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Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd. Quollio raises 750 million yen in Series A round, exceeding 1 billion yen in cumulative funding

Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd.
Quollio raises 750 million yen in Series A round, exceeding 1 billion yen in total raised
Supporting large domestic companies in utilizing data & AI and solving governance issues by promoting data intelligence centered on metadata management technology
Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ryota Matsumoto, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Quollio), which provides next-generation data intelligence solutions for domestic enterprise companies, has DNX Ventures (hereinafter DNX) as its lead investor. We are pleased to announce that we have completed raising 750 million yen through a third-party allotment of capital to ITOCHU Technology Ventures (ITV) and Incubate Fund, bringing the total amount raised to over 1 billion yen. . So far, Incubate Fund has led the seed round and ITV has led the pre-Series A round.
[Image 1:×900.jpg] “Challenges of data & AI utilization faced by companies” and social background faced by Quollio
Recently, as companies around the world move toward cloud computing, digitization, and AI, the demand for appropriate management of data assets is increasing. In particular, in recent years, the spread of cloud-based data warehouses such as Snowflake and Databricks has made it easier to calculate and share data, but it has also brought to light data quality and reliability issues.
Historically, data has been generated and used independently by various departments and systems, and as a result of this process, an infinite number of new data are generated, resulting in
inconsistencies in meaning and definition, low-quality data, and the background of generation due to turnover. There is a lot of
forgetting. Particularly in large companies, when considering company-wide data asset management in the context of DX and AI, these problems become apparent, hindering organizational data utilization, and creating a situation where it is difficult for the business use of AI to penetrate. I’m reading.
[Image 2:×2042.jpg]
[Image 3:×2042.jpg] To address this issue, Quollio focuses on the concept of “active metadata*1,” which streamlines the collection and organization of data assets across an organization through strategic metadata provision and unlocks the potential of data and AI utilization. , develops and provides “Quollio Data Intelligence Cloud” centered on metadata management technology. By utilizing this platform, we can centrally manage “metadata (information on data meaning definition, quality status, life cycle, usage, etc.)” and fundamentally support companies’ data & AI utilization and their governance activities. .
Already in the three years since its founding in 2021, Quollio’s inquiries are rapidly increasing due to the acceleration of DX and cloud migration at large companies, such as introduction by KDDI and Hakuhodo Technologies. The interface design that addresses the structural characteristics of the domestic IT environment and the ability to immediately reflect customer requests are also praised as support unique to a domestic startup.
*1 The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management was just scrapped. Here’s everything you need to know. Purpose of procurement and future prospects
The funds raised will be used to provide even more satisfying services to companies struggling with data management.

・Strengthening products
・Strengthen support system and improve customer satisfaction ・Active investment in technology including integration with generative AI According to the Corporate IT Trend Survey Report*2, approximately 70% of domestic companies with sales of 1 trillion yen are already working on metadata management, indicating that this initiative is an urgent issue for companies. Additionally, the Data Reader for Managers*3 indicates that data inventory and cataloging are important for realizing data management. In today’s world where data is the new oil, Quollio Technologies has achieved further growth, and with our metadata management technology and software development capabilities as our core, we are solving the management issues of large companies that have trouble managing their data assets. We will support value creation by utilizing
*2 Japan Information Systems Users Association (JUAS) Corporate IT Trend Survey Report 2022 Latest Trends in IT Investment and
Utilization by User Companies (2021 Survey) 2022/04/JUAS_IT2022.pdf
*3 Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan Data Management Handbook for Managers (Published: May 27, 2024) -management-guidebook-for-managers.pdf
Investor comments
DNX Ventures Managing Partner
Head of Japan Mr. Yo Kurabayashi / Principal Mr. Tomohiro Nakano
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] Mr. Yo Kurabayashi
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] Mr. Tomohiro Nakano
We are very pleased to have been able to invest in Quollio’s Series A as a lead investor. In the more than one year since the last round, I have been able to accompany Mr. Matsumoto as a business manager, and I have watched with great confidence as he has greatly expanded his business as a business manager, attracted diverse and talented talent one after another, and seen his business perspective improve day by day. We are convinced that metadata-based intelligence is an urgent and critical piece of data utilization for large enterprises. DNX will provide strong support so that this funding will accelerate Quollio’s challenges and update society as a data infrastructure.
