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Home » Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Masashi Hosoda “Rikidozan Widow” ranked first on Amazon ranking for 21 consecutive da ys, 3rd reprint decided! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Masashi Hosoda “Rikidozan Widow” ranked first on Amazon ranking for 21 consecutive da ys, 3rd reprint decided! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Masashi Hosoda’s “Rikidozan Widow” ranked first on Amazon for 21 days in a row, 3rd reprint decided! !
The debt left behind was 3 billion yen. After the death of a hero, his wife’s “battle gong” rang – Winner of the 30th Shogakukan Nonfiction Grand Prize
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The winning work of the 30th Shogakukan Nonfiction Grand Prize, “Rikidozan Widow” (written by Masashi Hosoda), was published by Shogakukan on May 31, 2024, and is now on sale.
This work tells the life story of Keiko Tanaka, the wife of
professional wrestler Rikidozan, who boasted national popularity as a “symbol of post-war reconstruction.”
Behind the scenes of her husband’s sudden death, after her husband’s death, she became president of five companies at the age of 22, shouldered 3 billion yen in debt, and became a mother of four children… Things that have been told so far The life that never existed after that will be revealed.
Keiko, a widow, had the option of giving up her inheritance. But I didn’t think about that.
“I thought that my husband would never want something like that.” Keiko decided to accept the position of president (from the text) ――――――――――
A book that unravels the strange half-life of a woman who lived through the Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras, being exposed to the curious eyes of a “Rikidozan widow,” exposed to the baptism of a male-dominated society, and at the mercy of the special industry of professional wrestling. is.
Immediately after its release, reviews on social media began pouring in, such as, “I’m so impressed with the author’s thorough research skills,” “The writing is amazing, and when you open the page, you’re transported back to that era,” and “It’s a masterpiece that you’ll want to read over and over again.” It’s becoming a hot topic! The book received a great response in the Amazon historical biographical ranking category, ranking first for 21 consecutive days (May 31st to June 20th) since its release, and a third reprint has been decided. It has been printed at an unprecedented rate for a non-fiction book. We have recently received comments from the author and Keiko Tanaka herself.
■Comment from author Masashi Hosoda
My book “Rikidozan Widow” has been on sale for three weeks, and the third reprint has been completed. Thanks to all of you. thank you very much. I want more people to know about Keiko Tanaka’s turbulent life and the underworld that surrounds her. Thank you very much.
■Comment from Keiko Tanaka, wife of Rikidozan
thank you! Thank you very much to all of you. I would be happy if this book could be even a little bit of encouragement to everyone, especially young people and people who had to go through hardships at the time. Thank you very much again.
■Photos from the book “Rikidozan Widow” released!
This book contains many treasured photographs provided by Keiko. I will publish some of them.
Engagement press conference held at Hotel New Japan on January 7, 1963
[Image 2:×1039.jpg] Provided by Keiko Tanaka
Keiko in an evening dress on the day of the reception
[Image 3:×1430.jpg] Provided by Keiko Tanaka
A group photo of Tanaka family relatives and associates taken on the day of the reception.
[Image 4: 38a549E-1738×1265.jpg]
Provided by Keiko Tanaka
Keiko was the chief mourner at Rikidozan’s funeral.
[Image 5:×1827.jpg] Provided by Keiko Tanaka
*When using the photo, please include the credit “Provided by Keiko Tanaka” ■Recommended information from the editor
Her happy marriage with the national star lasted only “6 months.” A “widow” who was burdened with debts of 3 billion yen at the age of 22. One imagines an indescribably heroic person, but as selection committee member Hiromi Hoshino says, Keiko Tanaka is an indescribably “fluffy” and charming woman.
Masashi Hosoda, a non-fiction writer who won the 43rd Kodansha Honda Yasuharu Nonfiction Award, has drawn a detailed portrait of Keiko’s true character, who won the 43rd Kodansha Honda Yasuharu Nonfiction Award for “The Man Who Made Tadashi Sawamura Fly a Vacuum: A Biography of Showa Promoter Osamu Noguchi.” Masterpiece non-fiction. This is a book that I would like many people to read, regardless of age or gender.
■Comments from the selection committee for the 30th Shogakukan Nonfiction Award ・Mizuki Tsujimura (author)
“Widow Keiko’s personality is so charming that it makes you dizzy.” ・Hiromi Hoshino (non-fiction writer)
“We succeeded in highlighting the depth of darkness in postwar Japan. The past and present coexisted well, and the changes in Japan were clearly visible.”
・Mr. Kazuya Shiraishi (film director)
“His relationship with Antonio Inoki and the people around him was also something pro wrestling fans couldn’t bear to read about.” ■Author introduction: Masashi Hosoda
Born in Okayama City in 1971, raised in Tottori City. Graduated from Tottori Johoku High School. After working as a ring announcer, CS caster, and broadcast writer, he became a writer. In 2021, “The Man Who Made Tadashi Sawamura Fly a Vacuum” (Shinchosha) won the 43rd Kodansha Honda Yasuharu Nonfiction Award. In 2023, he won the 30th Shogakukan Nonfiction Award for “Rikidozan Widow.”
■Bibliographic information
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Title: Rikidozan Widow
Author: Masashi Hosoda
List price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Release date: May 31, 2024
Format: 46 format
Number of pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Shogakukan
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