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Home » Itsou Co., Ltd. Starts offering “ICE CREAM,” a member-invitation-only community sales platform that suppor ts sustainable growth of brands in the Chinese market

Itsou Co., Ltd. Starts offering “ICE CREAM,” a member-invitation-only community sales platform that suppor ts sustainable growth of brands in the Chinese market

Itsumo Co., Ltd.
Launch of ICE CREAM, a member-invitation community sales platform that supports sustainable growth of brands in the Chinese market
Koh Gen Do, Domohorn Wrinkle, C’BON, Naris Cosmetics, long-established brands, etc. have decided to participate.
Itsumo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Mamoru Sakamoto, stock code 7694) will start selling the Chinese community sales platform “ICE CREAM” (ice cream, Chinese name: Xue Gai Shinpin) from July 2024. The purpose of this project is to “support the healthy expansion of Japanese brands in the Chinese market through the B2C2C (*1) business model,” and to break away from price competition by major platforms and big influencers. By preventing rampant sales and overselling, we will lead to sustainable growth of brands in the Chinese market.Many brands have decided to participate, including Koh Gen Do, Domohorn Wrinkle, C’BON, and Naris Cosmetics. *1: B2C2C: Brand, Community Leader, Consumer
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ICE CREAM Overview
ICE CREAM is an EC platform specializing in community sales for China. A system in which leaders who operate various communities (beauty club members, students, mothers, middle-aged and elderly clubs, hobby groups, etc.) select products according to the needs of each community within the platform, recommend them to community members, and lead to sales. is. By 2025, we aim to reach a total of 10 million community members created by over 10,000 community leaders.
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ICE CREAM is a community sales platform that takes advantage of China’s purchasing culture of “buying from people you can trust.” Community leaders are “trustworthy people” for subscribers, so this sales method is characterized by high loyalty and information sensitivity toward leader-recommended products, and easy conversion to purchase. As a seller of the ICE CREAM platform, we help brands achieve healthy and sustainable growth in the Chinese market by controlling the prices and distribution channels of our brands and conducting our own community marketing.
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Price: Maintaining appropriate prices
We will maintain appropriate prices, which represent brand value, and aim to escape price competition from major platforms and big influencers.
Distribution: Visualization of distribution channels
We deliver products from our own bonded warehouse or general trade warehouse to the buyer’s home. Since ICE CREAM’s distribution targets are consumers on its own platform, it prevents resale and overselling by trading companies and purchasing agents, and enables visualization of distribution channels, which is essential for branding.
Community: Unique community marketing
ICE CREAM uses an invitation system for excellent members, and only those who have passed a strict screening can register as community leaders. We will conduct matching activities with brands while educating community leaders not only online but also offline through product exhibitions and events. Through our unique community marketing, we strive to increase the brand’s core fans in the Chinese market, acquire new loyal users, and support the brand’s sustainable growth.
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Providing background
The scale of the cross-border e-commerce market in China is estimated to reach approximately 180 billion US dollars (approximately 25 trillion yen) by 2024 (*2). While it is an attractive market, from a brand perspective, counterfeits and resale are rampant in the C2C market, resulting in price fluctuations and impact on brand flagship stores, resulting in brand damage. From a consumer perspective, there are complaints such as “I’m worried about whether I’ll receive the genuine product” and “The response to inquiries is not good.” By using ICE CREAM, we can break away from price competition by major platforms and big influencers, and prevent rampant counterfeiting and overselling, leading to sustainable growth for brands in the Chinese market. Itsuzu Co., Ltd. not only supports the overseas expansion of Japanese brands, but also continues to support the healthy expansion of overseas markets. This business will be a new focus area for “EC platform services,” one of our four business pillars.
*2: Source: FY2020 Market Survey on Electronic Commerce (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry): Inquiries regarding this matter
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Company Profile
[Image 4:×1560.jpg] Company name: Itsumo Co., Ltd. (
Representative: Mamoru Sakamoto, Representative Director and President Address: 21st floor, Dai-ichi Life Hibiya First, 1-13-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 14, 2007
Number of staff: 300 (including part-time workers *as of the end of April 2024) Capital: 748.25 million yen
Business content: Comprehensive EC/D2C support, M&A, and growth support for brand manufacturers nationwide
As an EC partner for the issues faced by major and small and medium-sized manufacturers, we consistently support the EC value chain, from EC/D2C strategic consulting to site construction and management, SNS/digital marketing, fulfillment, live commerce, and human resources training.
By combining “people” and “technology,” we provide multi-channel development in branded e-commerce, Amazon, Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping, overseas e-commerce, etc., and provide M&A, investment, and growth support for e-commerce and D2C brands.
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