technology packed with human wisdom, such as creating alcoholic beverages from grapes and rice, has the power to reborn coffee, whether it is natural or not.
Strawberry, wine, whiskey, mango, etc…Even though it was actually coffee, I somehow felt these flavors in this strange cup. Shops that sell such unique coffees gathered from all over the country. Leaving aside complicated topics such as “infused coffee” and “anaerobic”, delicious coffee that has been reborn will appear at the venue. \These two are the driving forces behind this “GOOD COFFEE FEST”! /
[Image 2:×418.jpg] Profile -From left- Kazuma Shoji Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2009, he launched “TMC inc.”, which provides consulting on website/video production and general web marketing. Since 2016, he has been fully involved in the management of “Good Coffee”, and in addition to interviewing and photographing listed stores, he also participates in the management of “TOKYO COFFEE FESTIVAL” held in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Takahiro Takeuchi Born in Osaka Prefecture. In 2012, I personally started “Good Coffee” as a specialty coffee shop introduction site. Based in Tokyo, he has been following the third wave coffee scene since the beginning of the movement, and since 2015 has been involved in the management of “TOKYO COFFEE FESTIVAL” and “THE LOCAL COFFEE” with Yuji Otsuki, the super presenter of the first “GOOD COFFEE FEST@HANSHIN”. In charge of interior direction for “STAND”. My responsibilities for “Good Coffee” include editing and photography. 9 roasters where you can experience a reborn coffee
This time, we will focus on purification and “fermentation”, which are important processes in determining the taste of green beans. First, we will introduce nine unique roasters that convey the appeal of fermentation and the different refining methods that reborn the taste of coffee beans. Please be sure to check out this valuable event where you can enjoy comparing drinks and find your favorite flavor. 〇Aichi/Nagoya “TRUNK COFFEE”
[Image 3: &s3=14431-1916-c1b935eb6d848735D520C520C 07a830-915X390.jpg] With the theme of “From Nagoya to the world!”, TRUNK COFFEE delivers new possibilities and value through specialty coffee. We offer our proud coffee, which is made in our own roastery, from roasting of coffee beans to extraction, at 3 stores in Nagoya and 2 stores in Shenzhen, China. As coffee refining methods are evolving day by day around the world, we are working with farms to create green beans through a new fermentation process, delivering a new experience to many coffee fans.
★The highlight of the booth and recommended product is “Pink Champagne Washed / Colombia” by “El Mirador Farm”. This is an infused coffee with pink flavors such as raspberry and rose tea.
-Owner Profile- Yasuo Suzuki (Yasuo Suzuki) He is the first Japanese barista in Denmark. We have 3 stores in Japan, mainly in Nagoya, and 2 stores in China. ORIGAMI Dripper, which we are producing, became the best in the world at the Brewers Cup in 2019! Currently he travels both domestically and internationally, leading the world coffee market.

〇Luang Prabang, Laos “LuLaLao Coffee”
[Image 4:×432.jpg] A coffee shop that delivers new experiences through “knowing, learning, and drinking Lao coffee.”We operate four farms and five cafes/roasters in Laos, and handle everything from growing coffee beans to refining and extraction with our own hands. We plan to expand outside of Laos in the future.
★Booth highlights and featured products Specialty coffee from Laos made using a total of 6 different refining methods. You’ll definitely find a refining method you didn’t know about!
-Owner Profile- Masahito Motokawa Born in Osaka. He became involved in Laos as a university researcher and started operating a coffee farm in southern Laos in 2017. The first cafe opened in Luang Prabang, Laos in 2022, and has now expanded to 5 stores. In the future, they plan to expand outside Laos.

〇Iwate/Morioka “Nagasawa COFFEE”
[Image 5:×406.jpg] A coffee shop in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture that has been in business for 13 years. Inside the store is a roasting machine made in Germany from the 1960s, and the roasting and packaging factory and spacious cafe space are spread out in one space.
★Highlights of the booth and featured products The recommended coffee is “Keep Smile Blend.” You can choose from a wide range of menus to suit your mood, from drip and espresso to light and dark roasts. -Owner Profile- Kazuhiro Nagasawa Fascinated by the delicious taste of coffee drunk in the mountains in winter, he began learning coffee on his own and decided to open his own business. After about five years of preparation until he was satisfied with the taste he created, he finally opened “Nagasawa COFFEE” in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture in 2012.

