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Home » Mayumi Tanaka, Ryoichi Yamaguchi, and others will be performing the second Omori Company 15th anniversary perfor mance “Karachi 20”

Mayumi Tanaka, Ryoichi Yamaguchi, and others will be performing the second Omori Company 15th anniversary perfor mance “Karachi 20”

Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd.
Mayumi Tanaka, Ryoichi , and others will be performing the second Omori Company 15th anniversary performance “Karachi 20” ……
Sponsored by Omori Company (Representative: Hiroshi Omori), “Wareland 20” will be held at The Suzunari (1-45-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) from August 20, 2024 (Tuesday) to September 1, 2024 (Sunday). will be performed.
Tickets are on sale now at Confetti (operated by Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kuramatsu).
Tickets on sale now at Confetti
Omori Company Official Homepage
Omori Company Official X
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Smile with your face and smile even more with your heart.
Omori Company is particular about laughter and comedy.
Aiming for further evolution, deepening, and innovation.
Wonderful actors gather again this time!
Grinning, giggling, gagging, dokkan
Come here and you’ll laugh
Passionate thoughts, deep laughter, overflowing thoughts, overflowing applause We look forward to seeing you at the theater!
[What is vacant land]
A skit is a short comedy.
Comedy is funny because it’s done in a serious manner.
Creating laughter with the power of actors on a simple stage. That is “vacant land” – an empty stage = vacant land.
The word “comte” brings to mind the comedians’ skits that are currently performed on TV, so Omori Company deliberately calls it a theatrical skit.
Don’t think about “making people laugh.” I do what is written in the script seriously without doing anything unnecessary.
Rather than always shooting himself, he improves the quality of his work by making good passes.
That is “vacant land”.
What is Omori Company?
A private company founded in 2009 by Hiroshi Omori (joined the company in 1988), an actor belonging to the Tokyo Vaudeville Show theater company, in order to go beyond the boundaries of the theater company and create the comedy he aspires to.
He resigned from the agency in 2006 and has since focused his activities on the stage.
Active in small theaters mainly in Shimokitazawa, the mecca of theater. (The “Karachi Series” mentioned below is a production unit [Omori and Nabayashi] with the comedy artist Hiroshi Hayashi until “Karachi 10”)
As for company performances, we produce two to three performances a year, with the two mainstays being the “Adult Comedy Comedy by Actors” series, the “Karachi” series, and the Year-End Human Comedy Series.
Omori himself produces, writes, and sometimes adapts and directs (for the “Karachi” series, the late skit writer Hiroshi Hayashi was in charge of the script), and he also appears in the play.
This is an extremely rare number of performances for an individual company. They have produced 30 performances in 10 years, and in recent years they have often been featured on Yahoo News, etc., and many actors, both famous and unknown, request to perform, and the audience occupancy rate is always over 95%.
Despite not imposing ticket quotas for cast members, which are typical of small theaters, and sticking to a full fee system, there has been no decline in revenue or profits.
Each performance has broken the theater’s records for the number of customers per stage and the number of customers attracted during the performance.
Many of the past performers are actors who mainly work in small theaters, but they include talented actors such as LaSalle Ishii, Ryoichi , Mayumi Tanaka, Mayumi Oka, Miho Ninagawa, Ryo Amamiya, Takuya Kon, and Section Chief Imoaraizaka. A wide variety of actors and talents are appearing, including Kuniyuki Fukazawa, Butchaa, Fumihiro Horiguchi, Kei Yasuda, Erika Miyoshi, Nao Oikawa, Minami Sengoku, Tomo Yoshikawa, and Yumi Sugimoto.
Performance summary
“Vacant land 20”
Performance period: 2024/8/20 (Tuesday) to 2024/9/1 (Sunday) Venue: The Suzunari (1-45-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Mayumi Tanaka
Ryo Amamiya
Hiroshi Omori
Satoshi Sakuma
Michiko Iwahashi
Eito Hayami
Atsuomi Kuroda
Asaka Kanda
Lighting/Kazuo Miyano
Sound/Fumina Yoshida (SE System)
Stage director/HiRoE
Advertising art/Tetsuro Ueda Sosei Masuda Chiari Masuda
Distribution team/SE System & Masayuki Hasumi
Production cooperation: Nanako Iizuka
Cooperation: Aoni Production, Horipro Booking Agency, TM
Entertainment, Knockout Co., Ltd., Grick Co., Ltd., Tokyo Vaudeville Show Theater Company
Planning and production: Omori Company LLC
■Performance schedule
Tuesday, August 20th 19:00
Wednesday, August 21st 14:00
Thursday, August 22nd 19:30
Friday, August 23rd 19:00
Saturday, August 24th 14:00 / 18:30
Sunday, August 25th 14:00
Monday, August 26th 14:00
Tuesday, August 27th 14:00
Wednesday, August 28th 14:00 / 19:00
Thursday, August 29th 19:30
Friday, August 30th 19:00
Saturday, August 31st 14:00 / 18:30
Sunday, September 1st 14:00
*Doors open 30 minutes before the performance. It may take some time to enter. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare. Additionally, if you are unable to arrive at the performance time, we may not be able to guide you to your designated seat. Thank you for your
■Ticket price
All seats reserved: 5,500 yen (tax included)
【Tickets for today】
All seats reserved: 5,800 yen (tax included)
*Please contact Omori Company regarding viewing the theater for preschool children and those in wheelchairs.
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