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Home » Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. Amidst the increasing number of children with developmental disorders and a shortage of supporters and support, at-home treatment is attracting attention. The book “Home treatment for autistic children with speech de

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. Amidst the increasing number of children with developmental disorders and a shortage of supporters and support, at-home treatment is attracting attention. The book “Home treatment for autistic children with speech de

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
Amid the growing number of children with developmental disabilities and a shortage of supporters and support, at-home therapy is attracting attention. The book “Home-based therapy for autistic children with speech delays” ranks in the sales rankings at Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store.
“Words” by Horn Imagawa, a certified psychologist and lecturer at Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kayoko Yoshino), which teaches parenting methods for children in the gray zone of developmental disorders, was released on April 30th. “Home Treatment for Autistic Children with Slow Autism” (Pastel Publishing Co., Ltd.) ranked 7th in the non-fiction category at Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store, following the 1st place in the specialty book category at Junkudo Bookstore Kichijoji store (as investigated from 5/20 to 5/26). We would like to inform you that we have obtained (as per research from 6/13 to 6/19).
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] [Reprinted home development support book Junkudo Kichijoji store, Maruzen Marunouchi main store ranked]
The book “Home Treatment for Autistic Children with Speech Slow”, which was sold out after being featured on Yahoo! News, is now available at Junkudo Shoten Kichijoji store.
Ranked 1st in technical book rankings (collected from May 20, 2024 to May 26, 2024). 7th place in the Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store non-fiction category
(Tally from June 13th to June 19th, 2024).
Background to the need for home development support
According to statistics, it is said that approximately 1 in 100 children has autism. In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced a survey result in December 2022 stating that “8.8% of children enrolled in regular classes need special educational support”, and as of May 2023, According to the results of the Basic School Survey, the number of children attending special needs schools nationwide has exceeded 150,000, the highest number ever. However, the waiting list for developmental tests and child psychiatric consultations of six months to a year has not changed for many years. Regarding the development of language, there is an overwhelming shortage of people such as speech therapists who provide support. Currently, there is still not enough concrete support for children with developmental disabilities and the burden placed on their families. This book is written by the author, who was working as a clinical psychologist in the field of treatment when she found out that her child was autistic. She experienced emotional conflict, not being able to provide support for her child, and experienced speech therapy. In addition, by talking to your child while being aware of the mechanisms of the brain, your relationship with your child will change dramatically, and the book summarizes specific ways in which you were able to achieve the conversation you had previously given up on.

○9 years old My heart trembled as I read the stories of each of the boys’ mothers, and I couldn’t stop crying. My heart tightened as I could clearly see the hardships and feelings of the mothers involved. However, by taking appropriate measures, I was able to achieve miraculous growth from a hopeless situation, and I was able to have great hope. It contains various types of children’s problems and practical examples of how to deal with them, and there was one that applied to my child as well. What I’ve been doing vaguely by reading books and going to therapy sessions until now, I need to do this concretely! I was able to visualize it intuitively. After reading this book, I understood exactly what “praise” means. Even my child, who can’t do many things, has increased the amount of activity just by verbalizing what he is doing as if it were a live broadcast! And as he looked forward to my words, he became emotionally stable. Smiling has become a daily routine for me, and seeing my child like that has given me peace of mind. I would like mothers who are about to give up and think there is nothing more they can do to read this. There are some things you can do, and if you treat your child in the right way, you can help your child grow! This is a book that gives me hope. ○Mother of a 6-year-old child I’m sure all mothers of children with autism have experienced many difficult things, but even in such a situation, you want to do something about it yourself! Each of you has stories of how your child has grown by continuing to move and not giving up, and I, too, feel like I don’t want to give up. I would love to read the techniques and explanations used by mothers and
incorporate them into my own interactions with my children! ! ○Mother of a 5 year old child
We did “Let’s watch things together that are of interest to children.” My son loves trains and railroad crossings, and every time he spots a railroad crossing, he says, “Oh! Railroad crossing! ‘ When I pointed at him, he followed me with his eyes. And no matter how many times I did this, my son would grab my hand and gesture to point at the railroad crossing! My son said, “Look! ” was a statement of intent.
○Mother of a 3 year old girl
What particularly impressed me was the story of the seven people depicted in the manga. I really respect her for not giving up on raising a child with special characteristics even though she had to go through a lot of hardships. I have searched night and night for things like “I can’t raise a disabled child” or “I want to abandon my child,” and even seriously thought about “Should I leave my child in a facility?” However, the people mentioned above are now facing their children in a positive manner, which is very encouraging. Like them, I want to become a mother who can fundamentally change the way I think and act and accept my daughter for who she is.
[Image 2:×1024.png ]
Book content details – – Title: “Nurture your brain and your conversation skills will improve quickly! At-home treatment for autistic children with slow speech” Author: Imagawa Horn
Release date: April 30, 2024
Price: 1430 yen (1300 yen + tax)
Format: 46/252 pages
ISBN-13: 978-4991302411
Publisher: Pastel Publishing
Author introduction
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Imagawa horn
Developmental Science Communication Master Trainer.
Completed graduate school at Teikyo University.
Master of Clinical Psychology.
Certified psychologist.
Representative of Kokokara Development Lab Co., Ltd.
Mother of three children, including an autistic daughter.
She gave birth to her first daughter while working as a clinical psychologist at a hospital in Saitama Prefecture, and when her first daughter was diagnosed with autism, she started working at a child development support agency. After that, she came across developmental science communication and became convinced that “parental voices at home” can help children with autism develop. Serves as a master trainer in developmental science communication.
In addition to teaching moms and dads who are worried about their children’s speech delays about the “3-month speaking improvement method for autism” at-home therapy to improve their children’s language, we also train trainers. Official website –
[Image 4:×600.jpg] [Company profile] Company name: Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. Representative: Kayoko Yoshino Location: Sunshine 60, 45th floor, 3-1-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6045 Business content: Management of child-rearing courses/development research and development/start-up Support project URL:
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