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Home » JOYCHOU INDUSTRIAL HONG KONG CO., LIMITED Amazing prices with new Alloom dryer campaign! Prime member price no w only ¥6,999

JOYCHOU INDUSTRIAL HONG KONG CO., LIMITED Amazing prices with new Alloom dryer campaign! Prime member price no w only ¥6,999

Amazing prices with Alloom dryer new campaign! Prime member price now only ¥6,999
A hair dryer equipped with innovative technology will change your life. ……
Allloom has started a campaign offering high-performance hair dryers at special prices. The regular price of the hair dryer is ¥12,999, but now you can get it for the Prime member price of ¥6,999. This hair dryer uses the latest technology and combines powerful drying power and hair protection functions that are perfect for your busy day. Allloom belongs to JOYCHOU Co., Ltd.
[Video 2:] Incredible performance and reduced drying time
The Alloom dryer features a high-speed brushless motor and Z-shaped air duct design that sets it apart from traditional dryers, spinning at an astonishing speed of 300,000 rpm. This significantly reduces hair drying time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, making it 6 times faster than commercially available hair dryers. It’s especially suitable for busy mornings or post-workout hair styling, and even men can dry their hair in 30 seconds.
[Image 1:×1080.png ]
Overwhelming negative ion effect
This hair dryer uses advanced technology to emit 600 million negative ions in just a few seconds. It produces 30 times more negative ions than other dryers, dramatically improving hair moisturization and protection. Highly concentrated negative ions help nourish hair and repair hair scales, reduce static electricity and friction, and leave hair smooth and beautiful.
[Image 2:×600.jpg] 4-level smart temperature adjustment and LED indicator
[Image 3:×606.jpg] This dryer has four temperature settings: hot air, warm air, cold air, and cold circulating air. Innovative LED ring design clearly displays each mode at a glance. In addition, the NTC smart temperature control sensor makes precise temperature adjustments 110 times per second, providing quick drying and hair care without high temperature damage to your hair.
Simple and easy to use design
The ergonomic handle design and anti-slip titanium alloy make it easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand. The lightweight design weighs only 408g, making it lighter than a water bottle, so your arm won’t get tired even after long periods of use. Noise reduction technology allows it to be used in quiet environments and will not disturb your family’s rest.
Package contents and reliable after-sales service
The package includes the high-speed dryer, 360° magnetic nozzle, and Japanese instruction manual. With high-quality materials and strict manufacturing controls, all products are made in
[Image 4:×606.jpg] Meets standards. We also provide a 3-year quality guarantee and 6-hour customer support service, so you can use it with confidence after purchase.
Don’t miss this opportunity to try Alloom’s innovative hair dryer at a special price. A new hair care experience is waiting for you. campaign information
Regular price: 12,999
Prime member price: 6,999
Period: Limited campaign until June 30th
Purchase ring: Sign up for Prime membership now and experience the best hair care at an amazing price!
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