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Pal System Federation “Logistics/IT job experience” perfect for independent research held in July with ove r 500 participants

[Pal System Federation] “Logistics/IT job experience” perfect for independent research held in July with over 500 participants
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Press release: June 25, 2024
Perfect for independent research, “Logistics/IT work experience” held in July with over 500 participants
*“Rare experience” with a genuine sorting machine*
The Pal System Federation (Headquarters: Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Chairman: Masakazu Dainobu) will hold a “Job Experience” project at a logistics and IT experience facility in Inagi City, Tokyo over 10 days on 5 days in July 2024. It will be held. We will introduce the mechanism of home delivery through logistics and IT experience for elementary school students and their families.
How to accurately deliver 10 million points every week
The work experience is equipped with sorting machines that are actually used at Pal System’s distribution centers, as well as original videos, panels, tablets, etc., so you can have fun learning about how home delivery works. It takes about 1 hour.

Every week, Pal System delivers over 10 million products to over 800,000 households. In this project, we will introduce a system that uses logistics sorting equipment and information systems to reliably deliver large quantities of products. It is also useful for
understanding the movements and mechanisms of modern society, such as the “2024 problem” in logistics and the rapid spread of

Pal System has been implementing a job experience project since August 2023. A total of 512 children and parents have participated so far. We hear comments from children who enjoy the experience, such as “shopping on a tablet is fun” and “I want to try packing more boxes.” Parents have also given positive feedback, saying, “After participating, they became more interested in the food on the table than ever before, and it seemed like they had a lot of fun.” * [July schedule] * The program is approximately 1 hour long and closes one week before the event.
July 6th, 2024 (Saturday) 1.11am – 2.14pm (Application deadline: June 30th/Sunday)
July 15, 2024 (Monday/holiday) 1.11am – 2.14pm (Application deadline Monday, July 8th)
July 22, 2024 (Monday) 1.11am – 2.14pm (Application deadline Monday, July 15th) July 25, 2024 (Thursday) 1.11am – 2.14pm (Application deadline Wednesday, July 17th)
July 29, 2024 (Monday) 1.11am – 2.14pm (Application deadline Monday, July 22nd) Applications can be made using the URL below or the two-dimensional code. (Advance application required)
*Pal System Logistics/IT work experience facility*
Address: 1st floor, Pal System Federation Inagi Office, 2111 Hyakumura, Inagi City, Tokyo
(15 minutes walk from Inagi Station, 20 minutes walk from Minamitama Station) “Parent-child work experience”
Sorting experience using actual equipment
Children also filmed their mothers’ experiences.
Think about the delivery system using tablets and panels
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Address: 2-2-6 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Masakazu Dainobu 13 members / members using the unified business system Total business volume 254.1 billion yen / total number of association members 1.735 million people (as of the end of March 2024)
Member co-ops: Pal System Tokyo, Pal System Kanagawa, Pal System Chiba, Pal System Saitama, Pal System Ibaraki Tochigi, Pal System Yamanashi
Nagano, Pal System Gunma, Pal System Fukushima, Pal System Shizuoka, Pal System Niigata Tokimeki, Pal System Mutual Aid Federation, Saitama Workers’ Co-op, Ai-Corp Miyagi
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