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Home » Tsukino Foods Industry Co., Ltd. Tsukino Group will present two presentations at the 49th Japan Cosmetic Science Society.

Tsukino Foods Industry Co., Ltd. Tsukino Group will present two presentations at the 49th Japan Cosmetic Science Society.

Tsukino Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Tsukino Group will present two presentations at the 49th Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.
Tsukino Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, President and CEO: Fumi Tsukino will participate in the 49th Japan Cosmetic Science Society and present the latest research results. We will announce the title.
Our company aims to make highly effective use of rice bran and is developing rice bran oil business, fine chemical business, and oleochemical business. At the conference, we will report on the functionality of rice bran-derived ferulic acid and rice oil, which we have developed and manufactured, in cosmetics.
[Image 1:×1103.jpg] □49th Japanese Cosmetics Society
The Japanese Society of Cosmetics and Cosmetic Products was
established with the purpose of creating a forum for discussion of various medical and scientific issues related to cosmetics and related substances.
The 49th Japan Cosmetic Science Society will be held for two days, June 28th (Friday) and 29th (Saturday), 2024 (Reiwa 6) at Nikkei Hall (Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). [President] Takako Obata (Hoshi Pharmaceutical University)
□Presentation title
Presentation number [P05] Study of stabilized dispersion formulation of plant-derived ultraviolet absorber ferulic acid
[Image 2:×640.jpg] There have been concerns about the environmental impact of synthetic ultraviolet absorbers on coral reefs, etc., and there has been a worldwide trend to avoid them. Ferulic acid (FA), which is derived from plants, is a natural UV absorber, and is expected to have potential needs for environmental issues, and is also considered to have high marketability as an upcycled, green beauty UV care formulation. However, FA is poorly soluble in water and oil, and furthermore, dissolving in water causes yellowing and odor over time, making it a problem to mix in high concentrations. We investigated formulations that could more stably incorporate FA at high
concentrations, and as a result, succeeded in improving stability over time by blending FA in a dispersed manner instead of dissolving it. Presentation number [P08] Functionality of rice bran oil as a cosmetic ingredient
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] Rice bran oil (labeled name: rice bran oil) has been widely used as a base material for cosmetics due to its high oxidation stability and excellent preservability compared to other vegetable oils. In addition, it is rich in ingredients with high beauty effects, such as vitamin E group, plant sterols, and γ-oryzanol, and is expected to provide functionality. In this presentation, we verified the functionality of rice bran oil from both skin care and hair care perspectives. As a result, it was revealed that rice bran oil has strong foundation and keratotic plug removal ability and high emulsifying properties in cleansing, and has the effect of improving shine and suppressing hair spread in hair care.
[Image 4:×196.jpg] [Business overview of Tsukino Group Co., Ltd.]
We are promoting the highly effective use of rice bran, which has been a symbol of health and beauty since ancient times, and are developing three businesses: rice bran oil production, fine chemicals, and oleochemicals.
Established: February 1, 1945
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