〇Tokyo/Yoyogi Uehara “Acid Coffee Tokyo”
[Image 6:×403.jpg] We offer specialty coffee with a “super fruity” flavor reminiscent of flowers and fruits. If you don’t like the bitterness or acidity of coffee, this is a must-try cup.
★We recommend comparing the highlights of the booth and the popular Panama drinks. Please feel the stylish and pop craftsmanship! -Owner Profile-Kenta Tsukada Born in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. During high school, he worked as an actor. While attending university, he worked as a barista at Paul Bassett, a gateway to success in the coffee industry, and entered the world of coffee. After that, after working as a barista at “GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS” and as a
backpacker, he opened “Acid Coffee Tokyo” in 2020. With the passion of “creating a wonderful coffee culture in Shibuya from now on,” we are focusing our efforts on providing super fruity specialty coffee.

〇Tokyo Yoyogi Park “COFFEE SUPREME”
[Image 7:×461.jpg] A historic specialty coffee roaster that was founded in 1993 in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. The company has been selected as one of the top 10 coffee roasters in the world, and is currently expanding to New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. We value the “connections with people” that coffee brings, and are transmitting a unique hospitality culture. ★The highlight of the booth and recommended product is “SUPREME BLEND”. “GOOD COFFEE FEST” limited special drip bags, limited drinks, popular goods and new products will also be unveiled, so please look forward to it!
-Owner Profile- Hiroki Matsumoto After gaining experience in sales promotion and business planning at “TOWER RECORDS,” he was in charge of numerous marketing promotions at “TSUTAYA ONLINE” and “KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT.” After moving to New Zealand, he invited “COFFEE SUPREME” to Japan. Currently experimenting with a dual life in Tokyo and New Zealand.

〇Nagano/Matsumoto “High-Five COFFEE STAND”
[Image 8:×470.jpg] A home-roasted coffee stand from Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. In addition to our hand-drip specialty coffee and espresso menu, we also sell beans to take home, and we are focusing on creating a store where you can enjoy delicious coffee every day.
★Booth highlights and featured products We have many unusual products that you don’t usually come across, such as Colombia’s anaerobic fermentation (anaerobic fermentation) and Geisha!
-Owner Profile-Tetsuhito TakagiOpened the first “High-Five COFFEE STAND” store in Fukashi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture in 2016, and currently operates 4 stores in the prefecture. In 2022, he established “COFFEE POND” Co., Ltd., which handles coffee roasting and drip bag manufacturing. As a coffee master, he continues to pursue further evolution.

〇Shizuoka/Shizuoka City “ETHICUS”
[Image 9:×450.jpg] The name comes from the word “ETHICUS,” which means “a place of beginning, a place of habituality,” and also represents the customs, customs, and shared consciousness derived from that place. Our roasters visit the place of origin and roast the carefully selected green beans in-house. From our combined laboratory and gallery space, we will continue to propose not only coffee itself, but also a rich lifestyle for enjoying coffee.
★The highlight of the booth and recommended products are “Black Diamond 2023”. We act in a way that allows the entire team to embody the concept of “ETHICUS.” There are various elements such as roasting, quality control, extraction, customer service, and logistics, but by becoming specialists in these and coming together as individuals, we create what is called “ETHICUS”, so you can draw attention to that at the venue. I’m glad.
-Owner Profile- Yoshiya Yamazaki Representative of “ETHICUS”. Worked as chief barista and supervisor at a major Italian bar, worked there for 10 years, then became independent. Amid the attention from overseas, we will open a new store “theleema” in Kusanagi, Shizuoka City in August 2023.

