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Home » ENGAWA Co., Ltd. Hospitality selection store “Little Japan” opens at Narita Airport! Selling attractive pr oducts that are unique to Japan and that we want to share with the world

ENGAWA Co., Ltd. Hospitality selection store “Little Japan” opens at Narita Airport! Selling attractive pr oducts that are unique to Japan and that we want to share with the world

ENGAWA Co., Ltd.
Hospitality selection store “Little Japan” opens at Narita Airport! Selling attractive products unique to Japan that we want to share with the world
Opening ceremony will be held from 10am on Friday, July 5th. Special free sampling available
OMOTENASHI Selection (sponsored by OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee) is a program to discover and certify excellent Japanese products and services and disseminate them domestically and
internationally. “Little Japan by OMOTENASHI Selection”, a store selling Selection award-winning products, will open on Friday, July 5, 2024.
19 companies from past award-winning companies, including TABLEAU “Edo Glass,” which won this year’s Hospitality Selection Gold Award, will be selling a wide variety of products, including exquisite
craftsmanship and special sweets that are perfect as Japanese souvenirs. I will do it. The opening ceremony will be held from 10am on Friday, July 5th, the first day of opening. We also have free sampling, so please come visit our store.
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■Little Japan official SNS
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■ Initiative background
Omotenashi Selection is an award established in 2015 with the purpose of discovering products and services that are full of Japan’s excellent hospitality and disseminating them to the world. An in-kind examination is conducted by an expert in overseas distribution who lives in Japan, and products and services that are deemed to be “overflowing with uniquely Japanese charm that we want to share with the world” are recognized as Omotenashi Selection Award-winning products and services.
We have decided to open “Little Japan,” a store where foreign visitors to Japan who are interested in Japan can experience and sell services and products that won the Omotenashi Selection. We aim to be a store that introduces Japanese craftsmanship to the world and incorporates it into modern lifestyles.
■ Little Japan Overview
・Store name: Little Japan
・Location: Narita Airport Terminal 2 Main Building 4th floor ・Opening date: Friday, July 5, 2024
・Business hours: 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
*On the first day of opening, business will begin after the ceremony ends at 10am.
・Number of businesses: 19 companies
・Products handled: Japanese miscellaneous goods and food
■ Products handled (one example) *In no particular order
It varies depending on the season.
・[Ryujin] Series: Daishin Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Niigata Prefecture)
[Image 3:×200.jpg] Received the highest gold award in 2023.
The “Ryujin” series of high-quality stainless steel knives, created in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, includes 19 types of knives and 1 type of cutlery. Daishin Sangyo’s outstanding technology allows for sharp cutting and ease of use, and it is highly praised by professional chefs.
・ceramic mimic fabric: Bunzan Seito Co., Ltd. (Saga Prefecture)
[Image 4:×200.jpg] Consecutive gold award in 2023.
“Ceramic mimic fabric” made by Arita ware Bunzan Seito is a vessel that is characterized by its cloth-like texture and lightness. The pattern, which mirrors the grain of linen, is created using a hand-twisting technique, and no two pieces are the same. A product with a beautiful earth color that does not use glaze.
・A&E20: Three Horns (Hyogo Prefecture)
[Image 5:×200.jpg] Received special award in 2023.
Approximately 20-degree slanted bristles and chevron-shaped cut provide efficient care for back teeth and interdental areas, and an efficient shape that fits three points (the boundary between teeth and gums, between teeth, and occlusion) to prevent cavities. Features: ・Horori Kagamino: Wakana Limited Partnership Company (Okayama Prefecture)
[Image 6:×199.jpg ]
Consecutive gold award in 2023.
A new texture cookie using wheat from Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture and chocolate from Belgium. It has a distinctive texture that crumbles in your mouth and melts in your mouth. There are five flavors available, and they are handmade in-house using locally sourced ingredients. ・TABLEAU “Edo Glass”: Taburou Kobo Tableau Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
[Image 7:×200.jpg] Received the 2024 Pension Award.
“Edo Glass” is glass that is handcrafted one by one by craftsmen using traditional techniques that have been around since the Edo period. It was designated as a traditional craft of Tokyo in 2002 and a national traditional craft in 2014. Taiburo Kobo produces designs with motifs of small patterns and ukiyo-e prints.
■ ENGAWA Co., Ltd.
[Image 8:×47.jpg] A marketing company that optimally communicates Japan’s valuable objects to people around the world and continues to create scenes that resonate and move many foreigners and Japanese people. Management of the English-language media “Tokyo Weekender” with a 53-year history since its publication in 1970, foreign KOL/influencer marketing, and management of OMOTENASHI Selection, which disseminates attractive Japanese products and services, etc. for overseas and inbound tourists. We provide communication support.
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