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[Aromance Co., Ltd.] HAYAMA AROMANCE Story

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Press release: June 25, 2024
*A life with a wonderful fragrance *

This is my own experience. Japan France America
As a result of encountering and experiencing various brands at an Italian company, I came up with a unique branding strategy called “Five layered brand structure”. HAYAMA
AROMANCE is promoting branding with the blueprint based on this five-layer structure as a milestone. In this story, we will introduce the “five-layered structure of brands.”

A life with a wonderful fragrance

First of all, it is important to clarify the philosophy that is the core of your branding strategy.

* 1 Philosohy Clarifying the philosophy (brand identity) *
It means clarifying what is most important to you as a brand. HA’s philosophy is to “propose a life with a wonderful fragrance.” Based on philosophy
The products to be developed, packaging and logo designs, sales channels, and promotions are determined. In other words, we believe that everything is interconnected based on philosophy, and that differentiation is created and “attractive value” is formed within this process.

* 2 Source Clarify management resources*
In general, what is said in management is “people, things, money, history.” technology.” HA’s management resources have no “history” as it has just started up. What we have is HA’s only brand concept, which connects Hayama, its birthplace, and Hayama with the Côte d’Azur. Our desire is to suggest a “wonderful life” through fragrance. Mr. M, a perfumer with experience in Grasse on the Côte d’Azur, also has a great unique management resource.

* 3 Function Creating attractive value*
Hayama and the Côte d’Azur are warm and surrounded by the sea and mountains. It has a long history as a resort area with vacation homes loved by celebrities. Living in a scenic and nature-rich land where wind and light intertwine, and where time passes slowly has created a “wonderful life”.
Based on this aspirational lifestyle, HA will create unique attractive value as a “proposal for a life with a wonderful fragrance.”

*4 Design*
Design here refers to all brand designs including corporate designs. French brands are good at this part. A logo must be imbued with history and philosophy. This is one of the main reasons why so many luxury brands are born in France. In the case of HA, this is where I spend a lot of time. HAYAMA by appointing French designer Y. We have shared AROMANCE’s image map and brand design from an early stage. We convey a concrete image of the lifestyle of the market. Just like apparel, it conveys the “material,” “color,” and “lifestyle.” This will be your brand design filter. By passing through this filter, the brand image will become established and become a brand. Right now, I am using this filter over and over again to create products.

Social media is all the rage these days, but I have realized that it is extremely difficult to convey scents on social media. If it’s a well-known brand, you can probably tell.
The strategy adopted by HA is to incorporate “ART” elements based on the philosophy. We recognize that “ART” is important for the lifestyle of customers who prefer HA.

I met Mr. T, a photographer living in Kamakura, who wanted to convey scents through images, and I entrusted him with VISUAL. The images taken by Mr. T have an atmosphere where you can feel the scent. We are distributing ART elements on SNS as VISUAL of COMMUNICATION. Strengthening communication is a very important element for new brands that are not well known.
painting with scent
Perfume has been used for ceremonies, honor, and as a means of conveying the feelings of various people since BC. I think it’s still the same today. But can you tell everything just by scent? HA is thinking about the future of fragrance. It is to express a “painting of fragrance.” I believe that this requires not only scent but also “sight” and “hearing.” Scent + Image + Music = “Fragrance Painting” Each painting is an original painting with a different sensibility. I believe that fragrance is a culture that brings out each person’s sensibilities and can be enjoyed as an art.
Aiming for COMMUNICATION that increases awareness
As a means of strengthening this COMMUNICATION, we opened the Jiyugaoka store in March 2024. Our main goal is not only to increase sales, but also to open stores in areas with strong traffic so that more people can become aware of the HA brand. If you’re in Jiyugaoka, you can expect coverage from PRESS and STYLIST.
Relationship between Hayama and Jiyugaoka
Hayama has long been a dream destination as a summer resort. Although there is a wave of aging, people’s lifestyles and personalities are gentle and kind, and purchasing standards place emphasis on “fashion” and “quality.” However, it cannot be said that the traffic is good throughout the year. Jiyugaoka is a large and deep market in Shibuya Ward.
There are many visitors from Setagaya Ward and a wide range of age groups, and the lives of many people are affluent. Like Hayama, they have a discerning eye for products, and tend to place emphasis on “fashion” and “quality.” This commonality and good traffic are attractive to HA and the reason for opening the store. As the story unfolded, I learned that they had a second home in Hayama, went out there on weekends, and had lived there before, and that they had deep ties to the area.
Opening a store in Yokohama, halfway between Hayama and Jiyugaoka Last year, Yokohama SOGO held a POP UP SHOP for a limited time, which led to We have decided to open a new store as a “tenant” in Yokohama SOGO’s new sales area, a corner that collects lifestyle items from the Shonan area.
Since Yokohama is located at the midpoint between Jiyugaoka and Hayama, it will connect with Jiyugaoka along the Yokosuka Line and the Toyoko Line, which I think will strengthen the area’s name
recognition. The commercial area has expanded from the Shonan area to the Toyoko Line to Jiyugaoka, and we can expect more inflow from the city center.
Entering the department store sales channel means entering into a sales channel whose signboards are “peace of mind” and “trust,” so we can expect great things from strengthening HA’s image as it will strengthen communication in new markets.

Future outlook
Even if the number of sales channels increases, the brand PHILOSOPHY will not change.
We will continue to propose “a life with a wonderful fragrance.” As a new product project, “AROMA
We are currently working on a project called “SOUND”. During the Heian period, there was a culture of “listening to scents.” We are planning to recreate this in the current era. Also as a lifestyle proposal brand.
We have a concept for TEA SALON & PARFUME STORE. HAYAMA
STORE has already started a tea salon service. Black tea and AROMA go well together, and customers enjoy the aroma while enjoying the tea.

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