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Canoe Slalom Center “Enjoy Water Day!! ~World Drowning Prevention Day Event~” to be held on Sunday, July 2 1st

Kyoei Co., Ltd.
“Enjoy Water Day!! ~World Drowning Prevention Day Event~” will be held on Sunday, July 21st
Enjoy activities while learning about water safety!
The Canoe Slalom Center (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo), the venue for the Tokyo 2020 Games, will hold the “Enjoy Water Day!! ~ World Drowning Prevention Day Event ~” on Sunday, July 21st in conjunction with “World Drowning Prevention Day.” This event will be held.
The purpose of this event is to “enjoy the fun of playing by the water” and “how to prevent water accidents.” We will hold a
“Waterside Safety Experience Course” and “Canoe Experience” where you can learn how to play safely by the water while wearing a life jacket, and we will also hold a life jacket exhibition and sale. Summer vacation, when people have more opportunities to play by the water, also tends to increase the number of water accidents. Through this event, we hope to raise awareness of water accidents among many people and help reduce the number of tragic accidents at waterfronts.
The “Waterside Safety Experience Course” will be divided into two parts: “Ocean Edition” and “River Edition”, as the ocean and rivers have different characteristics and risks.
Instructors will be provided by experts from the Japan Lifesaving Association, a public interest incorporated foundation, and the River Learning Experience Activities Council, a nonprofit organization that has been engaged in safety awareness activities in various fields for many years.
Additionally, as Japan’s only man-made canoe course, we have taken advantage of the well-developed environment to recreate water currents similar to ocean rip currents and natural rivers. This will be an opportunity for you to gain practical knowledge through a safe experience.
■Event overview
・Date: Sunday, July 21, 2024
1. 9:00-12:15 2. 13:30-16:45 Capacity 90 people each time
*The event may be canceled depending on weather conditions.
・Location: Canoe Slalom Center (6-1-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo) ・Participant target: 4th grade elementary school students and above ・Participation fee: 800 yen
・Participation method: Advance reservation required, accepted on a first-come, first-served basis at the Canoe Slalom Center reservation site
Canoe Slalom Center Official Website – – ■Contents
1: Waterside safety experience course
Divided into two areas: “sea” and “river”, you will experience and learn how to wear a life jacket and how to deal with risks.
[Image 1:×2592.jpg] ◆Sea area: Cooperation with Japan Lifesaving Association (JLA) You will experience a simulated rip current under the direct guidance of a lifeguard who is familiar with the sea. Even if you get caught in the current, you will learn how to stay calm and get out of the current without panicking, and you will experience for yourself the necessity of wearing a life jacket in flowing water.
[Comment from Japan Lifesaving Association]
Through this event, we hope that while learning techniques to protect one’s own life, they will gain a sense of awe for nature and realize the preciousness of human life, and that they will become interested in activities that help save human life. I also sincerely hope that the number of water accidents in our country will decrease even just a little.
[Image 2:×2592.jpg] ◆River area: Cooperation with the NPO River Learning Activities Council (RAC) Wearing life jackets and experiencing a simulated river flow, students learn about the characteristics of rivers by experiencing the difficulty of actually going against the current and how to safely be swept away in the event of an emergency.

[Comment from the NPO River Learning Activities Council]
We train instructors and provide safety training so that as many people as possible can enjoy wonderful experiences in the fascinating field of rivers, and to prevent irreplaceable lives from being lost in rivers.
We hope you will have fun learning at this event and enjoy being more active near the water this summer.
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] 2: Canoe experience
We will have a “canoe experience” under the guidance of the Canoe Slalom Center. You can freely choose from various types of canoes and have the valuable experience of paddling on competitive courses that are normally not accessible to beginners. This is a special program available only on this day, where you can experience the fun of playing near the water with your entire body.

[What is World Drowning Prevention Day]
Concerned about the enormous human and resource damage caused by drowning accidents, WHO declared July 25th as “World Drowning Prevention Day” through the United Nations General Assembly in April 2021, and designated July 25th every year. Ta. The aim is to raise and disseminate awareness around the world about the prevention of water accidents that should be preventable.
In Japan, the Japan Life Saving Association is actively disseminating information, and for 2023, they have set the theme of “Going Blue” and called on people to wear blue accessories and decorations and communicate on SNS.
[Image 4:×1080.png ]
[Water accidents in the sea and rivers increase in summer]
There were 1,392 water accidents in Japan in FY2020, with 743 people dead or missing.
More than 80% of water accidents occurred in the sea or rivers, and more than 30% were concentrated in the summer (July to August).

▶ Overview of water accidents nationwide in FY2020
[Image 5:×1080.png ]
● Nationwide outbreak status (in parentheses are junior high school students and younger)
Number of incidents: 1,392 (492) / Summer: 453 (49)
Floating victims: 1,667 (177) people / Summer: 568 (106) people Of these, dead and missing: 743 (27) people / Summer: 236 (16) people ●743 dead and missing people by place of occurrence
Sea 368 people/49.5%
River 248 people/33.4%
Others 127 people/17.1%
(From the Metropolitan Police Department’s “Summary of Water Safety in 2025” □Implementation system
Sponsor: Canoe Slalom Center (designated manager Kyoei Co., Ltd.) Cooperation: Japan Life Saving Association, NPO River Learning Activities Council, River Foundation, Kinugawa Co., Ltd.
□Contact information
Canoe Slalom Center (designated manager Kyoei Co., Ltd.) Addressed to Inui Sato Phone: 03-6808-6100 (9:00-17:00)
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