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Construction begins on the new Kobe waterfront area “TOTTEI PARK”

Construction begins on the new Kobe waterfront area “TOTTEI PARK”
*View in browser* *One Bright KOBE Co., Ltd.*
Press release: June 24, 2024
Construction begins on the new Kobe waterfront area “TOTTEI PARK” *~One Bright KOBE has been certified as Japan’s first “port
environment improvement plan” and aims to create a new attraction for Kobe with a symbolic park that greens the port~*
One Bright KOBE Co., Ltd., which operates the “Kobe Arena Project” (Address: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Shibuya) GLION ARENA, Japan’s first waterfront arena surrounded by 270 degrees of ocean, is scheduled to open in April 2025 on the Kobe Waterfront. Centered on KOBE (G-Lion Arena Kobe), we aim to create a new appeal of Kobe and revitalize the region through integrated management with the surrounding area.

In April 2024, the nickname of the second jetty area of ​​Shinko Port, where the arena will be located, has been decided as “TOTTEI”*1, and the next-generation arena with a capacity of up to 10,000 people will be the core facility, as well as a restaurant and commercial area. , “TOTTEI” where you can enjoy the sea and mountains of Kobe with all five senses.
We announced that we aim to create a cutting-edge entertainment area in Kobe through integrated operation with “Tottei Park”. In preparation for the opening of the arena in April 2025, which is the same time as the opening of the arena, “TOTTEI
We would like to inform you that we have started construction of the building “Midori-no-Oka” in “Park”.
TOTTEI PARK viewed from the sea
The location is about a 20-minute walk from the main terminal, Sannomiya Station, with good access from Kobe Airport and the Shinkansen station, and the Kobe Waterfront area is close to Meriken Park and Harborland, Kobe’s representative tourist spots. is. Having been certified as Japan’s first “Port Environment Improvement Plan,” the public and private sectors will work together to develop a symbolic park that greens the port. (*2) The iconic park-integrated building was designed by Tomohiro Hata, a talented young Kobe-based architect who has worked on many attractive designs.
At the tip of TOTTEI, we are planning to build a “green hill”-shaped building over 10 meters high, with the entire green space of the area being likened to a single picnic sheet and a portion of it being “picked up.” If you climb the roof of the building, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and Mt. Rokko that is unique to the Kobe Waterfront.It can also be used as audience seating during events, and the building under the roof is planned to have a dining space with a selection of Kobe delicacies. , we offer a “Shin TOTTEI experience” that can only be found here.
TOTTEI PARK Green hill concept image
TOTTEI PARK green hill image
TOTTEI PARK image from the sea
PARK” is based on the four design concepts of “Open,” “View,” “Green,” and “Symbolic,” and is located in a location surrounded by the sea 270 degrees, located in Kobe. In addition to being a spot where you can experience the port and the mountain range of Mt. Rokko with all five senses, we aim to be a cutting-edge entertainment area in Kobe where “there’s something to do when you come here” 365 days a year. TOTTEI PARK image
TOTTEI PARK image seen from the green hill
Inside the green hill-shaped building, we plan to provide a
multipurpose space where you can enjoy all-weather greenery and trees, and provide a new community platform space. We also plan to offer unique dining experiences such as a BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze and a brewery that will brew original craft beer. Please expect by all means.
(Only TOTTEI PARK will open in advance in April 2025, and restaurant facilities will open in sequence)
Internal image of green hill
Image of the promenade leading from the arena to the park
*Representative comment*
* Architect: One Bright KOBE Co., Ltd. Venue Management Division Manager Itsuki Shibuya *
Last year, this TOTTEI
The PARK project has started in earnest, and we have been having discussions with Tomohiro Hata Architects, an office well-versed in Kobe, 365 days a year to create a lively and relaxing place, and we are very happy to have reached this day without incident. I feel very happy. We are also pleased that Shibata Construction, which has a base in Awaji, Kobe, will be working hard on the construction side, and that all three companies will be working together to create a symbolic green hill. One
Bright KOBE’s raison d’être is “to raise the heart rate of this world.” We are building TOTTEI PARK and GLION ARENA, which are currently under construction.
We will operate KOBE as an integrated organization and plan and hold various events. We are working hard every day to create a cutting-edge entertainment area in Kobe, so please look forward to it.

