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Webinar held on the theme of “Problems that cannot be solved by ID management systems alone”

Majicemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “Problems that cannot be solved by ID management systems alone”
Magisemi Co., Ltd. will be holding a webinar on the theme of “Problems that cannot be solved by ID management systems alone.”
[Image:×720.jpg] (Click here for details and application) ■“ID management system” is being introduced as cloud usage expands. Many companies and
organizations are using it for business purposes. With the
introduction of multiple SaaS and cloud services in line with the current situation, it has become necessary to manage different access privileges and domains for each user. In order to properly and efficiently enforce employee access rights, ID management systems and IDaaS have become indispensable, especially for large organizations. ■Operational work issues that cannot be resolved by system
implementation alone, unreduced management load and security risks Introduction of an ID management system will help ensure security, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance. However, there are some areas that general ID management systems cannot cover. In addition, ID management systems provision IDs in units of
“registration, change, and deletion,” but they are not linked to personnel events such as transfers, leaves of absence, and secondment. Due to these organizational changes and transfers, individual customized development may be required to realize operations that match actual business processes. As a result, tasks related to collecting registration information, preprocessing, and granting system usage privileges when introducing a new SaaS or system are still manual tasks that are managed and operated using Microsoft Excel. As a result, issues such as “it takes time and effort to manage ID” and “the inability to automate operations” and risks related to security and internal controls due to operational errors also arise. ■Introducing “DALIAS,” which eases the complicated and time-consuming operation of ID management.This seminar introduces “DALIAS,” an ID information infrastructure database service, as a solution to the above problems that cannot be solved by simply introducing an ID management system. to introduce. Using demos and use cases, we will explain how smart ID management can be enabled to reduce the effort and risk for personnel. If you have introduced an ID management system, but it is not easy to operate, or you feel there are challenges or risks with your current management method, please join us. ■This webinar is especially recommended for the following people: ・Those who are concerned about the operation of complex ID management, such as those found in group companies. ・Even if an ID management system has been introduced, managing and operating system usage privileges (Click here for details and application) ■Sponsor: Axio Co., Ltd. ■Cooperation: Open Source Utilization Research Institute Co., Ltd. Majisemi Co., Ltd. The company Majisemi will continue to hold webinars that are “useful to participants.” ★For applications for other webinars and videos and materials from past seminars, please see below★ ★If you would like to host a webinar, please watch this video★ https: // More details about this release: