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News Release CRI facilitates accessibility through voice reading

[News Release] CRI facilitates accessibility through voice reading
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Press release: June 25, 2024
CRI facilitates accessibility through voice reading
*~Promoting the creation of an environment where everyone can enjoy games through the power of technology~*
CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and President: Masao Oshimi, hereinafter From June 25, 2024, our sound middleware product “CRI”) will be available for purchase.
ADX(R)” has started providing text-to-speech (voice-to-speech) extensions. ■Speech-to-speech function makes it easy to make games accessible

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a function that converts text information into audio and reads it out loud, and is a technology that supports accessibility for visually impaired people to enjoy games.
With this feature enhancement, English TTS is now available at no additional cost when developing games using CRI ADX.
functionality will be available. This makes it easy for game developers to add TTS to their games without having to perform complex processing such as voice synthesis.
It is possible to incorporate functionality.
In the future, we plan to support languages ​​other than English.

■Official introduction to smartphone games
 CRI that we have started offering this time
ADX’s TTS function has been officially adopted in some smartphone games provided by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. as of June 25, 2024. This allows in-game text chat to be read aloud.

■CVAA law increases demand for accessibility in games
In the United States, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act was enacted in 2010.
and Video Accessibility Act of
The “CVAA Act of 2010” requires that communications-related equipment and software released in the United States be made available to anyone, regardless of disability. In 2019, games will also be subject to the CVAA law, requiring accessibility features.

In Japan, the April 2024 amendment to the Act to Eliminate
Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities has made it mandatory for not only government agencies but also private businesses to provide reasonable accommodation on their websites, etc. In the future, it is expected that the need for accessibility support will increase in various fields including games in Japan.

■Bridging the gap between people with disabilities and bringing the fun of games to everyone
Currently, there are 310,000 people with visual impairments in Japan (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: “2016 Survey on Difficulties in Living, etc.”), and 436 people with physical disabilities. (Cabinet Office: 2020 White Paper on Persons with Disabilities) With the addition of this function, CRI ADX
It has become easier to support visual accessibility when developing games using . This opens up the possibility for players with and without visual impairments to be able to enjoy the same game together. As a next step, we are also developing a “speech-to-text” function that converts speech into text to support hearing accessibility.

CRI has been conducting research and development of middleware that bridges the differences between game consoles. That is why I believe there is social significance in bridging the gap between people with and without disabilities. By making it easier to develop games that support accessibility, we create an environment where people who have previously been unable to play games due to physical disabilities can enjoy them.

In the future, CRI will continue to advance research and development related to audio and video based on our corporate philosophy of “enriching society with sound and video,” and will continue to help deliver surprise, fun, and excitement to people all over the world.

[Text to speech function]
Official name: CRI Text Speaker
Supported languages: English (more languages ​​will be supported in the future) Supported Platforms: All platforms supported by CRI ADX
Price: No additional usage fee
*Please contact us regarding usage
[About CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.]
With the corporate philosophy of “enriching society with sound and video,” we mainly conduct research and development related to audio and video, and the results of this research are developed into the middleware product brand “CRIWARE(R),” which is used in the game field and embedded systems. We are expanding into a variety of fields with a focus on the field. Through “CRIWARE,” CRI will provide technologies and solutions to improve usability and quality, support developers in solving problems, and support end users in improving usability.

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