ITOCHU Technology Ventures Co., Ltd.
Director & Partner Mr. Shinzo Nakano / Director & Partner Mr. Takeshi Abe
[Image 6:×1885.jpg] Mr. Shinzo Nakano
[Image 7:×530.jpg ]
Mr. Takeshi Abe
We are very pleased to be able to participate in the additional funding following the pre-Series A for Quollio Technologies. Since the last procurement, Quollio has been rapidly growing by acquiring customers with its strong proposal capabilities and thorough customer success. User companies aim to make data utilization easier for everyone, and Quollio’s data catalog product is a guidepost in that direction. In addition, Quollio is adept at quickly absorbing requirements and incorporating them into products, and is
overwhelmingly supported by user companies. We would like to provide maximum support so that we can contribute to Quollio’s future growth. Incubate Fund Co., Ltd.
Representative Partner Masahiko Honma
[Image 8:×1089.jpg] Mr. Masahiko Honma
Incubate Fund has also made an additional investment in Quollio, which has supported Quollio since its founding. As a result of building Quollio’s unique multicultural organization and building products based on modern philosophy, leading up to this Series A round, Quollio has received high praise from major clients around the world. In the future, I would like Quollio to install the concept of “data intelligence” as a mechanism in large Japanese companies and significantly update the data operations of the entire Japanese industry.
Representative comment
Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO Ryota Matsumoto
[Image 9:×1729.jpg] Ryota Matsumoto
We are very pleased with Series A. Three years since its founding, Quollio has been consistently growing by providing products based on next-generation metadata technology that incorporates global trends in order to promote the use of data and AI by Japanese companies. After this investment round led by DNX Ventures, Quollio will further expand its products, build a full-fledged organization, and accelerate the contribution of value to customers. I am excited about the
responsibility and expectations of taking on this field on the wave of the global era of great AI. I will continue to work hard.
Features of Quollio Data Intelligence Cloud
Quollio Data Intelligence is a platform that accelerates enterprise companies’ DX, data utilization, and AI utilization. The interface design assumes the collaboration of a wide range of users, including not only data scientists and data engineers, but also DX personnel, business department users, and external partners.It centrally manages metadata, which is important for data utilization, and enables enterprise-wide collaboration. We fundamentally support data utilization and data governance activities.
The main features are as follows.
・You can collect technical metadata, inventory and manage the data assets held by your organization, and visualize the overall picture. ・Metadata can be collected from various DWH (Data Warehouse), BI (Business Intelligence), and ELT (Extract/Load/Transform) tools, which makes it easier to use the data. You can more accurately understand the degree, lineage, quality, etc.
– Designed not only for conventional data utilization experts (data scientists) to view metadata, but also for DX personnel and business department users who are not experts to input metadata.
・Achieve highly flexible scope of responsibility and authority design, as well as workflow automation, assuming silos between departments in enterprise companies.
[Image 10:×2042.jpg] Please see the corporate site for details on use cases and specifications.
About recruitment
At Quollio, we are actively hiring to strengthen our team. We are looking for people who will be active in the field of data management, which is receiving increasing attention.
Furthermore, at Data Intelligence Tokyo, an international community based in Tokyo hosted and operated by Quollio, English speakers living in Japan who are involved in the field of data management regularly exchange information and network. A Quollio recruitment event will be held at the same time as the July community event. You will have the opportunity to interact with our leadership team and members of the field, learn more about your role and responsibilities as part of the team, and experience first-hand the culture and community of Quollio and the data management space.
For more information, please visit our official LinkedIn
About Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd.
We are a data technology partner whose mission is to connect information and knowledge around the world, connect people and businesses, and build a future that promotes new value creation. Quollio, centered on metadata management technology and software development capabilities, solves management issues related to corporate data and promotes value creation from society’s data and AI. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Quollio Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Address: Nippon TV Yotsuya Building, 5-3-23 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Ryota Matsumoto
Business content: Development and provision of data intelligence products # # #
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