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Home » Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd. “It’s summer! Let’s liven up the Oyugiwa! Campaign” will be held at OYUGIWA Ebi na from July 1st (Monday)

Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd. “It’s summer! Let’s liven up the Oyugiwa! Campaign” will be held at OYUGIWA Ebi na from July 1st (Monday)

Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd.
“It’s summer! Let’s liven up the Oyugiwa! Campaign” will be held at OYUGIWA Ebina from July 1st (Monday)
Commemorating service renewal, including extended business hours until midnight for a relaxing time and establishment of “Family Day” on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
OYUGIWA Ebina, a bathing facility in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, operated by Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President and CEO: Tokuya Fujiwara), will renew its service content from July 1, 2024 (Monday). We will be revamping our services to make your stay more comfortable and relaxing, such as “extended business hours and open until midnight,” “renewal of bedrock bathing suit designs,” and “Start of “Family Day” with free admission for children.”
To commemorate OYUGIWA Ebina’s service renewal, we will be holding a “It’s Summer! Let’s liven up the Oyugiwa! Campaign” from the same day as the service renewal, and on days with numbers 3 or 7 in July, Aufguss will be held from 21:00. We will hold “Night Rolly” and Galapon “Let’s make it even more lively with Garapon!” where you can win an OYUGIWA admission ticket by purchasing a coupon.
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OYUGIWA Ebina will renew its service from July 1st (Monday)! OYUGIWA Ebina will be revamping its service content starting July 1st (Monday) so that our customers can have a more comfortable and relaxing stay.
1. Let’s be lively until midnight! Business hours extended by 1 hour We have extended our business hours by one hour and will be open until midnight. 2. Have fun with your family! The 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month is Family Day From July 2024, in order to make it easier for families with children to use the facility, we will begin a service where the first and third Sundays of the month will be designated as “Family Days” and admission will be free for children under elementary school age, which normally costs 300 yen. Masu.
3. Get lively with your new bedrock bathing suit!
The design of bedrock bathrobes for both men and women has been renewed. OYUGIWA’s original design with a colorful dot pattern on white will warm your heart just by wearing it.
[Image 2:×400.jpg] To commemorate the extension of business hours, “Let’s liven up at night lory!” On days with numbers 3 and 7, Aufguss will be held at 9 p.m.
To commemorate the renewal of OYUGIWA Ebina’s service, which now allows you to relax until midnight, we will be holding a “Night Loury” event starting at 9:00 pm on days marked 3 or 7 in July.
[Night Loryu event content]
Period: Starts at 9pm on days ending in 3 or 7 in July
Location: OYUGIWA Ebina men’s sauna room
[Image 3:×1802.jpg] Let’s have fun at Garapon! You can win up to 3 invitation tickets by purchasing a coupon.
During the period, we will be holding a event called “Let’s liven up even more at Garapon!” where customers who purchase discounted tickets (9,000 yen including tax for 10 tickets) can win an OYUGIWA admission ticket. .
If you win first prize, you will receive 3 OYUGIWA admission tickets and a 20-point stamp card.
[Let’s have fun at Garapon! Event details]
Period: July 1st (Monday) to July 5th (Friday), 2024
Target of participation: Customers who purchased a coupon during the period Location: OYUGIWA Ebina counter
Winning item:
1st prize: 3 OYUGIWA admission tickets,
2nd prize: 1 OYUGIWA admission ticket,
Participation award…OYUGIWA original towel
In addition, everyone who participates in “Let’s make it even more lively at Garapon!” will receive a 20-point stamp card.
Hot bath facility OYUGIWA
“Keep your body warm around the hot water with “Egao.””
OYUGIWA is a hot spring facility that not only offers a variety of baths, including stalls, pot baths, and authentic louryu baths, but also body care, bedrock baths, and delicious food.
[Image 4:×380.jpg] OYUGIWA official website: OYUGIWA Ebina Official Instagram: OYUGIWA Hamamatsuichino Official Instagram:
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