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Smart Counseling Room Co., Ltd. Q&A, which has over 1,400 employees and two group companies, has introduced “SmartHR” and “Smart Counseling Room”

[Smart Counseling Room Co., Ltd.] Q&A, which has over 1,400 employees and two group companies, has introduced “SmartHR” and “Smart Counseling Room”

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Press release: June 26, 2024
Q&A, which has over 1,400 employees and two group companies, introduces “SmartHR” and “Smart Consultation Room”
*~Supporting employee concerns due to the reform of the evaluation system through counseling by career consultants and professional coaches~*
Smart Counseling Office Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director/CEO: Fujita
“Smart Counseling Room”, an online interpersonal support service for corporations operated by Yasuo Yasuo, is operated by Q&A Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Representative Director).
President: Hayato Nomura).
■Business issues and reasons for introducing “Smart Consultation Room”

The company, which provides ICT technical support services, needed to develop consultants with deep knowledge of digital technology in order to respond to the constantly emerging new technologies and solutions. Furthermore, the issues that the human resources department must address are becoming more complex, such as the difficulty in securing human resources and the diversification of employee values ​​regarding work styles such as career advancement and work-life balance. In order to achieve further business growth, we aim to build a strong company foundation through the retention and growth of human resources by providing a safer and more secure working environment by being close to our approximately 1,400 employees who are the core of our business. Ta.

We have begun introducing a counseling service with the aim of improving employee retention rates and lowering the rate of
absenteeism. However, usage rates were low due to factors such as a lack of recognition from employees. Additionally, because they are not able to freely choose who they want to talk to, some say they are unable to speak their true feelings when there is a mismatch with the counselor, or are unable to feel free to seek advice. Furthermore, with existing counseling services, it is difficult to analyze the content of consultations due to information provision regulations, making it difficult to identify bottlenecks for resignations or leaves of absence, as well as other concerns faced by employees.

We have also recently revised our evaluation system and clarified the skills required of employees by grade. At that time, as the skills required by the company became clearer, some employees began to feel unsure about the skills they had accumulated over the years. However, immediately after the system reform, there was no in-house know-how to support career development, and we were unable to provide sufficient support.

Under such circumstances, the company started considering a “Smart Consultation Room” after introducing “SmartHR”. I was attracted to the ability to use the functions of “SmartHR” to disseminate counseling services, and the ability to provide employees with career development support that could not be covered by in-house resources alone, in addition to counseling. We have decided to introduce it.

In regular interviews with industrial physicians, there are cases in which people avoid consultation because they are concerned about personnel evaluations, or they are unable to get their true feelings out. On the other hand, the “Smart Counseling Room,” which is an external consultation center, provides an environment where employees can talk about their concerns while ensuring psychological safety because the content of the consultation is not known to the company. Additionally, employees can choose their own counselor from over 200 counselors, which prevents mismatches with counselors and makes it easier to receive counseling. This also serves as a primary prevention measure for retirement and leave of absence.

In addition, the “Smare Consultation Room” is staffed by career consultants and professional coaching qualifications, so employees’ career development and work-related concerns can be answered by outside specialists with appropriate skills and qualifications. We provide a supportive environment. This is expected to increase employee motivation and improve productivity, which would be difficult to achieve with in-house know-how alone.

Furthermore, the status of consultations by employees can be checked in real time using the dashboard function, which allows us to analyze trends in mental health issues and the usage of counters, which can be used for prevention efforts.

Additionally, in order to understand the status of the organization and employees, the company has introduced the “SmartHR” employee survey function in addition to the “Smart Counseling Room.” This allows you to distribute satisfaction surveys using “SmartHR” employee data. Therefore, when identifying organizational issues, it is possible to perform multifaceted analysis by combining employee data, satisfaction survey results, and the consultation status of the “Smart Counseling Room.”

Through the “Smar Consultation Room” and “Employee Survey,” we aim to realize a better working environment that is closer to employees by highlighting the true feelings of employees and giving them an awareness of organizational issues from various angles.
■What to expect from “Smart Consultation Room”

We currently have learning content and self-stress diagnosis, but we hope to have more content for self-care, and that employees will access the Smart Consultation Room My Page every day and become a site where they can see their current condition at a glance. I am. * Life Infrastructure Support Business Headquarters East Japan Life Infrastructure Support Business Division Manager Tami Shinozaki*

By creating a work environment filled with love where all employees can enjoy their work and smile naturally, we provide our customers with the highest quality of service (emotional service) and strengthen our relationship with our customers. We aim to be a 100-year company that shares excitement and grows sustainably.

In order to achieve the above, it is extremely important to regularly monitor employee feedback (ES, career vision, etc.). By utilizing employee surveys, we would like to accelerate the above cycle more than ever and promote the realization of happiness management. In the future, we hope to expand the functionality to make it easier for employees to respond and analyze the results.
* Mr. Takao Katsumata, Deputy Manager, Human Resources Department, Human Resources and General Affairs Headquarters*

■Overview of “Smart Consultation Room”
“Smart Counseling Room” is an online interpersonal support service for corporations that eliminates the “moyamoya” of workers and aligns “individual growth” with “organizational growth.”
By providing functions such as mental care, coaching, and a stress check/harassment desk to ensure legal compliance, we contribute to corporate health management and the well-being of workers.
In general, “organizational growth” is a linear upward trend based on the management plan, while “individual growth” is a curve that repeatedly rises and falls, taking into account individual life events. Smart Consultation Room’s interpersonal support services support individual growth, and by bridging the gap between the two, we support the growth of the entire organization.
“Smart Consultation Room” service site:

■Functions of “Smart Consultation Room”
– Counselor consultation
– Coaching
– Doctor interview
– Harassment Desk
– Stress check
– Learning content
– Opinion box
– Coordination of industrial physician interview
– eNPS survey
■About the trial plan
– Target: Corporate accounts (companies/offices) that have not had a contract in the past.
– Free period: 21 days from the registration date
– What you can experience:
– Counselor consultation
– Coaching
– Stress check
– Learning content
– Opinion box
– Detailed URL: **
◼ About Smart Counseling Room Co., Ltd.
We have developed and operate “Smart Consultation Room,” an online interpersonal support service for corporations that eliminates the “moyamoya” of working people and aligns “individual growth” with “organizational growth.”
It was established in February 2021 as the representative by Yasuo Fujita, who has been involved in new business development and organizational management for 10 years at a medical company. We operate our business with the mission of “aligning growth”. The main product, “Smart Consultation Room”, was developed from CEO Fujita’s unique perspective based on his experience in organizational management.
In general, “organizational growth” is a linear upward trend based on a business plan, while “individual growth” is a curve that repeats finely upward and downward steps while taking into account individual life events. If their trajectories do not match, a gap will occur and imbalance will occur. At such times, the “Smart Counseling Room” supports the growth of the entire organization by supporting the growth of individuals. Smart Counseling Room is a group company of SmartHR.

Smart Counseling Office Co., Ltd.
Representative Director/CEO: Yasuo Fujita
Business content: Planning, development, operation, and sales of “Smart Consultation Room”
Established: February 1, 2021
Address: Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Company URL:

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