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FIXER Co., Ltd. GaiXer begins to be used on the official LINE operated by Kanonji City Hall

FIXER Co., Ltd.
GaiXer begins to be used on the official LINE operated by Kanonji City Hall ……
FIXER Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka, hereinafter referred to as FIXER) and Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture have announced that they will be using GaiXer, a generative AI service for enterprises developed and provided by FIXER (https We are pleased to announce that we will begin operating Kanonji City’s official LINE chatbot for citizens from July 1, 2024, using the website
[Image 1:×2194.png ]
Kanonji City compared the usability of multiple generation AI services in 2023 and decided to introduce GaiXer on the premise of linking the generation AI service to the official LINE. Given that the convenience of learning GaiXer’s unique data and creating prompts is an important factor, we will limit the content on the official LINE until mid-June 2024, and will provide information on My Number cards, insurance (National Health Insurance, etc.), pensions, taxes, etc. With the support of FIXER, we have conducted repeated tests to improve the accuracy of the generated AI’s answers regarding health, childcare, garbage and recycling, etc.
Through this collaboration between GaiXer and the official LINE, we aim to improve citizen services by being able to respond to inquiries from citizens regardless of the time.
In addition, Kanonji City is also conducting verification using GaiXer to improve the efficiency of internal office operations.
[Table 2:] ■About “GaiXer”, a generative AI service for enterprises
[Image 2:×2194.jpg] GaiXer is a service for governments and companies that utilizes generative AI technology such as ChatGPT. It is characterized by the ability to select the most suitable model by selecting and executing a large-scale language model (LLM) from a menu and comparing the results, which are constantly evolving.Developed mainly on Azure OpenAI Service, it has data protection functions and access control functions. It is equipped with security that allows you to use it safely.
Prompt creation support using industry-specific templates and high-quality answer generation based on learning from files, websites, and in-house manuals are possible.There is also a template function that allows prompt generation in an interactive format, ensuring high generation quality from the first day of use. It is possible to obtain. In addition, by combining it with various services on the cloud, it can be used in a variety of fields, such as customer support support and streamlining document creation operations.
■ About FIXER Co., Ltd.
FIXER is a cloud native company founded at the dawn of the cloud. Our company was founded in 2009, before the cloud platform “Microsoft Azure” began full-scale service. As soon as we officially launched our service in 2010, we took on the task of converting enterprise systems to the cloud, and have played a role in the spread of Azure since the dawn of cloud computing in Japan. Since 2018, when the government announced the “cloud by default principle” that makes cloud the first choice for administrative systems, the need to lift (migrate) and shift (evolution) enterprise systems to cloud environments has increased. I am. Under these circumstances, we believe that our mission is to accelerate Japan’s DX using the cloud-native technology that FIXER has cultivated over the years.
Company name: FIXER Co., Ltd.
Representative: Seiichi Matsuoka, President and Representative Director Location: Top floor, Seavans S Building, 1-2-3 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Website:
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