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Home » RICOH Japan Ricoh Japan sponsored event “RICOH Value Presentation 2024 1.0” will be held from 7/1 to 7/19

RICOH Japan Ricoh Japan sponsored event “RICOH Value Presentation 2024 1.0” will be held from 7/1 to 7/19

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Ricoh Japan sponsored event “RICOH Value Presentation 2024 1.0” will be held from 7/1 to 7/19
~ DX & GX ~ AI “The next move to make change your ally” ~
Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd. (President and Executive Officer: Toru Kasai) is holding an event called RICOH Value that provides content such as webinars to help customers solve their problems, based on the concept of “DX & GX ~ AI ‘The next step to make change your ally.'”
Presentation 2024 1.0” will be held online from July 1st (Monday) to July 19th (Friday).
[Image:×300.jpg] It has been several years since the word DX has been widely heard, and its interpretation and practice have varied, and many Japanese companies are still struggling with improving their international competitiveness and productivity. On the other hand, the challenges faced by companies are increasing and becoming more diverse, such as the use of new technologies such as generative AI and global environmental issues that the business world must address, such as green transformation (GX).
While implementing various attempts to realize DX, what is the next step to take advantage of new technologies such as AI and the major changes of GX toward a sustainable society and evolve into a new business? .
Based on the Ricoh Group’s initiatives and the value we have provided to customers across the country, we will share key points about solutions to the current challenges you are facing and how to adapt to future changes.
Date and time: July 1, 2024 (Monday) 9:30 to July 19, 2024 (Friday) 17:30 URL:
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July 3rd (Wednesday) 13:00-14:00
Success patterns of organizations and human resources that accelerate DX promotion: Analysis of success patterns by policy officials Lecturer: Mr. Noriaki Izumi, Director, Architecture Strategy Planning Office, Information Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Webinar overview:
The essence of solving the “2025 cliff” issue pointed out by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is not to revamp IT systems, but to accelerate efforts to strengthen corporate competitiveness and create new value. . However, there are many companies and managers who are not clear about what they should do to promote DX.
Therefore, as a result of an overview and analysis of previous cases from the perspective and experience of an official who has been involved in policies ranging from DX reports to industrial DX, digital lifelines, and the Uranus ecosystem, we have found that there are certain commonalities in successful organizations and human resources. I would like to introduce a hypothesis regarding this point. July 4th (Thursday) 13:00-14:00
Management Thinking: “7” Leadership Practices by All Employees Lecturer: Mr. Takahiko Wakamatsu, President and Representative Director of Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
Webinar overview:
In times of uncertain future, managers and leaders are required to make decisions. The biggest decision among these is investment, but many companies have not yet made the decision to invest in DX. In the first place, what is the essence of DX? It is the solution of social issues. In other words, before digital comes transformation, and one of the means to achieve that is digital.
In this lecture, we will discuss how your company will solve social issues and what you will invest in. I would like to share with you some tips on how to think as a manager from the perspective of a consulting firm.
Wednesday, July 10th 13:00-14:00
Is AI an opportunity or a risk? What is the growth strategy that leads to business success?
Lecturer: Mr. Shuzo Narita, advisor of Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. Webinar overview:
Generative AI is bringing major changes not only to business but also to our lives.
While various risks have been raised, such as the generation of incorrect answers and security, the decision of whether or not to start using AI now is a major turning point, and not using AI is itself a major risk. It’s no exaggeration to say that. In this session, we will introduce how to utilize AI in existing businesses and hints that can be the starting point for new business, while also introducing the latest examples of the use of AI, which has become a necessity. We will explain a new type of leadership that will lead your organization to success with major changes on your side. July 11th (Thursday) 13:00-14:00
Ebara Corporation’s DX initiatives – Promoting global integrated management through DX
Lecturer: Mr. Hiroyuki Kowase, Executive Officer and CIO (Information and Communications), Ebara Corporation
Webinar overview:
In order to develop as a global company, the Ebara Group is promoting company-wide “reform of corporate culture”, “improvement of operational efficiency”, and “transformation of organization and business model” through DX. Furthermore, in order to shift from international management to global management, management, business departments, and IT departments are working together to promote the globalization of information infrastructure, including core systems. This time, we would like to introduce the Ebara Group’s challenges to corporate transformation.
July 12th (Friday) 13:00-14:00
Latest trends in climate change countermeasures in Japan
Lecturer: Mr. Uiaki Yoshino, Director, Global Warming Countermeasures Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment Webinar overview:
In order to achieve net zero in 2050, GX initiatives are underway to simultaneously achieve stable energy supply, decarbonization, and economic growth. The time has come to start discussions on the new NDC and the review of global warming countermeasures plans, and there is an urgent need to strengthen current countermeasures. In this lecture, we will introduce the latest trends in climate change countermeasures in Japan, including international trends such as the COP, policy development by the entire government, and the decarbonization of communities and lifestyles that the Ministry of the Environment is working on.
■AI Webinar *A “viewing application” is required.
July 2nd (Tuesday) 13:00-14:00
Ricoh’s idea of ​​AI utilization in business and future trends Webinar overview:
“Generative AI,” whose expectations have risen sharply with the birth of ChatGPT, is said to bring an “innovative” approach to improving your company’s business efficiency and productivity. Due to this trend, Ricoh Japan receives many inquiries from customers who are under pressure to promote business reforms using AI.
In this session, we will discuss tips on how to utilize generative AI for in-house business reform obtained through technology/market trends and dialogue with customers, as well as future trends in generative AI. We will specifically introduce the content and how Ricoh’s AI can contribute to your business.
Session 1: The latest usage of TV Tokyo BIZ “TV Tokyo Economic News Academy” generation AI! On-site revolution led by the right DX How will the latest AI technology change corporate operations? Ricoh’s AI manager Umezu and AI experts spoke on the TV Tokyo BIZ “TV Tokyo Economic News Academy” program about points that companies promoting DX should know, how to effectively utilize AI, and future trends. Mr. Kiuchi of SHIFT AI will discuss.
Session 2: Change your business with Ricoh’s AI! Decisive factor for innovation A detailed explanation of how Ricoh’s unique AI technology,
intelligent capture technology that deciphers paper and tables, and unique LLM that can safely and efficiently utilize in-house knowledge can contribute to the promotion of corporate DX. To do.
In addition, we have a total of 23 pieces of content available in the categories of “DX”, “GX”, and “AI”.
*The content of the lecture is subject to change.
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Company information
■Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd.
May 2, 1959
Representative Director, President and Executive Officer, CEO Toru Kasai number of employees
18,161 people (as of April 1, 2024)
Number of bases
349 locations (as of April 1, 2024)
Head office location
Shiba Koen First Building, 3-8-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■Business details
We provide a variety of solutions that help customers solve management and business issues in a variety of industries.
1. Sales of imaging equipment, consumables, and ICT-related products such as multifunction devices (MFPs) and printers, and provision of related solutions.
2. Support & Services (maintenance of imaging equipment and
ICT-related products, network construction and maintenance, ICT operation services)
3. System integration and software design/development
Based on the concept of “bringing people-friendly digital technology to workplaces nationwide,” Ricoh Japan provides optimal products and services that contribute to the automation and labor-saving of business workflows in customers’ working environments, solving management issues and corporate value. We will support the improvement of society and contribute to solving social issues through these activities.
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About Ricoh Group
The Ricoh Group supports customers’ DX and provides digital services, printing and image solutions, etc. that lead to business success in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world (Group consolidated sales of 2 trillion yen in the fiscal year ending March 2024). 348.9 billion yen).
Bringing Joy to “Working” For more than 85 years since our founding, we have been supporting our customers in their “working” lives.As a leading company, we will continue to imagine the future of “working” and, through workplace transformation, we will continue to provide solutions that are unique to people. We will support the exercise of creativity and further contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
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