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Home » Over 5000 support results! Nippan IPS has supported more than 5,000 paper publications through its “Publish ing Distribution Agency Service,” which solves the problems of small publishers.

Over 5000 support results! Nippan IPS has supported more than 5,000 paper publications through its “Publish ing Distribution Agency Service,” which solves the problems of small publishers.

Nippan IPS Co., Ltd.
Nippan IPS has supported more than 5,000 paper publications through its “Publishing Distribution Agency Service,” which solves the problems of small publishers.
~We have supported a wide range of companies, from large companies to mega-ventures, as well as publishing companies such as the Michelin Guide~
Nippan IPS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroshi Sato, is a “seller” of books, magazines, etc. We are pleased to announce that the number of paper publications supported by our “Publishing Distribution Agency Service,” which supports the nationwide distribution of all published content such as paper publications, e-books, and POD, has exceeded 5,000.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Small publishers in particular have a variety of concerns, such as “I want my book to be carried in more bookstores,” “Management work is too specialized to understand,” and “I don’t know how to promote.” In order to solve these problems, we started the “Publishing Distribution Agency Service” in 1996. The number of companies we do business with is over 180, ranging from not only publishing-related companies but also large corporations to mega-ventures.In fiscal 2023, we supported the distribution of approximately 150 new books, including the number one best-selling book on Amazon.
In the future, in order to distribute various paper publications nationwide, we will continue to act as a “distributor” by standing between publishers and book wholesalers, and by approaching
bookstores, convenience stores, and e-commerce stores that sell them. We will support the nationwide distribution of all kinds of published content, including books and magazines, paper publications, e-books, and POD.
Five features of “Publishing distribution agency service”
1.Nippan IPS supports a wide range of publications as a publisher By acting as a point of contact with distributors and bookstores, we help sell paper publications at bookstores, convenience stores, e-commerce, etc. Since we are a group company of Nippon Publishing Sales, one of the two major distributors in Japan, we have perfect distribution functions. We can also handle the distribution of a wide range of publications, including e-books, whose market is rapidly expanding, as well as POD.
2. Back office work can be completely left to you
Our experienced staff handles deliveries, returns, and invoices, payment processing, warehouse work (warehousing and shipping, product management, etc.), and inquiries from bookstores and customers (call center).
3.Identification and approach of optimal areas/individual stores By acquiring POS data from bookstores and analyzing sales, we can identify the areas and individual stores that the publisher is targeting with a large number of readers, and approach various areas to get the book into the hands of more customers.
4. Organize promotional events and fairs together at bookstores We consider and propose the optimal sales promotion measures for the publisher’s products, and work with them as a sales partner to expand and strengthen sales activities.
5. Feedback that will be useful for the next publication
As a publishing distribution and sales professional, we will support you in rebuilding and optimizing the sales strategy for your next publication based on the results of your performance analysis and “voices” from various quarters.
[Image 2:×463.jpg] Publisher: freee Inc.
Book name: Entrepreneurial era
Release date: 2024/01/18
Background: freee Inc. is a company that provides cloud accounting software. In 2022, we launched a publishing label with the mission of “making small business the leading player in the world.” With the support of this service, we are disseminating through bookstores nationwide not only the appeal of small business itself, but also the information that everyone involved in small business, including individual businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, needs.
[Image 3:×464.jpg] Publisher: Found a used book
Book title: Before I knew it, I was a life insurance lady and went through hell. Release date: 2023/04/28
Background: Found a used book is a one-person publishing company that started in 2023.
“When starting our publishing business, we would like to rely on Nippan IPS, which is strong in bookstore distribution and can handle sales well,” he said.
With support from this service, this first publication is
A reprint was decided two weeks after its release, and the book was reprinted twice, bringing the cumulative total to 5,000 copies. URL:
Service overview
Service name: Publishing distribution agency service
Target: Corporations that wish to publish and sell publications. Contract form: Sales consignment contract
What is Nippan IPS?
It is a group company of Nichipan Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (President: Ken Togashi) and is primarily responsible for overseas business. The company name comes from “International Publications Service,” and the keywords for our business fields are “world” and “publications.” We carry out our business activities to embody the Group’s management philosophy of “Valuing the connections between people and culture, and delivering enrichment to the hearts of all people.”
With the mission of “providing high-quality products to people around the world and contributing to enriching their lives,” we operate CLUB JAPAN, a service that delivers daily necessities to expatriates overseas, as well as export/import wholesale business, publishing distribution agency business, etc. has been developed. In June 2023, we are also taking on new challenges, such as launching our own publishing label “Voirier Books” and releasing the Japanese version of the Chinese old-fashioned BL “Chiaki”.
[Image 4:×380.png ]
Company Profile
[Image 5:×128.png] Company name: NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Head Office 1-3-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034 Establishment date: December 21, 1994 (Heisei 6)
Capital: 100 million
Representative: Hiroshi Sato, Representative Director and President Number of employees: 97 (as of March 31, 2024)
Business details: Support for overseas expatriates “CLUB JAPAN” business, export wholesale business, import wholesale business, publishing distribution agency business
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