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Home » Akita Northern Happinets We are now recruiting applicants for the “Akita Youth Challenge Support Project 202 4” to revitalize Akita with innovative ideas from young people.

Akita Northern Happinets We are now recruiting applicants for the “Akita Youth Challenge Support Project 202 4” to revitalize Akita with innovative ideas from young people.

Akita Northern Happinets
Recruiting applicants for the “Akita Youth Challenge Support Project 2024” to revitalize Akita with innovative ideas from young people Up to 4 million yen will be subsidized for young people’s challenges. Accompanying support provided by experts is also provided.
Akita Northern Happinets (location: Akita City, Akita Prefecture, President and CEO: Yuki Mizuno) is pleased to announce that Akita Northern Happinets (located in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, President and CEO: Yuki Mizuno) will support Akita Prefecture’s strategic efforts to revitalize the region by utilizing innovative ideas unique to young people. Akita Living Lab, a joint venture with SUNDRED Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, CEO and GM: Masanobu Tomome), will be in charge of the administrative office for the Youth Challenge Support Project 2024. So I would like to inform you.
Applications for the first period will be accepted from Friday, June 28, 2024 to Monday, July 22, 2024.
Selected projects will receive up to 4 million yen in subsidies over two years and support from experts, allowing them to play a role in regional revitalization while shaping their own business plans.
[Image:×974.jpg] 《About “Akita Youth Challenge Support Project 2024” (AKITA WAKAMONO CHALLENGE)》 “Wakachare” is a project that supports ideas unique to young people, such as initiatives and businesses that revitalize local communities by challenging the dreams of young people. Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to 4 million yen over two years* to help them improve their skills and prepare to start a business, as well as provide opportunities to connect with people inside and outside the region, mentoring from experts, and more to help them realize their dreams. We provide various types of support.
A total of 181 applications have been received since the system was established in 2019, of which 29 have been selected and projects are currently underway.
■Recruitment period 1st period: June 28, 2024 (Friday) – July 22, 2024 (Monday) 2nd period: September 2, 2024 (Monday) – September 30, 2024 (Monday) ■Target projects Ideas unique to young people To revitalize the region through strategic initiatives that take advantage of the target expenses ■Training expenses necessary to improve skills in order to realize the target expenses Expenses for studying abroad, expenses for prototyping and holding trial events, expenses necessary for preparing to start a business etc. *Some expenses are not eligible for the subsidy ■Eligible people Those who are 18 years old or older and under 40 years old at the time of application, or an organization made up of such individuals (excluding high school students, companies, etc.) ■Maximum subsidy period 2 years ■Subsidy rate 3/4 ■Subsidy limit 2 million yen (1 million yen for a single year) ■How to apply Apply from the form on the Akita Youth Challenge Support Project special site https://akita-wakamono-challenge .com■Sponsored by Akita Prefecture■Planned and operated by Akita Living Lab (SUNDRED Co., Ltd./Akita Northern Happiness Co., Ltd.) *4 million yen (maximum of 3 million yen per year), subsidy in the case of special selection approved by the selection committee Rate 10/10 *2 million yen for regular adoption (limit of 1 million yen per year), subsidy rate 3/4 《Expert escort support》
1. A support system that identifies the essence of the issue and refines the concept of a solution
We provide support from senior students who are working on
problem-solving in Akita, as well as from front-line mentors who are active both domestically and internationally.
2. Connect with diverse communities
By creating opportunities to connect with networks and communities beyond Akita Prefecture, we aim to increase the number of
collaborators, speed up business development, and improve feasibility. 3. Providing real field
We provide support for taking the “first step” such as demonstration experiments, and support efforts toward social implementation and self-propulsion.
《Message from the operator》
Akita Northern Happinets Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Yuki Mizuno
I first came to Akita in 2004 when I entered Akita International University as a first-year student. Before entering university and while attending university,
I studied abroad in the United States and Australia for one year each, and after seeing local people enjoying a life filled with professional sports, I decided to form a professional basketball club in the “Basketball Kingdom of Akita.” However, at that time, there were no professional sports clubs, let alone professional basketball clubs. So, in order to create Akita’s first professional sports club, we started with grassroots activities, created a business plan, worked hard to raise capital, and in 2009 established Akita Professional Basketball Club Co., Ltd. (currently Akita Northern Happinets Co., Ltd.). was established. Now, the Akita Northern Happinets has grown into a club that competes in the B1 league, the highest level of domestic basketball, and the company has also embarked on businesses other than the professional basketball business, such as the roadside station business and the food and beverage business such as craft beer. . It’s been 20 years since I came to Akita, but looking back, when I first started working on starting a professional basketball club, I didn’t have any funds, things, or connections. However, as a result of our passion for the business and our continued efforts to achieve our goals, we have reached the point where we are today. In other words, I believe that if you have the “thoughts” and “the power to take action,” the number of people who support you will increase, and you will be able to make your business a reality. I believe that by shaping and growing our business, we will be able to give back to the people and community who have supported us. On the other hand, Akita Prefecture has the fastest aging population in Japan, with the population aging rate predicted to exceed 50% by 2045, ahead of other prefectures. In other words, about 20 years from now, one in two people in Akita will be aged 65 or older. Now that such predictions have been made, I believe it is necessary to revitalize Akita by supporting young people and creating an environment in Akita Prefecture that will create businesses that spread from Akita to the world. . Akita Northern Happinets supports the purpose of the Akita prefecture youth challenge support project “Wakachale” promoted by Akita prefecture, and we hope that the young people of Akita will turn this idea into a business, just like the people around me did when I started it. We will support you as you go.
In addition to receiving up to 4 million yen in subsidies from Akita Prefecture, “Wakachale” will also receive support from various experts toward commercialization, so we look forward to seeing many of you take on the challenge. I’m here!
Masanobu Tomome, Representative Director, CEO and GM, SUNDRED Co., Ltd. In Japan, where the country has been stagnant for 30 years without the birth of new industries, it is easy to forget that many industries have been born in areas rich in natural capital and other resources. We are moving beyond the era in which it was clear what was missing and that it would have been better if each company focused on efficiently creating and disseminating it, and toward a new era through dialogue among diverse social units. There is a need to define new objectives and issues, increase resolution, and create and build “connected solutions” that utilize each company’s products, services, and new technologies. In the social unit of the region, we will reconsolidate our sense of issues, expectations, and values ​​based on new ideas, utilize rich regional resources not found in the
metropolitan area, and create connected solutions and new
combinations. As a result, new industries that will be needed in the coming era will be born.
In order to move from Akita, a prefecture with the fastest population decline in the country, to a prefecture with advanced problem solving and a prefecture with hope, we need to (1) share objectives and issues (Agenda: A); (2) A community that creates new connections (C) and (3) facilitation (ACP management) of the process of drawing a blueprint for a connected solution and turning it into a project (P) are important.
Utilizing the know-how of new industry co-creation, living lab development and operation, and entrepreneurial human resource development accumulated at SUNDRED,
In addition to supporting the challenges faced by young people in Akita, we will build an ecosystem in Akita that will sustainably create new connections and new industries.
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