* Design: Tomohiro Hata, Representative of Tomohiro Hata Architectural Design Office *
In planning “TOTTEI PARK”, which will become a symbolic place in the port city of Kobe, we spent a long time developing One Bright I am truly happy and humbled to know that the construction of the Green Hill, which we have envisioned together with everyone at KOBE, has finally begun construction. With the help of everyone at Shibata Construction, a new building that conveys the charm of Kobe will be built on an open green hill, like an outdoor theater where you can fully enjoy Kobe’s majestic sea and the Rokko Mountain Range. We hope that it will become a hub for the port. We will continue to work together with the owner and construction company to create a place that will be loved and nurtured by residents and visitors alike.

*Constructor: Daisuke Shibata, Representative Director of Shibata Construction Co., Ltd.*
As the builder of TOTTEI PARK’s Midori no Oka, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to play a part in such a wonderful project and operation. One
I am excited about this project, as I hope to build a solid
relationship of trust with KOBE and Tomohiro Hata Architects, and with their guidance, we will be able to provide products of even higher quality. However, as a construction company, we will work hard to raise our heart rate, so we appreciate your continued support.

Reference materials
(*1) About “TOTTEI”
The “Kobe Arena Project” is a 30-year milestone since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and the “GLION ARENA” is scheduled to open at the opening of the Kansai Expo.
We are promoting a new regional revitalization project based on “KOBE (G-Lion Arena Kobe)”, and as part of this project, we have decided to name the second jetty area of ​​Shinko Port, where the arena is located, “TOTTEI”. .

With the theme of “Regeneration,” “TOTTEI” inherited the name of Kobe Port as a “jetway” that supported the development of Kobe for more than 100 years, and as an international trade port, cultural exchanges were actively carried out. The idea is to inherit and realize history in a new form of “entertainment.” It is a name that weaves the “tradition and innovation” of Kobe Port’s history and future development.
In the area logo, the word “TOTTEI” moves freely within a “T” that resembles the initial letter and the shape of the region, expressing the image of a variety of events and initiatives being actively carried out. “TOTTEI” will feature the next-generation arena “GLION” with a capacity of up to 10,000 people.
With “KOBE” as the core facility, the “FOOD & SHOP” area (tentative name) overlooking the Kobe waterfront area (toward the first jetty of the new port), and the tip of the “TOTTEI” area, where you can enjoy the sea and mountain range unique to Kobe with all five senses.
PARK” is scheduled to be born.
(*2) About the “Port Environment Improvement Plan” system (Minato Ryokuchi PPP) Newly established in December 2022 with the revision of the Port Law. This is a system that allows long-term lending of government property on the condition that private businesses develop profit-making facilities in port green spaces and return the proceeds to the maintenance and management of green spaces, improving the convenience of green spaces and creating hustle and bustle. You can expect it. On February 8, 2024, we received certification from Kobe City as the first case in the country.
Kobe City: [Kobe Waterfront Redevelopment Project] First certified in the nation! Regarding the utilization of the port environment improvement plan

*Outline of port environment improvement plan*
Certified area Shinko Jetty West District Shinko Jetty 2 Green Area Facility location: 130-1 Shinminato-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, 130-1 National land Structure: 1 building, 2 stories, steel frame construction
Building area approximately 900 square meters (planned)
Planned park area: Approximately 6,000 square meters (planned) Building owner One Bright KOBE Co., Ltd.
Design: Tomohiro Hata Architectural Design Office
Builder: Shibata Construction Co., Ltd.
Opening month (planned) April 2025

One Bright KOBE Co., Ltd.
“Raise the heart rate of this world.”
The operating company of the Kobe Arena Project, which aims to open Japan’s first waterfront arena surrounded by 270 degrees of ocean in the spring of 2025. Smartest, which revitalizes regions and solves social issues based on arenas
We aim to create an Arena.
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