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Home » IVS Over 5,000 companies have entered in total! The 15 final speakers for Japan’s largest pitch event “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” have finally been decided! #IVS2024

IVS Over 5,000 companies have entered in total! The 15 final speakers for Japan’s largest pitch event “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” have finally been decided! #IVS2024

[IVS] Over 5,000 companies have entered in total! The 15 final speakers for Japan’s largest pitch event “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” have finally been decided!

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Press release: June 26, 2024
Over 5,000 companies have entered in total! The 15 final speakers for Japan’s largest pitch event “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” have finally been decided!
*The finals will be held on July 5th (Friday) from 3:30 pm! The winner will also receive 10 million yen! *
IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline
Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City) will be held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza for three days from July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024. Crypto 2024 KYOTO” will be held. The pitch event “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD” is one of the main contents of this event.
We are pleased to inform you that the 15 final speakers for “KYOTO” have been decided.

LAUNCHPAD, as the name suggests, is a pitch event that was launched with the idea of ​​“we want to be a launching pad that supports the breakthrough of early-stage startups that have not yet appeared in the world.”

The first event was held in 2007. 2024 will be the 18th year. More than 5,000 companies have entered the competition so far. Of the companies that have appeared on stage in the past, 60 companies have exited, more than 35 companies have raised more than 1 billion yen and are achieving rapid growth, and many startups are IVS
I used LAUNCHPAD as a launch pad and took off. IVS has become one of the largest pitch events in Japan in terms of history and scale. LAUNCHPAD has come to be called the “gateway to success for startups.”

The setting for 2024 is Kyoto, which is popular and historic from all over the world. Last year, IVS and Kyoto Prefecture collaborated to create the “Startup Kyoto International Award,” an award that intensively supports startups that can compete successfully in global competition. As a bonus, the winner will also receive 10 million yen.

In addition, “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD
KYOTO” has an audience award given to the company with the highest score based on audience ratings. We also accept requests for individual interviews with participating companies upon request. We will collect your requests using the special form provided on the day of the event, and we will match you with the speakers according to your needs. YouTube on the day
We also plan to broadcast it live.Please take a look at the heated presentation.

Youtube LIVE URL:

* “IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” finalists*
*Honorific titles omitted, company names in order of order

“IVS2024 LAUNCHPAD KYOTO” has more than 300 companies.
(About 20% of them were overseas companies) applied. We would like to introduce the 15 companies selected as finalists.

* esa Co., Ltd.*
“esa” uses innovative recycling technology to circulate waste plastic into recycled resin
Shuko Kurokawa

*AI VOLT Co., Ltd.*
Coming near future! AI technology “AI VOLT” that transitions people to digital
god of war future
*emole Co., Ltd.*
Short drama distribution app “BUMP” with 3 minutes per episode
Naomichi Sawamura
AI digital food printing and cooking technology to deliver personalized meals with special dietary needs “Elevatefoods”
Mazing Lee
* komham Co., Ltd.*
Improve your living environment with microorganisms! Comham, a group of microorganisms that rapidly decompose food waste
Suno Nishiyama
*Solafune Co., Ltd.*
Space technology being introduced by governments around the world! Satellite data analysis platform “Solafune”
Ren Ueji
AI Design Co-pilot CAD system for textile and apparel design “DMKTZ Studio”
Jac Hsieh
Revolutionizing Commercial Fishing with Maritime AI Drone Fleets “Valtec”
John Keh
*Family Tech Co., Ltd.*
“Family Bank” is a super app that provides “payments” and “accounts” for families.
Kiichi Nakamura
* BoostDraft Co., Ltd.*
Overwhelmingly eliminates the inefficiency hidden in the preparation and review of legal documents with a new approach. IDE for legal documents “BoostDraft”
Yohei Fujii
* Penetrator Co., Ltd.*
“WHERE” creates real estate transactions using AI from space
Takeo Akutsu
*Yuimedi Co., Ltd.*
Easily and immediately bring medical data that can be used for “research” and “clinical” to the medical field – AI Copilot “YuiQuery” that accelerates medical data extraction
Grimes Emiri
*Randit Co., Ltd.*
LANDIT is a parking tech that digitalizes and connects parking lots around the world.
Kenta Fujibayashi
“RENATUS” is a large-scale, ultra-high-density automated warehouse system that achieves overwhelming picking and storage efficiency.
Shoma Ando
*Remedies Co., Ltd.*
Powerful AI grammar proofing “wordrabbit” that allows you to focus on what you want to write
Maki Azuma
* IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO event overview *
From July 4th to 6th, 2024, IVS2024 KYOTO will be held in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation combine.
IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO will be held simultaneously.

KYOTO is a conference aimed at entrepreneurs, investors,
entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and anyone interested in startups and open innovation. For business owners and investors seeking funding and business growth opportunities, as well as those interested in new business ideas, we provide a valuable opportunity to build a new future.

IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO is a conference specializing in crypto and blockchain. Pioneers in the field take a deep dive into the evolution of the digital economy and the potential of Web3. Both conferences will be held at the same location, and attendees are free to attend either event.

Name: IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO
Sponsored by: IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City)
Date and time: July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 Venue: Kyoto Pulse Plaza, etc.

*About the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee*
Headline Co., Ltd. will be hosting IVS in Kyoto with the aim of further developing the startup ecosystem and further promoting local industry.
Japan was established together with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City. We will promote the integration of startups with companies,
universities, research institutes, cultural resources, etc.
concentrated in Kyoto, leading to the creation of new industries and the production of world-class startup companies.

-Constituent organizations-
Headline Japan/IVC Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City

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