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Home » Koga Unique and Sinfonia begin collaboration on “VR training” for small mobile cranes

Koga Unique and Sinfonia begin collaboration on “VR training” for small mobile cranes

Koga Unique and Sinfonia begin collaboration on “VR training” for small mobile cranes

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Press release: June 24, 2024
Koga Unique and Sinfonia begin collaboration on “VR training” for small mobile cranes
*Jointly developed VR that is close to reality and operated with real Unic radio control*
*Sinfonia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuchu City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Seto), which develops XR content
Yutaka) is a subsidiary of Furukawa Unic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yamakawa), which boasts the largest share in Japan of the small mobile crane market.
Kenji) announced that they will begin collaboration in the field of “VR training” for crane operation. *
In addition, as the first collaborative product, the two companies worked together to develop VR training that is as close to real-life operation as possible using Furukawa Uniq’s actual LCD
radio-controlled JOY, which was completed in June of this year. Ta. *

Through this collaboration, by combining Furukawa Uniq’s knowledge as a top manufacturer with our experience-enhancing VR development technology, we will be able to provide high-quality VR simulation training to crane users, reduce accident rates, and increase productivity. We will continue to contribute to the improvement of sexuality.
“Small mobile crane VR training” using “LCD radio-controlled JOY” Background of the collaboration
Our company’s vision is to be an “infrastructure company that incubates technology into products and services,” and we have been developing XR content development businesses that accelerate DX in various industries.

As part of this project, Koga Uniq proposed an effective VR content development plan using the company’s knowledge and product data regarding the company’s product “Small Mobile Crane VR Training System,” which was announced as a joint project. We are now ready to start development.

In the future, by continuing to provide VR training content through joint development that leverages the knowledge and technology of both companies, we aim to foster a culture of daily education throughout the crane industry.
Synergy in this collaboration
Through this collaboration, we plan to create new value in the following fields.

* 1. “Social implementation of VR” through high-quality VR training * Through joint development with Furukawa Uniq, we have developed VR training with the highest level of reality based on the shape, structure, specifications, and operation methods of real crane products. Through this, we will make VR-based pilot training known and permeated in society as a common method.

* 2. Easy and realistic piloting simulation experience *
Even if a crane is small, it is not easy to display it at an exhibition hall. Even if it were possible to exhibit it, it would be even more difficult to let people experience operating it. Through this joint development, it will be possible to easily provide a realistic crane operating experience in VR.
In addition, by allowing young people to experience crane operation in VR at recruitment briefings, etc., it is expected to have the effect of stimulating interest in cranes and improving their image.

* 3. Expansion and dissemination of “Small Mobile Crane VR Training System” * We will build a collaborative structure to provide the “Small Mobile Crane VR Training System” to companies in the logistics and
construction industries, which are Furukawa Uniq’s main customers. In the future, we aim for this jointly developed VR training system to become established in the industry as a representative tool for pilot training.
Features of the jointly developed VR training system
This VR training is a system that allows you to train in VR using the actual “LCD radio-controlled JOY” and its 3D model provided by Koga Unic, as well as a 3D model of a small mobile crane made by Koga Unic. . You can get a realistic experience and learn how to operate the actual “LCD radio control JOY”.
The goal of this new VR training is to revolutionize industry education and training for cranes and contribute to improving workplace safety.
“Furukawa Uniq Edition Small Mobile Crane VR Training” Inside VR During development, we created equipment to use the “LCD radio control JOY” to operate in VR in the same way as the real machine, and conducted repeated tests to check whether the operation feeling was different from the real machine.
We requested the cooperation of everyone at Koga Unic in various ways, such as holding a hands-on experience session at the Sakura factory. Actual machine operation experience session at Sakura factory The small mobile crane that operates in VR also uses 3D data created based on actual CAD data. Based on radio-controlled JOY stick operation, it works just like the real product. The rated load inside the VR is also implemented in the program so that it changes depending on the boom position and expansion/contraction status, just like in reality.
In addition, when the rated load is exceeded or overwinding occurs, a warning is faithfully reproduced using the display on the LCD panel of the VR radio control and the warning voice of a real crane.
3D data of Koga Unic’s “New G-FORCE” operated in VR
* ・Learn how to operate from scratch*
In order to enable even those who have never operated “LCD
radio-controlled JOY” to learn how to operate it from scratch, we have implemented content to confirm the operation based on radio-controlled operation and learn how to operate it safely.
The features of “LCD radio-controlled JOY” such as “hook parallel movement” and “ground parallel movement” can be executed in VR just like the real machine.
“Free practice” and “practice problems” are available for operation practice using VR.
* ・Two practice modes available*
After learning the operating instructions for “LCD radio-controlled JOY” in VR, we have prepared “practice problems” and “free practice” as practice modes.
“Practice” is a mode where you can train how quickly you can move to a specified location.
“Free practice” is a mode where you can practice operations as much as you like in VR. This mode is recommended for those who want to take the time to practice operating the game.

Company Profile
■About Symphonia Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3F, 15th Mitsugi Building, 2-15-13 Miyamachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yutaka Seto
Established: May 2014
“Small mobile crane VR training system” official website: “Radio-controlled crane VR training system” pamphlet: App-linked electric shock device “UNAGI” official website:
Company homepage:

■About Furukawa Kikai Metals Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Stock Code 5715)
Head office location: 2-6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Tokiwabashi Tower) Representative Director and President: Minoru Nakadogawa
Established: April 1918
Company website:

■About Furukawa Unic Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of Furukawa Kikai Metal Co., Ltd.)
Head office location: 2-6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Tokiwabashi Tower) Representative Director and President: Kenji Yamakawa
Established: April 1946
Company homepage:
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