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You can easily analyze the data of over 100,000 LINE friends Function update

You can easily analyze the data of over 100,000 LINE friends [Function update]
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Press release: June 26, 2024
You can easily analyze the data of over 100,000 LINE friends [Function update] *Eborani improves CSV download function of LINE marketing tool “anybot”* *
The LINE marketing tool “anybot” provided by Eborani Co., Ltd. is also used for large accounts registered by many friends. In this feature update, we have improved the ability to stably download CSV files of over 100,000 friend information. You can continue doing other tasks using anybot while downloading, making daily and weekly report creation stress-free. You can shorten the cycle of verifying and improving marketing measures. *

Function details [Eborani Co., Ltd.] You can easily download information on over 100,000 friends from your LINE official account.
Development background
anybot has a function to download the basic information and input information of users who have registered as friends on LINE official accounts in bulk (CSV format). For official LINE accounts with a large number of friends, such as over 100,000, it took a long time to download, and in some cases the management screen could not be operated during that time, or data acquisition failed.
With this update, we have improved the ability to smoothly download CSV even for large accounts. Also, you can now perform other operations while downloading.
Feature overview
*Target: Accounts with 100,000 or more registered friends*

After generating the CSV download list screen, anybot’s server side acquires user data as a CSV file and compresses it. Later, anybot users developed a way to download compressed files.
Setting method
Standard display items on the user list screen – Settings – Create custom settings – Others

Check “Asynchronous CSV download”
*If not checked, it will be downloaded immediately as before. [Eborani Co., Ltd.] CSV download settings screen 1.
2.Click “CSV related” on the “User” screen
[Eborani Co., Ltd.] CSV download settings screen 2.
3. Check the file to download from the “CSV file list”.

CSV download: Perform a download with the selected filter.
CSV file list: A list of files downloaded with the corresponding administrator privileges will be displayed.
[Eborani Co., Ltd.] CSV download settings screen 3.
4.CSV file list screen

– Automatically updated every minute. You can also update manually by clicking the [Refresh] button.
– Click the download icon (cloud and arrow mark) to download. – Please enter the password to unzip the zip file.

If it is large, it may be split into multiple files. Split files are displayed side by side on the same line. Download each zip file and unzip it to combine them into the same CSV file.
[Eborani Co., Ltd.] CSV download settings screen 4.
How to use this function
Data management will become smoother and the operation of LINE official accounts with a large user base will be greatly improved. While downloading, you can perform other operations such as chat support and post settings on the management screen.

Examples of marketing strategies for LINE official accounts using friend data include the following:

*Confirming newly registered friends*: Data on newly registered users is downloaded regularly and used for daily and weekly reports and policy planning.
*Marketing campaign analysis*:
Download new registrant data during or after a major promotion. For example, please use it for analyzing survey responses.
Reference article
Update details:

What is anybot?
Eborani Co., Ltd.’s main product is a marketing tool that accelerates DX in distribution, service, retail, etc. By adding functions such as reservations, membership cards, e-commerce, payments, coupons and campaigns to existing platforms such as LINE, Messenger, and email, customers can use services more conveniently.
In April 2023, anybot for
ChatGPT has been released and its functionality has improved dramatically. In addition to strengthening ties with customers by promoting repeat business and increasing loyalty, we also contribute to solving issues such as improving operational efficiency and countering labor shortages.
Eborani Co., Ltd.
Head office: Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Representative Director: Sou Yu
An IT venture in Yokohama founded in 2018. With our main service anybot, we solve customer problems and promote digitalization. We are also focusing on regional revitalization and IT human resources development, contributing to society through initiatives such as local supermarkets in Aomori and IT education support for high school students in Shizuoka Prefecture.
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