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Home » First in Japan! COFFISO, the main sponsor of OsakaCitySC, has released a new feature of “Takachare TV”, a di gital service that uses AI to revolutionize job hunting for high school students, and allows students to create job list ings themselves! !

First in Japan! COFFISO, the main sponsor of OsakaCitySC, has released a new feature of “Takachare TV”, a di gital service that uses AI to revolutionize job hunting for high school students, and allows students to create job list ings themselves! !

First in Japan! COFFISO, the main sponsor of OsakaCitySC, has released a new feature of “Takachare TV”, a digital service that uses AI to revolutionize job hunting for high school students, and allows students to create job listings themselves! !

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Press release: June 26, 2024
First in Japan! COFFISO, the main sponsor of OsakaCitySC, has released a new feature of “Takachare TV”, a digital service that uses AI to revolutionize job hunting for high school students, and allows students to create job listings themselves! !
*COFFISO Co., Ltd., the main sponsor of OsakaCitySC, has released a new feature that uses AI to import job postings sent from companies to high schools into Takochare TV, allowing students to easily create a list themselves. *
OsakaCitySC, a soccer team from Chuo-ku, Osaka City aiming for the J League, is working with its main sponsor, COFFISO Co., Ltd., which provides employment and career education for high school students and recruitment support for companies, to support young people through activities such as the “Takachare CUP.” I went there jointly with And this time, * COFFISO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Seishiro Shirasaki), which operates “Takachare TV” that digitally supports high school students’ job hunting,
COFFISO (hereinafter referred to as “COFFISO”) has released a new service that utilizes AI to import paper job postings sent from companies to high schools into Takachare TV, allowing students to easily create lists themselves. *

“Takachare TV”, which started service in April 2021, is a job hunting support system that is provided free of charge to high schools in the Kansai and Kanto areas that have high school students who want to work, and is used by each student. *
In the current job hunting process for high school students, even though they do not yet have enough time or ability to think for themselves, they do not have the luxury of learning the necessary efforts to do so. Furthermore, the current situation is that teachers in the field have time taken up by tasks other than teaching, making it difficult to change the system of work related to job hunting that has been going on for many years.
As a result, we were unable to provide students with any more leeway to take action, including career education, so we had to hand-enter paper job postings brought to schools by companies into Excel, create lists, and file them. All I could do was watch.
Traditional lists, in which teachers selected items subjectively, required a lot of effort to create, so it took a long time for students to be able to see them. Furthermore, the information that students really needed was often not included.
These lists made it difficult for students to quickly access information and find information that met their needs. As a result, students were unable to make informed decisions about their futures, increasing the risk of mismatch.

At Cofisso, we provide the AI-based system “Takachare TV,” which allows teachers to upload paper job postings and allow students to view them on devices such as smartphones, as well as career education using Takachare. We are working to provide opportunities for students to choose their futures on their own while reducing the burden on teachers.
The AI-based system “Takachare TV” has already been introduced by more than 360 schools in the Kansai region and 60 schools in the Kanto region, and has been well received by teachers, students, and parents at each school.

-Release of new feature that allows students to create job listings themselves- This time, we have released a new feature of Takachare TV. The new feature is the [*Create list for students*] function.

This new feature allows students to create their own lists. This function not only reduces the teacher’s effort, but also allows students to create their own lists, unlike traditional lists in which teachers select items subjectively. This allows you to not only create and view a list instantly, but also compare job openings based on your priorities.

In addition, this new feature provides more than 50 types of fields found in current job postings, and students can freely customize these fields. With this rich selection of options, students can create a list based on the information they want to consider when choosing a company, and are expected to find jobs more efficiently.

* -Background of the birth of the job hunting management system Takachare TV- * We decided to start a job support business for high school students after we started discussing within the company, “There are a surprising number of high school graduates who are doing well.” Thinking that this was indeed the case, I went to high schools and found that there were very few children who were delinquent in this day and age. However, there were many children who were pessimistic and had negative thoughts about their future, and I thought, “If we can help these children spread their wings through education, more people will be able to play an active role in society.”
When we discussed this idea with the school, we discovered that teachers were having trouble giving career advice to high school students because they themselves had no job experience. From there, career lectures began, and this initiative has now spread throughout the Kansai region. It has evolved in response to the needs of teachers and students.

* -About the job hunting management system “Takachare TV”- * Cofisso operates “Takachare TV”, an information site for high school graduate job hunting. From July 2022, we started a service that manages paper job postings sent to high schools on the cloud. By reading job postings on a multifunction device, you can read information such as company name, address, number of employees, and benefits.
By entering the Takachare TV ID and password on the Takachare TV website, teachers and students can view the job information uploaded to Takachare TV, digitized by AI. There is also a function that allows teachers to keep track of job information that students have added to their favorites.
Until now, at most high schools, teachers and others selected the necessary information from job postings and manually entered it into computers.
At Cofisso, we would like to reduce the administrative burden on teachers so that they can spend more time teaching and interviewing students.

* [For inquiries regarding this matter] * COFFISO Co., Ltd. Public Relations Telephone/FAX: 06-6227-8112/06-6227-8114

* [About COFFISO Co., Ltd.] *
At COFFISO Co., Ltd., we want high school students to make their own career choices.
The current situation is more difficult than that of university students, as seen from the restrictions on career choices. After information is released in July of the year in which high school students graduate, they must use their summer vacation to choose a company.
Furthermore, the main source of information when choosing a company is Hello Work’s job postings full of letters.
I want “Takachare” to have a broader perspective, and to increase the options for as many high school students as possible. We want you to choose a company without regrets or mistakes.

* ■No. 1 track record in Kansai for high school graduate recruitment If you want to hire while keeping costs down, go for “Takachare”* URL:
Takachare is a service that connects high schools, high school students, and companies through various means and provides efficient and continuous support for recruitment.
“Takachare” is a comprehensive recruitment support service that supports the recruitment of high school graduates who will be a fresh new force for each company, centering on strong connections with high schools mainly in the Kansai and Kanto regions.
We provide career education support for students at each school, opportunities to contact high school students and PR media for companies, and have established ourselves as the No. 1 high school graduate recruitment support service in the Kansai region.

* ■Kansai student usage rate No. 1: “Takachare TV” that supports high school students’ employment *
Information on job postings, which used to be black and white with only text, is now posted on the employment information site. It is possible to introduce the atmosphere of the company from a high school student’s perspective and interviews with actual employees using photos and videos.
High school students will be able to view job postings directly after the opening of job postings in July, so they can directly consult with their career guidance instructors, visit workplaces, and apply. *App information*
Service name: Takachare TV
Distribution format: iPhone/Android
Compatible OS: ios11.0 or later / Android4.4 or later
App Store:

* – Click here to inquire about registering to use Takachare TV -*

* ■Joint industry information session where high school students and companies can interact directly*
High school students had little opportunity to learn about the industry and little information about job hunting, so they had a narrow perspective. By researching on your own what kind of industries exist in the world, you may realize that the scope of the industry you knew about was narrow. At COFFISO, we hold industry information sessions as part of our career education so that students can research the industry on their own.

-Company Profile-
◆COFFISO Co., Ltd. (
Head office location: 5F Uehonmachi Building, 6-9-14 Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative Director: Shirasaki

Established: April 2017

* Contact information *

OsakaCitySC Co., Ltd. strongly sympathizes with COFFISO Co., Ltd.’s philosophy and would like to continue to “strongly support young people” through football.
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