〇Fukuoka/Fukuoka City “FILTER SUPPLY”
[Image 10:×475.jpg] A specialty store that sells hand-drip black coffee and home-roasted beans. We only use beans with clear traceability, and the shop always has 5 to 7 types of beans on display, from light roast to dark roast. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy the scents, tastes, sounds, spaces, and connections between people and places while relaxing with a cup of coffee in your hand.
★We are particular about the highlights of the booth and the ingredients of the featured products, placing emphasis on taste first. From a carefully selected selection of specialty coffees, we roast only those that we consider to be “really delicious” in-house, so you can feel our commitment to them.
-Owner Profile-Shuji Shibata Born in 1989 in Ube City, Prefecture. While attending university, he traveled as a backpacker to Canada, America, and Peru, and after graduating and experienced various jobs, he joined “Starbucks Coffee Japan”. After learning about the fun and depth of coffee, he decided to study it. Opened “Good up Coffee” in Fukuoka City in 2017 and “FILTER SUPPLY” in 2019. He has participated in many coffee-related competitions and achieved excellent results.

〇Fukuoka/Hakata “REC COFFEE”
[Image 11:
&s3=14431-1916-b277ca73e5214137c6f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1f1F1F1F1F2BD c399c57-1122X488.jpg]
A shop specializing in home-roasted specialty coffee that started with a single coffee truck driving through the streets of Fukuoka and Hakata. With our desire to “deliver a moving coffee experience to everyone,” we currently have six stores in Fukuoka, two in Tokyo, and two in Taiwan.
★Booth highlights and featured products “REC COFFEE” is a professional group of baristas who have won awards in various competitions, including representative Iwase, who is a barista champion! In order for as many people as possible to enjoy specialty coffee, we have built strong relationships with producers and handle a wide range of coffees, from everyday coffee to top-lot coffee.
-Owner Profile- Yoshikazu Iwase Born in Aichi Prefecture. During his university days, he became fascinated with specialty coffee and espresso, which led him to pursue a career in the coffee world. In 2008, he started a mobile coffee shop called REC COFFEE with his university friends, and opened a physical store in 2010. Won two consecutive victories at the Japan Barista Championship (JBC) in 2014 and 2015, and also took second place at the World Barista Championship 2016 (WBC).
Thailand’s top roasters who are attracting attention from the world appear Bangkok, Thailand is home to many sophisticated cafes and a vibrant and creative coffee culture. Among them, “Nana Coffee Roasters”, which has overwhelming support from local coffee lovers, will be landing in Kansai for the first time for this event! The long-awaited cup created by the Thai National Brewers Cup champion is here.
〇Bangkok, Thailand “Nana Coffee Roasters”
[Image 12:×479.jpg ]
“Nana Coffee Roasters” has produced champions in numerous competitions and continues to be at the forefront of Bangkok’s coffee scene. It is attracting attention from all over the world not only for the taste of its coffee, but also for its unique store design and branding. This time, one of the owners and Brewers Cup champion Kazunobu Kusakabe will be serving coffee using 5 carefully selected types of beans! -Owner Profile-Washin Kusakabe Born in Thailand. After working for two years at a Japanese trading company and game company, he returned to Thailand and entered the world of coffee. In addition to “Nana Coffee Roasters,” he also worked hard to launch a sister store, “Harudot by Nana Coffee Roasters.” Thailand National Brewers Cup 2024 Champion. He is also active in Japan, including serving as a guest judge at “ORIGAMI CUP TOKYO 2023”. Currently, they are working on opening a new store, which will be their 11th store together with sister stores, and are also considering opening a store in Japan.
Drinking comparison tickets & workshops/events
The ever-popular drinking comparison ticket and mini mug set is now available in a new design. It will end as soon as it runs out, so be sure to check it out when you enter the venue! There are also a variety of workshops taught by coffee professionals.
-GOOD COFFEE FEST drinking comparison ticket-
[Image 13:×466.jpg] At “GOOD COFFEE FEST”, we are selling tickets to compare coffee drinks that come with the familiar mini mug. While visiting each store with a limited edition cup in hand, enjoy a casual chat about coffee production areas, farms, refining and fermentation. *Tickets are valid during the exhibition period.
Start here! Starter set (4 tickets + mini mug) 2,090 yen *Sales will end as soon as the planned number of sales is reached, even during the exhibition period. Each store will also sell regular-sized single-cup coffee and coffee beans.
When you want to have more fun! Additional tickets will also be sold to customers who purchase the Starter Set. Additional tickets (2 tickets) 770 yen
We also sell mini mugs! We offer mini mugs that are perfect for souvenirs and collections. Single items can also be purchased! Mini mug (single item) 770 yen
-Workshop to expand how to enjoy coffee-
Learning about “fermentation and refining” from coffee farms in Laos – Experience comparing 3 types of drinking – ◎ July 4th (Thursday) 2:00 pm – – Approximately 90 minutes – *Reservation required ◎
Participation fee: 4,000 yen ◎ Capacity: 15 people Sam◎Instructor: “LuLaLao Coffee” representative Masahito Motokawa◎Location: 6th floor community studio “The world of coffee farms is so profound that it can be said that 80% of the flavor is determined by the farm.” This time, we will focus on “fermentation” and learn about the different flavors of coffee depending on the refining method while drinking and comparing them.
[Image 14:× g ]

