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Life Create Started “Body Makeup Support Campaign”

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Start of “Body Makeup Support Campaign”
“REDY’S GYM” muscle training x “Calomil” dietary management to improve body shape efficiency
LIFE CREATE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Representative Director: Ayaka Maekawa), which operates a fitness studio exclusively for women, is Japan’s first *body shaping studio exclusively for women that uses machines for group muscle training. REDY’S GYM will collaborate with Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd., which operates the health management app “Calomil,” to launch a “Body Makeup Support Campaign” from June 25th (Tuesday) to July 31st (Wednesday), 2024. ) will be held during the period.
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Overview of “Body Makeup Support Campaign”
For REDY’S GYM members who downloaded the health management app “Calomil” during the campaign period, 10 people will be randomly selected to receive a one-year ticket to use the Calomil Premium Plan (paid: 5,760 yen/year) for free. . In this season, when the need for body shaping increases as we head into summer, we will help you improve your body shaping efficiency by using machines to enjoy and efficiently perform muscle training while also incorporating daily dietary management.
■Campaign details
Period: June 25th (Tuesday) to July 31st (Wednesday)
Target number of people: 10 people
Winning conditions:
・Be enrolled as a monthly member at “REDY’S GYM (Kobe
Sannomiya/Shibuya store)” during the period
・You must have downloaded the health management app “Calomil” Health management app “Calomil” service overview
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An app that allows you to manage your diet, exercise, and weight. Regarding food records, you can record your daily meals with a single photo, and the nutritional value is automatically determined and registered using AI (artificial intelligence) image analysis technology. In addition to calories, you can also calculate and record 28 types of nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, salt, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so you can manage your health not only with diet but also with nutritional balance in mind. . In addition to recording meals, it also has functions to manage exercise and vital signs, realizing “total health management.” The number of members has exceeded 3.7 million (as of June 2024).
Service overview:
“REDY’S GYM” brand overview
Japan’s first* group muscle training studio using dedicated machines. In a dark NY-style studio, bright red lights create an immersive space with explosive sounds. We have achieved a low price by providing group training instead of the high-priced personal training. Our unique program allows groups to perform machine training while counting to music. Lessons are held in a dark studio illuminated by red lights, giving you an extraordinary and immersive feeling.You can commit to yourself in the personal space created by the machine, and at the same time enjoy a sense of groove with the trainees participating in the lesson. We offer 45 minutes to get rid of the image that training is tough and have fun while making yourself into the person you want to be.
*1st Kobe Sannomiya store: Japan’s first studio that offers group lessons for muscle training using multi-functional machines (according to our own research in June 2022)
[Image 4:×1668.jpg] Reference information
-About LIFE CREATE Co., Ltd. (
With the slogan “Let’s love life.”, we operate 102 women-only fitness boutique studios (4 brands) nationwide (as of April 2024). The ratio of women among the approximately 600 employees is 99%, and the company received first place in the Forbes Woman Award 2021 (300 or more, less than 1000 employees), which is given to companies where women are active. We aim to realize the well-being of Japanese women through multifaceted wellness services that support women’s beauty and health. Company name LIFE CREATE Co., Ltd.
Representative Ayaka Maekawa
Head office location: Asty 45 Building 2F, Kita 4-jo Nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business details Hot yoga studio “loIve” 63 stores nationwide               Surf Fit 2 stores nationwide

Pilates K  50 stores nationwide
                                  2 stores
*Number of stores is as of June 25, 2024

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