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NC Japan Co., Ltd.
“Lineage W” “Magician Reboot” will be implemented to improve continuous battle ability and attack performance! “Class Change” will also be held to coincide with “Magician Reboot”!
NCSOFT Corporation (Headquarters: Pangyo, South Korea,
co-representatives: Kim Taek-jin/Park Byung-moo, hereinafter referred to as NC) has released information regarding the latest work in the Lineage series, “Lineage W”. It will be announced.
■The great magician on the front lines! The second “Magician Reboot” has been implemented!
[Image 1:×800.jpg] [Update schedule]
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 During regular maintenance
With today’s update, we have implemented the second “Magician Reboot”. In this “Magician Reboot”, new skills have been implemented, such as the legendary skill “Lilys” which, when acquired, removes stuns and curses and recovers HP, as well as “Magician”‘s representative skill “Lily”. The target range of “Immune to Harm: Ancient” will be increased.
In addition, we have added the effects of “Counter Magic Ignore Damage” and “Attribute Resistance Reduction” to some existing skills, and have made adjustments to improve overall fighting ability and attack performance in PvP and GvG.
In conjunction with “Magician Reboot”, we are holding a “Class Change” event where you can change your class from your existing class to “Magician”. You can change your class to a class other than “Monarch” using diamonds and the required amount of “Class Change Coins”. For details on updates and class changes, please check the
announcement on the official website.
[Class change period]
June 26, 2024 (Wednesday) after scheduled maintenance to July 3, 2024 (Wednesday) before scheduled maintenance (planned)
≪Click here for information on “Magician Reboot” and “Class Change”≫ ≪Click here for June 26th update information≫ [Game overview]
[Image 2:×512.jpg] “Lineage W” is the latest title that inherits the orthodoxy of the PC online game “Lineage” and was strategically developed for global expansion based on the “worldwide” concept.
In addition to employing full 3D graphics and quarter view, and providing a “Global One Build” service, we have implemented a real-time “AI (artificial intelligence) translation” function for smooth communication between players with different languages. You can experience the world of “Lineage W” on PCs including iOS/Android and NCSOFT’s unique cross-platform “PURPLE”.
Fight against the world and survive together with the world! “Lineage W” can be downloaded from App Store / Google Play as well as PC (NCSOFT’s own cross-platform “PURPLE”).
≪App Store≫
≪Google Play≫ ≪PURPLE≫

[Image 3:×338.png ]
Title name: Lineage W
Price: Free download (some items may be charged)
Supported platforms: iOS/Android/Windows
Development/Operation: NCSOFT
Release date: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Official website:
Japan Official X (formerly Twitter): Official Discord:
Global YouTube Channel: Copyright: (C) NCSOFT Corporation. Certain rights granted to NC Japan K.K. All Rights Reserved.
[Image 4:×96.jpg] *The contents of this press release are current as of Wednesday, June 26, 2024. The schedule may change due to various circumstances. More details about this release: