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Home » Number of experienced users exceeded 100 companies Official release of “e-manager”, a management support solution that produces results within 2 months after implementation

Number of experienced users exceeded 100 companies Official release of “e-manager”, a management support solution that produces results within 2 months after implementation

TOiRO Co., Ltd.
[Number of experienced users exceeded 100 companies] Official release of “e-manager”, a management support solution that produces results within 2 months after implementation
Visualize unconscious thinking habits. Solving concerns about how to interact with subordinates through a set diagnosis of superiors and subordinates
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] TOiRO Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuta Manome) has officially begun offering “e-manager,” a management support tool that provides advice through a set diagnosis for superiors and subordinates. We started using it in April 2023, and in about a year, the number of companies we have experienced has exceeded 100.
In addition, it is equipped with a new “condition check function” that allows you to check your motivation and stress status.
You can understand how to interact effectively based on your mental state and take appropriate actions.
e-manager service site:
Business challenges
Against the backdrop of diversifying values ​​and increasing complexity of work, management is becoming more difficult and the burden on managers is increasing year by year. According to Kaonavi HR Technology Research Institute’s “Relationships between superiors and subordinates”, approximately 57% of employees feel that their superiors do not fully understand them.
On the other hand, approximately 60% of respondents said that “being understood by my boss has a positive impact on my work performance.” e-manager visualizes each person’s unconscious habits and creates instruction manuals.
Furthermore, the “set diagnosis function for superiors and
subordinates” provides specific management advice for subordinates. By understanding the words, behavior, and motivational switches that are likely to cause stress, you will be able to find effective ways to interact with others to promote growth. We aim to improve efficiency for busy management and contribute to maximizing organizational performance.
What you can do with e-manager
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] 1. Instruction manual for subordinates
Visualize and quantify the unconscious behavior habits of each subordinate. *Patented
After answering 140 questions, a personal report will be output containing three items: individual characteristics (= behavioral tendencies that tend to occur unconsciously), how easily you feel motivated, and how easily you feel stressed.
2. Set diagnosis of boss and subordinate
Verbalize points and advice to be careful about when interacting with subordinates.
The 1for1 report that can be viewed by superiors can be viewed in combination for each subordinate.
We verbalize what you should be careful about in management based on impressions from subordinates and the characteristics of both superiors and subordinates.
3. Diagnosis of the current status of subordinates
The condition check function (diagnosis once a month) detects yellow traffic lights before leaving the job.
You can find the most appropriate and specific way to deal with your individual motivation and stress characteristics, as well as your current situation and specific concerns.
Service video:
[Video 2:] Feedback from customers who have introduced “e-manager”
・“I realized that the way I treated myself, which I thought was right, was wrong.”
Up until now, I had been giving detailed instructions to my
subordinates, giving them the impression that they were dangerous, but I realized that the way I treated them was wrong.
When I entrusted them with the planning of measures, they began to come up with more and more suggestions, and the measures were able to lead to results. I was able to extend this to other teams and change my communication style to suit each team. (40s/store manager) ・“I was able to give specific instructions on how to respond.” When I had a conversation based on the results of the condition check, I discovered that my subordinates tended to have problems and believed they had to solve them themselves. Being able to give instructions on how to deal with issues led to problem solving. (50s/Business Manager) ・“The quality of 1on1 has improved”
As a result of the increase in the number of young leaders with little management experience, there was a rift in communication between superiors and subordinates. By introducing e-manager, we were able to understand differences in people’s characteristics as data and create management indicators. When there is a discrepancy, we share each other’s data and work together to come up with a solution.
●Introduction results: Challenges
・Real estate-related companies, construction-related companies: middle management training, harassment prevention
・Hospitals, nursing care facilities, clinics: Reduce turnover of active employees
・Convenience store franchise: Consider compatibility and placement of store manager and deputy store manager
・IT company (engineering organization): Reproducibility of good management Representative comment
TOiRO Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yuta Manome
[Image 3:×1402.png ]
Raise the level of management across Japan with e-manager
There is no right way to interact with subordinates. However, I have seen many success stories. I think the problem is that information about successful cases is not shared in a way that anyone can put it into practice.
“Common language” and “reproducibility” are important points in converting successful cases into a form that anyone can put into practice, and e-manager’s feature is that it verbalizes and visualizes these.
Based on the characteristics of superiors and subordinates, by accumulating successful cases of what actions were taken toward subordinates and what results they led to, and by circulating the optimized results, any manager can improve their subordinates’ I want to be able to maximize the performance of my organization.
-Reference article-
“There is no longer any need for training or 1on1s that are just made to be done.
What is an “e-manager” that allows you to manage your subordinates by leveraging their individuality “starting tomorrow”?
About TOiRO Co., Ltd.
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TOiRO Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and operates products that encourage people’s growth, with the vision of “increasing the number of people who have hope for the future and work actively.”
By building a platform where success stories and know-how gather most in Japan, and circulating success stories and know-how to companies, educational institutions, and individuals, we will increase the number of people who work with enthusiasm.
Company name: TOiRO Co., Ltd.
Company HP: URL: 3rd floor, Seiwakai Building, 3-7-12 Kanda Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: 2019 November 22 Representative: Yuta Manome
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