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AI mystery game “Uncover the Smoking Gun” officially released!

AI mystery game “Uncover the Smoking Gun” officially released! ……
-An immersive mystery adventure game that uses chat based on natural language processing to interrogate robot suspects and uncover the truth.
-Uniquely customize GPT-4o technology to maximize immersion
-Story structure that unravels big secrets while solving individual cases
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Lee Kang-seok) is pleased to announce that the creative studio “ReLU Games” under KRAFTON has officially released the game title “Uncover the Smoking Gun” using AI technology on June 24th. I’ll enjoy having this. “Uncover the Smoking Gun” is an immersive mystery adventure game set in the near future where robots and humans coexist. Players take on the role of AI detectives who must follow clues in the case to uncover the truth and find the culprit. Unlike traditional multiple-choice detective games, the game progresses by interrogating a robot suspect in a case and digging up evidence through free chat based on natural language processing.
Players must investigate suspicious objects at crime scenes, collect clues, and line up clues on an investigation board to find hidden connections. Once you have determined that you have grasped the entire picture of the incident, you will submit your deduction results and receive an evaluation score based on accuracy. You can play the scenario again to solve the parts you answered incorrectly.
In the game, players will encounter a total of 5 incidents that occur in an apartment, a research institute, a gallery, a bio lab, a hospital, etc. In the process of solving individual cases, you will be able to understand the world of the game and discover the stories hidden within it.
“ReLU Games” has customized GPT-4o, an interactive AI service based on OpenAI’s recently released Large-Scale Language Model (LLM), into the game using its own proprietary technology. This allows the robot suspects in the game to go beyond simply answering player questions, providing an immersive feeling of chatting with a real person, with a tone tailored to each person’s unique personality. Robot suspects may give ambiguous testimony or even change their testimony. Players must determine whether the robot suspect’s testimony is true or false, and ask sharp questions to obtain answers that will lead to the case.
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The development director of Uncover the Smoking Gun said, “We saw players playing the demo go beyond just interacting with a smart chatbot and immerse themselves in the role of a detective, expressing a variety of emotions.” “We want to provide an experience that allows people to think about and imagine the responsibilities and roles of humans in the face of the soon-to-be-arrived era of artificial general intelligence (AGI) with human-level thinking ability.”
The trial version of “Uncover the Smoking Gun” was exhibited at Steam’s new game introduction event “Steam Next Fest” held in June, and it attracted attention for its unique gameplay, and received a lot of interest from players around the world. Ta.
“Uncover the Smoking Gun” can be downloaded on Steam and is officially supported in 8 languages ​​including Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese. Details can be found on the Steam page and ReLU Games official website.
■“Uncover the Smoking Gun” Steam Store page ■About ReLU Games
“ReLU Games” was established in 2023 as KRAFTON, Inc.’s 11th creative studio. With the vision of “combining deep learning and games,” we are concentrating on creating games that utilize deep learning technology. The ReLU function, which is the origin of the company’s name, is a typical activation function used in artificial neural networks.If the input value is negative, it is replaced with 0 and the result value is output. “ReLU Games, like our company name, has the resilience to absorb the experience of failure and pursues challenges and
innovations.We have entered into a business partnership with Microsoft Korea and are developing new games that incorporate Azure AI technology. .
■About KRAFTON, Inc.
KRAFTON, Inc., headquartered in South Korea, is committed to discovering and publishing engaging games that provide fun and unique experiences. Founded in 2007, KRAFTON is home to world-renowned developers such as PUBG STUDIOS, Striking Distance Studios, Unknown Worlds, Bluehole Studio, RisingWings, 5minlab, and Dreammotion. I belong to Each studio is constantly trying new things, innovating the enjoyment of games through new technology, and expanding their platforms and services to win the hearts of even more fans.
KRAFTON operates top-notch entertainment content such as “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS”, “PUBG MOBILE”, “The Callisto Protocol”, “NEW STATE MOBILE”, “Moonbreaker”, “Defense Derby”, and “TERA”. With passionate and motivated teams around the world, KRAFTON is a technology-forward company with world-class capabilities, committed to expanding business horizons to include multimedia entertainment and deep learning. For details, please visit (C)ReLU Games All rights reserved.
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