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Home » IVS To the forefront of global Web3. IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO and Japan Blockchain Week 2024 Agenda Announced

IVS To the forefront of global Web3. IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO and Japan Blockchain Week 2024 Agenda Announced

[IVS] To the forefront of global Web3. IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO and Japan Blockchain Week
Announcing the 2024 Agenda

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Press release: June 25, 2024
To the forefront of global Web3. IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO and Japan Blockchain Week 2024 Agenda Announced
Global VC Headline
IVS, Japan’s largest startup conference run by Asia and IVC, will be held for three days from July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 at Kyoto Pulse Plaza as the main venue.
CRYPTO 2024 KYOTO with Japan Blockchain Week
Summit” will be held. We will inform you of the detailed agenda for this event.

Main Stage & Web3 Stage: Meet the world’s top Web3 players
Main Stage & Web3
At Stage, top players driving the Web3 ecosystem in Japan and overseas will gather to talk about the future of Web3 and global collaboration. Representatives from the Cabinet Office, Bank of Japan, Financial Services Agency, Digital Agency, and Liberal Democratic Party will provide insight into Japan’s national strategy for blockchain and digital innovation.

Also, Mo Shaikh of Aptos, Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Ray Chan of Memeland, The Sebastian Borget from Sandbox, Gabby from YGG
Internationally renowned speakers such as Dizon will be on stage to introduce collaboration methods and success stories between global Web3 players and Japanese companies.

In addition, game industry giants such as KONAMI, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and DeNA, as well as IP holders such as Sanrio, Toho, Kodansha, Shueisha, and TV Asahi, will participate and present their application and integration strategies of Web3 technology. Click here for the detailed agenda. .

Web3 Entertainment Zone & Crypto Village: Enjoy the innovative Web3 experience “Web3 Entertainment Zone “SHAKE!” is the main partner of YGG Operated by Japan and supported by YGG, the area provides an immersive experience that shifts traditional content such as online games, anime, and manga to Web3. In this area, Genopet, Heroes
of Mavia, MOONVEIL.GG, Ambrus Studio, Arrowiz
Innovative game projects such as Games, Peer and Xsolla will be featured. Learn about the latest trends and technology through panel discussions with industry leaders, and enjoy game demos and
interactive sessions.
Networking area near the main stage “Crypto Village powered by MURA” provides a great opportunity to interact directly with the speakers. In this area, JAPAN DAO Association, AiHUB, Crypto You can meet members of famous Japanese and global crypto communities such as Cocktails and EDCON. You can also enjoy conversation while enjoying a free craft cola or craft ginger ale.

VC Lounge & Pitch Park: Meet the best entrepreneurs and investors IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO has over 300 participating VC partners and offers the
opportunity to secure investment from Web3 venture capitalists around the world. July 5th 13:00 pm
– “Crypto Startup x VC” will be held at 15:00 in the VC Lounge on the second floor of the venue.
“Matching” allows you to interact directly with many VCs.
IVS Crypto Demo Day “THE
DEMODAY is the largest in Japan and is a great opportunity to meet top developers and projects. This event will be held on July 5th at the Pitch on the third floor of the venue.
It will be held at Park. With the themes of AI, social, and gaming, carefully selected finalists will present innovative products and become the place where the next Web3 killer app for consumers will be born. Participants can vote for products and participate in the preliminary judging.
AIxWeb3 Anime Contest will feature AI technology and Unreal
Young creators will compete with short animations created using Engine. Winning works will be commercialized and adapted into anime, manga, and games, with IP and licenses managed using blockchain technology. This contest will also be held on July 5th at the Pitch on the 3rd floor of the venue.
It will be held at Park. Legendary creators in the anime industry will be invited as special judges, and general judges will include distributors, publishers, and global VCs.

Main Partner & Booths: Explore the possibilities of Web3 business We would like to thank all our main partners for contributing to the success of IVS Crypto. Diamond Sponsor Yield Guild
Games and YGG Japan are demonstrating their commitment to the play-and-earn movement at the Web3 Entertainment Zone. YGG (Yield Guild Games is the world’s largest decentralized gaming guild, driving the global play-and-earn movement. On the other hand, YGG
Japan focuses on the Japanese market and promotes the development of the domestic blockchain gaming industry.

Platinum sponsors include Aptos,, and AKA
Includes Virtual, Memeland. Gold sponsors include Oasys and double , Avalanche, Alibaba Cloud, Japan Open Chain, SBI Holdings, LINE NEXT/DOSI/Kaia, Vyvo Smart Chain, GSR, Zeus Network,, Slash Vision Labs, CARV, Fireblocks, Aethir, CESS Network, A41, XAI, Peer, and Xsolla are among the names.

At the booths at the venue, you can talk directly with these sponsoring companies and exhibitors, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the latest Web3 business trends and technologies. Participants will be able to interact directly with company
representatives and explore business possibilities.

Side Events & Japan Blockchain Week: Feel the pulse of the world in Kyoto and Tokyo
Kyoto will become the center of Web3 innovation and will be
transformed into the largest Web3 carnival in Japan and the world, with over 200 side events. Participants can experience many activities while enjoying Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage. For example, the world famous “TOKYO”
SOLID” has landed in Japan for the first time, and you can enjoy a special one-night-only experience in a 500-year-old tea room located on the grounds of the historic Yasaka Shrine. Enjoy luxurious Japanese cuisine, culture, art, and entertainment. Also, “IVS
At Crypto’s official party “To The Moon,” you can network with guests from all over the world and deepen your interactions through music. See a detailed list of side events here:

Japan Blockchain Week 2024 is expected to attract over 50,000 participants and is one of the world’s largest Web3 event series. Japan
The detailed event calendar for Blockchain Week 2024 is below:

– July 16: “Web3 Future 2024” Sponsored by: Ginco Co., Ltd. – July 17th to 19th: “DCENTRAL Tokyo 2024” Sponsored by: Ozaru, Cryptonauts – July 24th: “Blockchain Leaders Summit Tokyo 2024” Sponsored by: B Dash Ventures, Hashed
– July 26th to 30th: “EDCON TOKYO 2024” Sponsored by: De University of Ethereum
– July 31st: “PlasmaCon” Sponsored by: INTMAX

For more information on Japan Blockchain Week 2024, please visit the official website:

“IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS CRYPTO 2024 KYOTO” event overview
IVS2024 KYOTO and IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO will be held simultaneously from July 4th to 6th, 2024 in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation are fused.

KYOTO is a conference aimed at entrepreneurs, investors,
entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and anyone interested in startups and open innovation. For business owners and investors seeking funding and business growth opportunities, as well as those interested in new business ideas, we provide a valuable opportunity to build a new future.

IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO is a conference specializing in crypto and blockchain. Pioneers in the field take a deep dive into the evolution of the digital economy and the potential of Web3. Both conferences will be held at the same location, and attendees are free to attend either event.

“IVS CRYPTO 2024 KYOTO” event overview
Name: IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO
Sponsored by: IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan/IVC/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City)
Date and time: July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 Venue: Kyoto Pulse Plaza, etc.
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