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Ink Design Co., Ltd. Book publishing: Basics and ideas for easy-to-understand slide design

Ink Design Co., Ltd.
Book publishing: Basics and ideas for easy-to-understand slide design Ink Design Co., Ltd., which designs easy-to-understand IR materials, medium-term management plans, and financial statements, will publish its first slide design book!
Understand “Why is it difficult to understand?”
Have you ever created a slide but found it difficult to understand, or couldn’t get your point across? Also, have you ever looked at slides created by someone else and found them difficult to understand? This book systematically explains why things are difficult to understand by breaking them down into three layers.
Ink Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Jun Suzuki) will publish the book “Easy to Understand” Slide Design Basics and Ideas” (Shoeisha) on June 26, 2024.
[Image 1:×1057.jpg] Ink Design Co., Ltd. is a design company that designs IR materials for listed companies and produces many IR materials using PowerPoint, such as corporate websites, shareholder communications, integrated reports, and financial results briefing materials. While helping with communication through design, I have come across clients’ concerns such as “The materials I create myself are difficult to understand” and “I wish I could create materials that were easy to understand.” You will be able to create easy-to-understand slides!
We have condensed know-how on what to pay attention to in order to create easy-to-understand materials, from the basics to practice. For those who think, “I don’t aspire to be a designer, but I want to make the designs I handle in my daily work easier to understand,” I will introduce a number of easy ways to improve them and ways to express them that will make them easier to understand.
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Composition (excerpt)
◎Prologue What is easy to understand? …What does it mean to be easy to understand? / Three levels of slide design / Find out why slides are difficult to understand / Points needed for improvement, etc.
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◎Chapter 1: Basics of creating easy-to-understand
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◎Chapter 2 Easy-to-understand slide examples and key points…Easy to understand the appeal of the company/Easy to understand the strengths of the service/Easy to understand data/Easy to understand the message
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We will answer these questions as well!
Q. I copied the slides from another file and the colors changed! why? Q. I downloaded a cool template, but when I edit it, it doesn’t look cool for some reason! Q. You don’t have to go crazy with the design, just make it! That’s what I’m told, but is it possible? Q. I heard that a certain major IT company prohibits Power Points. Is making a PowerPoint a waste of time? Q. From now on, since I can use AI, I don’t need to learn how to create slides.
Ink Design Co., Ltd. Based on the concept of IR (Investor Relations) x Design, we use the power of design to convey to society a wide range of initiatives and messages for companies such as sustainability, ESG, SDGs, and diversity. Specializes in the expression of business and business of companies and companies, and works on corporate
communication with a focus on IR communication for listed companies. We propose output tailored to the client’s issues, including paper, web, video, presentation, media management, etc., without being limited to media.
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