Light roasts are bitter, and dark roasts are sour! ? Drink it, feel it, and understand it with pictures! Coffee extraction theory for beginners to intermediates ◎ July 5th (Friday) 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Approximately 60 minutes each session – *Reservation required ◎ Participation fee: each session 5,000 yen ◎ Capacity: 8 people each time ◎ Lecturer: Yasunari Sawanoi, owner and roaster of “ABOUT US COFFEE” ◎ Location: 1st floor food festival terrace Experience together the phenomena that occur during coffee extraction through cupping and drip. We will give a lecture on how to adjust the recipe when extracting.
[Image 15: &s3=14431-1916B54C0F732EA6D07345991 3016b20-619×527.jpg]

Special food to enjoy with coffee & NEIGHBORHOOD MAP
This time, the popular food corner has expanded! Three sweets stores will be open all day, including puddings, baked goods, donuts, and other sweets that pair well with coffee. Also check out the
“NEIGHBORHOOD MAP” which covers coffee shops recommended by “Good Coffee” within a 1km walk from Hanshin Umeda Main Store!
〇Shibuya, Tokyo “Cafe Satella”
[Image 16:×528.jpg] The shop’s famous pudding has a rich, gentle flavor by combining cream cheese and condensed milk. Its smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture and moderate sweetness go well with coffee. Pudding (1 piece) 700 yen *Photo is for illustrative purposes only. *Sold as takeout only. 〇Osaka/Umeda “NITO Coffee&Craft Beer”
[Image 17:×531.jpg] With the concept of “beer from noon to coffee until night,” this is a shop where you can enjoy one of the best roasters in Japan and craft beers from around the world. This time, we have about 8 types of baked sweets that you can enjoy pairing with coffee. Chocolate chip cookie (1 piece) 400 yen Carrot cake (1 piece) 550 yen Orange cardamom blondie (1 piece) 500 yen etc. *The photo is for illustrative purposes only. *Sold as takeout only. *Beer will not be sold.
〇Fukuoka/Yakuin “ON SUGAR”
[Image 18:×466.jpg] Malasada donuts are handmade using carefully selected ingredients such as flour from Hokkaido, sugar from Tanegashima, and organic oil. Malasada Donut – Plain – (1 piece) 345 yen Sato-kun Cookie (1 piece) 237 yen Sato-kun Cookie Cocoa (1 piece) 237 yen *Photo is for illustrative purposes only. *Sold as takeout only.

\Check out nearby stores! /NEIGHBORHOOD MAP
[Image 19: &s3=14431-1916-98FC783122558da39 823eb95-613×524.jpg]
“NEIGHBORHOOD MAP” is a collaboration project with a coffee shop in Osaka! You can see the wonderful coffee shops within 1 km from Hanshin Umeda main store on Google Map.
An original sticker will be given to those who present the receipt of their purchase at any of the booths within the venue at a store listed on the map.
Please be sure to report on our carefully selected event, which specializes in coffee, which is rare in department stores.
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