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Wedgwood New release of “Strawberry Ink Blue” (June 26th)

Wedgwood/Fiskars Japan Co., Ltd.
[Wedgwood] New release of “Strawberry Ink Blue” (June 26th)
A new “Wild Strawberry” is now available from the British royal family brand “Wedgwood”.
Fiskars Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Jeffrey Daggett)’s brand “Wedgwood”, which is a purveyor to the British royal family, will release a new product “Strawberry Ink Blue” on June 26th. Wedgwood’s popular pattern “Wild Strawberry” has been updated for modern times with a deep ink blue.While retaining the British motif of the original “Wild Strawberry”, bold contrast has been added to make it even fresher.
“Strawberry Ink Blue” released
Wedgwood’s long-selling and best-selling “Wild Strawberry” has been updated for modern times with a deep ink blue, and “Strawberry Ink Blue” was born. The British motif of the original Wild Strawberry, released in 1964, is retained, but bold contrast has been added to make it even fresher.
[Video 3:] WILD THING
Natural, fun, and bold, just like wild strawberries. Why not enjoy life freely and honestly with “Strawberry Ink Blue”? “Strawberry Ink Blue” reminds us of the joy of being natural in our daily lives.
[Image 1:×1531.jpg] ENJOY LIFE OUTDOORS
For example, have tea time in nature. Breathing new life into a classic design, Strawberry Ink Blue invites you to enjoy a creative life without being bound by conventional rules.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] TIME TO FLOURISH
With “Strawberry Ink Blue,” you can be bold. Beautiful fine bone china with cute wild strawberries boldly expressed in ink blue, this series is the perfect companion to help you regain your true self and live a free and carefree life.
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] “Strawberry Ink Blue” lineup
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Tea cup & saucer ¥8,250 including tax
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] Mug ¥5,500 including tax
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Teapot (1200ml) ¥33,000 including tax
[Image 7:×1080.jpg] Round bowl 11cm ¥4,400 including tax
Plate 20cm ¥5,500 including tax
Plate 27cm ¥6,600 including tax
Bowl 18cm ¥6,600 including tax
Bowl 24cm ¥7,700 including tax
Please see here for the detail.
●About the Strawberry Ink Blue campaign
The global campaign was created to bring Wedgwood’s beloved wild strawberry print to a new generation. In other words, bold creators are our target audience. Shot in punchy pops of red, green and blue, the campaign tells a story of young, carefree romance and warm moments shared.
Sending a stronger message to Wedgwood’s brand code of “freedom of expression,” and with the theme of connecting with nature and enjoying nature, models Lauren Green and Ivan Woodward introduce “New Wild Strawberries” to the table. Take it out into the world. The story of a couple newly dating Mother Nature is a classic British summer romance, but with a youthful cast and the addition of “Strawberry Ink Blue,” it has been given a modern twist. The video director was Robert Fox and the cinematography was by Jack Symes. His signature style utilizes natural light to create a dream-like quality that expresses fleeting, sparkling moments.
[Video 4:] You can purchase “Strawberry Ink Blue” at the official online shop or at Wedgwood shops nationwide.
▼Wedgwood official online shop
#InkyBlue⁠#WildStrawberry⁠#Wedgwood⁠#Wedgwoodjapan⁠#WILDTHING ●About Wedgwood “Wedgwood” was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood. Our founder, Josiah, was a great potter as well as a pioneer in
philanthropy and marketing. With over 260 years of heritage, Wedgwood is a true British cultural icon and a testament to British
entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Founded on the principles of design, quality and innovation, Wedgwood creates the highest quality fine bone china tableware, signature jasper and beautiful decorative objects. Wedgwood’s influence extends to fashion through its long-standing collaborations with world-renowned designers Vera Wang and Jasper Conran. The spirit of founder Josiah has been passed down to Wedgwood, and today we continue to create moments that enrich people’s lives. ●About Fiskars Fiskars – “Making the everyday extraordinary” Fiskars owns globally recognized brands such as Fiskars, Wedgwood, Waterford, Iittala and Gerber. We would like to provide value that enriches every moment of the casual lives of consumers around the world, and that surrounds them with extraordinary brilliance. Our mission is to create these iconic lifestyle brands as one family, forever enhancing the quality of life. For more
information, please visit (Head office English site)
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